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The robot uses Martingale strategy. It starts working from a set point and withdraws at the other set point.

  1. Once the initial order has been opened, each of the following ones is opened (Additional orders) in a set amount of pips. The robot uses an average price for that.
  2. The robot is capable of creating break-even orders. In this case it changes the Magic number and starts a new order series.

Input parameters

  • Wk- new order series allowed.
  • LONG TRADE- Long Trade allowed.
  • SHORT TRADE - Short Trade allowed.
  • LotExponent- volume lot multiplier, for an order in a series. 
  • DynamicPips - dynamic mode for order series step count.
  • DefaultPips - default step for oder series.
  • Glubina/DEL - for DymamicPips mode - Qty of bars for analysis (from history)/Calculation formula divider
  • Lots - first order in the series volume.
  • TakeProfit - takeprofit in the series, pips.
  • StopLoss - stop loss for the whole series.
  • MagikNumber - magic number for the first series.
  • MaxTrades - limitation of orders quantity within the series.
  • UseTrailingStop - tral allowed (break-even mode).
  • TrailStart -  a profit level which should be reached to enable tralling of the default order (break-even mode).
  • TrailStop - tral length for default order (TrailStart - TrailStop = break-even pips).

Strategy tester:





Working Trand strategy on ILAN: 


Download Ilan1.6Dynamic (mql4 file):


Trand strategy on ILAN: 


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