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BotForex Rsi Cci Scalper

This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. It can trade any market, any timeframe and any currency pair.

The EA uses simple indicators like SMA, RSI and CCI, and a smart martingale system, that does not open systematical new positions, but waits for a new signal for each new order, wich is limiting drawdown compared to other martingale systems.

It uses a combination of seven strategies you can select in the parameters to fit your needs.

The strategy tester in MetaTrader 4 can give you the setup you need to adjust a drawdown.

I can provide different SET files for each pair and time period to adjust profit and drawdown and help with the installation and configuration for this EA. Feel free to send me a message.

It is recommended to use accounts with five-digit quotes.


  • TimeFrame: select timeframe
  • pipstarter: minimum step (in pips) that can be set between each new orders
  • lotboost: lot factor for the second and subsequent orders
  • TakeProfit: take profit value in pips
  • TrailingStop: trailing stop value in pips
  • strategy: select strategy
  • LotSize: initial lot size
  • openbuyposition: open or not short positions
  • opensellposition: open or not long positions
  • test: show info on a chart
  • RSI_Value: value for RSI indicator
  • CCIVALUE: value for RSI indicator


  • 100% CCI strategy
    • IF CCI > CCIVALUE ==> Sell position is opened
    • IF CCI < CCIVALUE ==> Buy position is opened
  • Triple CCI strategy
    • Checks the CCI value on 3 timeframes: timeframe, timeframe+1 & timeframe+2
    • I.E: If your timeframe is set to M15, and CCIVALUE set to 200,
    • EA will open a sell position if CCI is > 200, on M15, M30 & H1
  • 100% RSI strategy
    • IF RSI > (100-RSI_Value) ==> Sell position is opened
    • IF RSI < RSI_Value ==> Buy position is opened
  • Triple RSI strategy with Pullback
    • Same as in strategy 2, the EA will check RSI on 3 timeframes and open position when price is pulling back
    • I.E: If your timeframe is set to M15, and RSIValue set to 20
    • Script will wait for RSI to pass 80 on timeframe M15, M30 & H1 and open a sell position when RSI is back under 80 on M15
  • Triple RSI strategy with Pullback + SMA
    • Same as strategy 4 but EA will also wait for positive SMA signal to open a position
  • Mixing RSI & CCI
    • Basically this is Strategy 1 and 3 working together
  • Mixing triple RSI & triple CCI
    • Strategy 2 + Strategy 4

The default input values are for EURUSD M5.

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Version 1.1 2018.06.25
Some bug fix in the triple RSI strategy that should now work better.