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Look Out

LookOut is an EA based on an algorithm that includes in addition to standard technical analysis, such as the Momentum evaluation, short and medium term Market Trends or the transitory and structural Volatility, an exclusive smart identification of typical Risk Patterns of the EURUSD pair

It makes use of an Adaptative Martingale trading, in an intelligent and dynamic way, far away from the classical and mechanical conception of this technique.

A close up Money Management is achieved by the control of the the open orders and a permanent management of a dynamic Smart TakeProfit triggered by the EA itself

To reach its goals the EA simply issues Open and Close Orders thanks to its permanent trading balance control

The available User Parameters let you control the type of trading exposure, establishing limits and goals on Money Management and other preferences.

For example, it is possible to determine a capital to operate with lower than the actual balance to leave part of it safe from risk as the results progresses

LookOut offers a visual help to get a real time view of the situation under the STATUS concept which shows how the group of open orders are progressing. You may review its features here

Look Out has been carefully tunned to suit EURUSD pair on M5 time frame. Any other setup is strongly discouraged.

Your broker should allow Microlots for a capital over USD 5000 (Minilots or Lots are possible if the capital is proportionally higher). More capital is required for risk levels different than 'normal'.

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