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TICK offline

Indicator for collecting and storing ticks from the real market. Ticks are available in offline mode.

The tick chart works like the standard time charts in MetaTrader 4. All indicators work on the tick chart.

It is good for finding "pins" and spikes before the news releases. The indicator is good for scalpers and scalper systems. Templates also work.


  • Period. - number of the period for collecting ticks. Default value is 2. You cannot use the standard minutes 1, 5, 15, 30, 60(hour), 240(4 hours), 1440(day), 10080(week), 43200(month).

The indicator can be attached to any standard chart, for example, M1 or H1. The top right corner contains information about the file the ticks are written into and how many have been collected.

The indicator features a system of protection against overwriting the file. If the indicator is attached to the chart, and the file (name) already exists, another one will be created, with the name increased by one, skipping the standard charts.

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