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How to Write an Expert Advisor or an Indicator

MQL4 Source Codes of Technical Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 34

The library of technical indicators for MetaTrader 4 developed in MQL4. Regardless of the market (forex, securities or commodity market), indicators help to represent quotes in an accessible form for easy perception.

This section contains thousands of applications that analyze financial markets using different algorithms. Conventionally, they can be divided into a few categories: trend indicators, oscillators, volume indicators and so on. In addition, there are sets of indicators based on algorithms by famous financiers. For example, Bill Williams' indicators and likes of it. All of them are characterized by different parameters of reliability, efficiency, lagging and others. There are more than 2000 indicators for technical analysis: trend indicators, reversal indicators, indicators of levels, predictors, scalping indicators and many others.

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The divergences of the Stochastic, the continuation of the divergences topic.


The digital filter of the price.

The indicator of 2 МАs of different currency pairs in one window.

The trend indicator RAVI (Range Action Verification Index) invented by T. Chand.

It shows the levels: SPREAD and STOPLEVEL - the minimum allowed levels of the StopLoss/TakeProfit in points. It informs if these values are changed.

A signal indicator based on the signal from AO and AC - the changing of the hystogram color.

It is a simple indicator that consists of four trend lines that show the distance between the trend line and the price via the numbers and that give the signals when the price goes for the specified number of points.

The indicator draws the arrows at the intersection of the MA and the RSI of the 50 level.

Another Avocational Indicator by Hidden Divergence of OsMA.

The indicator applies Hodrick-Prescott low-frequency filter to predict future prices

The different colored snippets of MA are shown on the current chart depending on the direction of the MA moving at on the chosen timeframes, or they're not drawn at all if the moving on the chosen timeframes is differently directed.

Indicator of the morning flat.

The indicators that can display several larger timeframes, japanese candlesticks and Fibo levels on a single chart.

The indicator draws the charts of the euqity and balance basing on the minute history. In such a manner you get more authentic picture of maximum rises and drawdowns.

An indicator that allows to see the "larger" periods (for example, half-yearly or yearly).

The indicator line sharply changes its direction at the critical moments. It helps to identify the beginning of the trend.

The indicator calculates the correlation of the currency pairs.

The indicator of the Keltner's channel.

A standard ADX indicator with time frame setting.

An indicator of group moving. It shows the difference between two MAs in a separate window.

Judging by the code of indicator, it calculates the difference between the maximum maximums and minimum minimums of prices of the candlesticks for the last 20 bars (parameter). The result is displayed in points.

Extrapolator is a result of my long-term research in the area of the Timeseries Forecasting.

It shows where to buy and where to sell via the arrows. If a trend occurs then it will bring profit, if there is no trend, there will be no profit.

Another Fibo indicator.

Colored ОsМА, and ОsМА that shows the divergences.

Another indicator that shows the tick chart, it would be useful for the pipsers. It has some features.

The divergence of RSI, the continuation of the divergence topic.

It arranges the stop levels depending on the price and ATR.

Alert indicator that allows to move the signal via the mouse.

The indicator has the informative character.

New version of famous and simple indicator created by Joe DiNapoli. It is different than rest of this type indicators, because it could count and display overbought and oversold levels.

Visual and Audio alerts when reversal or continuation candle patterns occur.

The indicator writes the history to the CSV file.

It is calculated as the moving average of the values of the internal bars strength.

The WKBIBS indicator is a new generation oscillator with combined functions of two indicators WKB and IBS.

The «Madlen» lines are similar to the lines of support and resistance of horizontal or trend lines by their application.

Indicator Indexes_v4. It shows the motion pattern of two or more indexes on a single chart.

The indicator draws the dollar index on the chart. The indicator is intended to simplify the charts analysis.

Indicator MultiStrend. It works only with the Supertrend indicator.