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2010.07.26 11:11

Modified Brooky Strength Indicator - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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This is a modified indi Brooky posted some time ago.

Displays the stength of a currency based on 7 of its crosses. Origianally done by Brooky a few pages back in the code base.

Enter 7 currency pairs with a common major in each pair. For example

  • Pair1 USDCHF;
  • Pair2 USDJPY;
  • Pair3 USDCAD;
  • Pair4 AUDUSD;
  • Pair5 EURUSD;
  • Pair6 GBPUSD;
  • Pair7 NZDUSD;

If the pairs check out OK, the indi will display else will abort.

For additional info please visit this indi by the original author a few pages back .




Sub window 1 is the modified version. Sub window 2 is the original by Brooky.

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