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2010.06.30 07:42
2014.04.21 14:54

TimeFrame from M1 to H4

Indicator will automatically show BB from next three TimeFrames

MA_monika_SAR MA_monika_SAR

2 indicators(MA_Support and Para_B) in 1. TimeFrame from M1 to H4.

BB_Support BB_Support

Bollinger Bands on M1 from major TimeFrames

TCP socket TCP socket

placed utility functions from ryaz's server socket into socket.mqh, makes it really easy to use. comes with similar server example.

Channels Channels

This indicator calculates the high / low channel that price action has been moving in, for a given currency pair and a given (parameter) number of candles. This indicator, on the one hand, is interesting because it allows you to see the "road" that price