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2010.07.19 07:15

Universal Ranger - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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Shows low high from the last bar from other timeframe. Timeframe and Bar[x] can be changed


resi = iHigh(Symbol(), PERIOD_M15, i);

supi = iLow(Symbol(), PERIOD_M15, i);


resi = iHigh(Symbol(), tframe, i);

supi = iLow(Symbol(), tframe, i);

DoubleDragon DoubleDragon

Simple Momentum x 2

Big Times Big Times

This indicator reflects the positive difference between the High and Low of the period.

OsMaSter_V0 OsMaSter_V0

The Expert Adviser uses the indicator OsMA.

Heat Map Heat Map

The purpose of this indicator is to highlight the price zones that had the most activity : the hotest zones.