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Top of Dream English version

Standing at the trough of life, I look up at the mountain, looking forward to one day standing on the top of the mountain, say to the world: I dream of success. 

The following is the ea and test data developed by myself: 
Ea name: top of Dream. 
Ea type: multi-variety arbitrage. 
Applicable currency exchange: eurusd,eurgbp,gbpusd. 
Parameter settings: 
The risk ratio = 9 / / this parameter determines the number of hands, but also affects the profit and loss. 
Profit target = 150. 
The threshold value = 130 / / determines the billing frequency and success rate, and the size of floating profits and losses is also determined by this parameter. Under the risk control of manual guard, it can be set to less than 200, and manual departure must not be less than 200. 
Refresh rate = 10. 
Ea all kinds of mt5 back test data see later. 
Do not optimize the parameters in the back test. 
As I do not have a personal website at present, please contact qq458547304 for the return test report. 
Download and test, as multiple files are not allowed to be uploaded on the official website, please contact qq458547304 for other files needed by ea. 

Return test data a: 

Backtest platform: MetaQuotes-Demo (Build 2507). 

Mt5 test configuration: eurusd 1 minute zero latency, ideal execution, mode for each quote, leverage 500. 


Risk ratio = 9, profit target = 150, threshold = 200, retest time January 1, 2020-July 1, 2020. 

Test results: the initial capital is 10000 US dollars, and the final value is 3604,711.27, which is 360 times the principal. 

Back test data b. 

Back test platform: ICMarkets-MT5 (Build 2507) firm offer account. 

Mt5 test configuration: eurgbp 1 minute vps maximum latency 147ms, mode for each point based on real-time point, leverage 500. 


Risk ratio = 9, profit target = 150, threshold = 200, retest time January 1, 2008-July 1, 2020 (actually January 1, 2019-July 1, 2020, no data before January 1, 2019). 

The test result: the initial gold is 10000 US dollars, the final value is 22,953,918.40, which is 2295 times the principal, and the actual length of return test is one and a half years. 

Related links: configuration: https://www.mql5.com/en/charts/12186198/eurgbp-m1-international-capital-markets. 

Parameter: not optimized: see link https://www.mql5.com/en/charts/12186426/eurgbp-m1-international-capital-markets. 

Test results: 2295 times in one and a half years, see link: https://www.mql5.com/en/charts/12186279/eurgbp-m1-international-capital-markets

Please email to 458547304@qq.com, before purchase to see if it is the latest version.

Please rent this EA's Turkish friend. 

Send an email to 458547304@qq.com immediately to get the latest version.

Lütfen bu EA'nın Türk arkadaşını kiralayın. 

458547304@qq.com  bir e-posta gönder. 
En son versiyonu almak için.

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