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MiniTradeFields MT5

Dear friends, I present to you my TradeFields EA  adapted for Forex.
This is a multi-currency multi-timeframe EA that uses many strategies with various TA indicators -  MovingAverage, MACD, OsMA,
StdDev, Stochastic, CCI, RSI, RVI, ADX, DeMarker, Enveloipes Force Index, Momentum, SAR, WPR etc... and machine learning,
it's all pre-optimized, fully automated and vary covertly under cut.

EA contains following input parameters:

  • List of Tradefields (TradeFields) - is trade fields list commas separated, default empty string;
  • Lots Multiplier (MultiLots) - is a multiplication size factor for order grid lots, default 0.0;
  • Optimize Indicator (OptiIndicator) - is the index of the indicator used, default 0;
  • Optimize Trading (OptiTrading) - is a complex parameter of trading signals, default 0;
  • Optimize TakeProfit (TakeProfit) - is orders take profit, default 500;
  • Optimize StopLoss (StopLoss) - is orders stop loss, default 500;
  • PlayMonday,PlayTuesday,PlayWednesday,PlayThursday,PlayFriday - is time to play on weekdays, default "00:00-24:00";
  • PlaySaturday, PlaySunday - is time to play on weekend, default empty string;

By default, the List of Tradefields is empty and if you don’t define anything there, trade field formed automatically on mini-lot with symbol and timeframe which are selected to run the  EA in the Tester or on the Terminal chart.

You can define trade fields by specifying the size of the lot with the name of the field or symbol and  timeframe colon separated, for example  0.1:13 or 0.1:EURUSD:H1. In addition to singles (Straight up) can identify group -is column  0.01:EURUSD (timeframes by symbol), street 0.1:M15 (symbols by timeframe), dozens 0.01:1st120.1:1-180.1:EVEN0.01:RED, etc... All work trade field are visualized on screen (See Screenshot)

To optimize trading, upon request of clients who bought an EA, I can create and give them personal adaptation files for specific trade pairs and time frames, accounts and specific brokers data.

Consider the fact that the EA uses a neural network and machine learning on historical data, so in training time intervals the trading results can be excessively good. But this should not be guided by and always check the  EA for forward trading, because the market is constantly changing and the results may be different.

For independent standard optimization in the Tester you can use five options - MultiLots, with range 0 to 2.0 and step 0.1,  OptiIndicator, with range 0 to 20 and step 1, OptiTrading, with range 0 to max. integer and step 65636,  StopLoss and TakeProfit in the range of the desired amount of pips.

For free preliminary runtime verification of the EA on your demo or live account, you can use the lightweight Demo version.

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Версия 2.60 2020.06.21
Add optimization setting
Версия 2.50 2020.01.20
Optimization update
Версия 2.45 2019.12.22
Algo optimization
Версия 2.42 2019.12.12
Interface change
Версия 2.40 2019.12.01
Версия 2.30 2019.11.28
Added adaptation options StopLoss and TakeProfit
Версия 2.22 2019.11.26
Improved multi-currency position management
Версия 2.20 2019.11.20
Added work with prefixes and suffixes in pair names
Версия 2.10 2019.11.11
Several optimization parameters and time filters added
Версия 1.10 2019.11.03
Added setting of bets as a percentage of the deposit