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Binary Options EA

The EA is designed for trading binary options in the МТ4 terminal. Uses standard ADX indicator.

High percentage of profitable trades (about 70-80%).

The EA can use two types of lots: fixed and dynamic. When it uses dynamic lot, the next lot increases after loss to move to breakeven.

Maximum number of continuous unprofitable trades noticed on the history - 6.

  • Currency pair: any.
  • Recommended time frame: М1

If the EA does not work with your broker for some reason, send me a private message with a link to your broker.


  • Min lot — minimum lot;
  • Lot type — lot type: fixed or dynamic;
  • Percentage of profit on options — profit percentage in case of win (required for dynamic lot calculation);
  • ADX period — ADX period;
  • Comment — order comment;
  • Magic number — magic number.
If you have any questions concerning the EA's operation, please feel free to send me a private message.
SevStol 2016.11.30 14:12 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Roman Semeshko
Roman Semeshko 2016.09.01 13:45 

Протестировал, посмотрел, не взлетело.

Junchen1 2016.06.23 00:59   

I run EA live account using VPS for last 48 hours under 1M & 5M timeframe with more than 50 trades, lost average 70% meaning every 10 trades, lost 7 of them, account balance decrease over time...to me not worth it !

Seng Kiang Khoo
Seng Kiang Khoo 2016.05.29 11:15   

We develop BO EA for trading in MT4. For GDMFX the EA code must be modified to have the lots x 1000 and if Martingale then need to change the relevant MM Size by 1000. Other brokers like NoaFX don't have this issue. NaoFx is also allowed to start trading at 1 Dollar so you can martingale many times to win with small account. Core Liquidity disallowed EA trading on 1 minute and 5 minutes Expiry, so must set Expiry to more than 5 minutes such as 10, 15, 30 or 60 Minutes, the question is whether EA can trade profitably on those expiry time duration. Our experience is 1 minute expiry EA is still one of the best achievers!

Antonio Marin Sanchez
Antonio Marin Sanchez 2015.09.23 17:23   

anuario9 marin sanchez

anuario9 marin sanchez 2 horas antes

I recently buy your BO.EA an it dont work with my broker

Departamento de Cuentas

Core Liquidity Markets Pty Ltd.

AU: +61 2 8015 5431



Please tell me what to do.

Frederic Fachard
Frederic Fachard 2015.05.14 17:53 

I bought this EA.

I tested it on the broker Grand Capital (grandbrokers).

With the live DEMO account I had quite nice results :)

SO I decided to go real with it.

Unfortunately, with the REAL account things went wrong...

I found out that the time to process the order is MUCH longer on REAL compared to DEMO. (almost 10 seconds more)

So it arms the results of this 60sec strategy very badly !

If anyone can find a broker that offers MT4 plateform for Binary Options with a very short process delay on real account, please PM me !!

Versão 1.5 2015.05.18
Fixed an error that occurred in static lot selection.
Versão 1.1 2015.04.23
Added time limitations for operation.
Added stats (win/loss) in percentage value.