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Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer Pro is an innovative EA that incorporates some very advance secretive trading algorithm. Its new trading system is based on Bollinger Bands Moving Average (BBMA) like strategy. It’s a very profitable EA that has the capability to double the account.

Dragon Slayer Pro is able to achieve very high profit with minimal drawdown.

Backtest results for EURUSD M5 from 6/5/2018 to 8/13/2019 shows that it handily beats the #1 EA robot in the Market on that day.

Strategy Tester Result for EURUSD:

With a starting balance of $1,000, Dragon Slayer Pro was able to make a profit of $5,758.35 and a ending balance of $8,358.09 from June 05, 2017 to August 15, 2019.  Profit factor is 3.21 and absolute drawdown is just $48.57. Test done using 99.90% modeling quality. You too can test it for yourself, PM me for the set file.

Strategy Tester Result for EURGBP:

With a starting balance of $1,000, Dragon Slayer Pro was able to make a profit of $1,488.92 and a ending balance of $2,501.46 from June 05, 2017 to August 15, 2019.  Profit factor is 2.47 and absolute drawdown is just $11.41. Test done using 99.90% modeling quality. You too can test it for yourself, PM me for the set file.

Strategy Tester Result for cfd US Tech 100:

Deposit $5,000, net profit $1,253 and 7.53 profit factor and only $56.99 absolute drawdown. My Holy Grail EA for Index cfd like US Tech 100.

Strategy Tester Result for German DAX30:

Deposit $1,000, net profit $2,364.29 and 2.21 profit factor and only $31.25 absolute drawdown.

I dare you to compare Dragon Slayer Pro with other EA in any price range!

Dragon Slayer Pro features include smarter trade algorithm to achieve higher win rate without having to rely on grid for recovery as often. Dragon Slayer Pro also has smart dynamic grid so you don’t have to guess as to what’s the best value for each grid levels.  This combination of new advanced features contribute to a very high success rate. 

Most Grid system uses martingale strategy, which is more risky and causes larger drawdown.  Dragon Slayer Pro does not! The lot size of each order does not increase. Every order opens with the same lot size as the first order.

  • No Martingale
  • Open order only when the odd of winning is in its favor.
  • Money management option (increase profit as your account get bigger)
  • Grid recovery
  • Max Spread: spread filter to avoid trading during bad market conditions
  • Simple to setup and use
  • Fantastic win/loss ratio
  • This EA has very low drawdown.
  • Fixed Lot size
  • Flexible Grid Steps
  • On Screen Emergency Close buttons
  • Emergency stop cycle
  • Smart Dynamic Grid
  • Great value EA (low cost/high profit)

     LIVE SIGNAL https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/597393

    The recommended pairs for PRO version are:  GOLD XAUUSD M15 or H1, USDCHF M5, USDCAD M5, EURUSD M5, EURGBP M5, EURCAD M5, and CFD-US SPX500 M5
    Minimum $500 for each pair account balance using 0.01 lot
    5 digit brokers

    FRIENDLY REMINDER:  Do not risk money you cannot afford to lose! Better safe than homeless right?

    Please test EA in Demo account for at least 2 weeks to see and understand how grid system work.  By default grid system does not use stop loss, as it uses grid for recovery instead.  You must be comfortable with some drawdown if you are going to use this EA.  Lastly its very important that you ALWAYS trade with 0.01 lot as your default volume.

    johnboj 2019.12.06 19:23 

    Great EA! After some weeks of testing it gave me first profits on my live account. It seems like the backtests are quite close to real live.

    The EA offers a lot of modification options which could be a bit complicated for beginners but on the other hand this makes this EA adjustable to any market situation in the future.

    Michael is providing great support and gives you anything (manuals, setfiles, indicators) you will need to successfully run this EA. Great guy! Thanks!

    Mobian1 2019.11.28 12:56 

    After wasting so much money buying several crap EAs, $4800 Vendor EA recently, $7500 Pega… , $2000 Alph…., several others I cant even remember.. I only rented this for one month, and damn, this EA is the only EA that keeps my account growing.. The accuracy of the trade signals are great, and when it misses the shot, trade recovery starts.. Literally I go to bed and wake up happy.. I hope the Author finds more ways to develop the recovery strategies further, maybe Zone recovery adding to the averaging, some sort of hedge against long trends.. Absolute GREAT EA.. 7STARS..

    mamburu307 2019.11.26 07:41 

    This EA is not working for me..

    It has the capacity to blow your account in seconds.... but others say its working for them....

    hk81 2019.11.22 00:57 

    Backtest last 8 month great, now go live for 2 days and it's good, it's a legit EA. Worth every penny. Go for it !

    sonne7 2019.11.20 14:16 

    backtesting of EUR/GBP in 2019 with the default setting was horrible. it crashed the account. Very disappointed.

    Libor Sup
    Libor Sup 2019.10.31 20:46 

    exellent EA and excellent support ...

    iamgold 2019.10.10 14:40 

    i have many ea, this is very good, what you see on test is what is going to haben real, not many ea does that, good to manage risk, profit is maybe slow, it is posible to make own settings and test it and you are still safe, great Work and i am happy whit this ea, i can only recoment it

    Andrey Nokhrin
    Andrey Nokhrin 2019.10.02 19:19 

    Отличный советник! В тестовом режиме стабильные показатели

    Арендовал, проверяю на реальном счете

    zaustorron 2019.09.28 13:08 

    I purchased Dragon Slayer this week and I'm really impresed on how it works.

    It's working on real account with eurusd and eurcad. All positions on profit. Amazing.

    The best thing is that helps me to make decisions on my trades.

    And of course, Michael is a very nice guy. He responds fast and he is very helpful.

    I will update the review again after a month of the ea working on my real account.

    At this moment 5 stars and highly recomended ea

    Sebastian_Weikert 2019.09.27 06:16   

    Great EA with very good profit, very lucky to have it

    nikitaromashko1 2019.09.26 15:34 

    slow and profitable!

    Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar 2019.09.19 23:02 


    Made mistake

    Rented instead of purchase.

    And Guess what within 4 minutes of installing on EURUSD it started magic

    5 profitable trades.

    So many many thanks

    I installed default files on EurCAD AND EURGBP all profitable.

    so does that mean its ok or you are going to send me more set files ?

    Proud of You


    Ricky UK

    Stefanf1995 2019.09.17 18:18 

    Amazing ea!!

    Vladinvest02 2019.08.28 12:32 

    Dear Michael Yu. I sincerely thank you for your work and for your advisers. And give Them a grade-EXCELLENT! I now use three of your advisors - Amazing Grid, Dual Moving Average and Dragon Slayer. Of course, they need to be used skillfully and most importantly-especially if a small Deposit-to reduce risks. All three expert advisors work on real accounts and I am very happy with the results, although the first trade on one of the advisors was in the negative - but it just allowed me to think about reducing the risk. And only this approach-to reduce risks, will allow all owners of these advisors to get very good results. I especially want to emphasize the qualitative potential of the DRAGON - this is really a promising strategy.. And Michael's help is invaluable.. Always in touch and ready to help.. Assessment-EXCELLENT. Wholeheartedly recommend I bought advisors.. Not regret!!

    LazyMan 2019.08.26 14:09 

    I never have a profitable EAs until i use Michael EAs. Best part is, Michael himself trade with his EAs and try to improve it. Can read my comments at https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/40757#!tab=comments&page=6&comment=12979492

    Humphrey Croiset
    Humphrey Croiset 2019.07.29 18:00 

    ___ like his other EA's = out of this WORLD , Im Very2 Lucky to met + Know Michael 4sure ppl !

    ___________ UPDATE 20 Aug.2019 = Dragon Slayer PRO EA - - - FABULOUS $$$$$$$ , soon B postin No BS genuine Live Charts = d Real thing ppl !

    ________ super Real like my face + name = go ahead - - - GOOGLE it !

    Versão 6.0 2019.11.17
    Add TMA MACD strategy
    Versão 5.6 2019.11.11
    Finished the Secret Strategy.
    Versão 5.5 2019.11.05
    Change the EA so it does not add new Grid step if it's inside previous step. Added switch to toggle between old step and new step.

    Setup Secret strategy.
    Versão 5.3 2019.10.18
    Add new Ultron strategy.
    Versão 5.2 2019.10.12
    Add Entry delay in seconds.
    Add maximum percent loss that you can bear.
    Versão 5.0 2019.10.01
    Add switch to turn off lot size alarm
    Versão 4.9 2019.09.19
    Add ECN Broker support. Please test and let me know if it work or not. I don't have an ECN account to test.
    Versão 4.8 2019.09.15
    Minor improvement to the display box and changed the default setting so it work out of the box for EURUSD on 5 minute chart.
    Versão 4.1 2019.09.14
    Update side display panel.
    Versão 3.9 2019.08.20
    code cleanup, not critical
    Versão 3.8 2019.08.20
    Change one of internal math formula. PM me for new EURUSD set file.
    Versão 3.0 2019.08.15
    Major upgrade to PRO version. New Bollinger Bands Moving Average (BBMA) strategy give higher profit and less drawndown.
    Versão 2.0 2019.08.09
    change some of the display color
    Versão 1.9 2019.08.07
    fix the side panel showing delay info by 1 bar
    Versão 1.8 2019.08.05
    Calculate lot digit automatically
    Versão 1.2 2019.07.26
    fix Smart grid not working after removing it from chart and re-attached