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BinaryG Market Analyzer

BinaryG is an exclusive indicator to trade Binary Options and Forex with your Metatrader trading platform.

BinaryG is able to analyze market participants behavior and to predict changes in the price direction even before movement starts.

Most indicators are lagging indicators and are useless. BinaryG is a unique leading indicator.

The indicator displays arrows in your chart (please see screenshot attached) showing the probable direction of price action. Usually purple and yellow arrows.

BinaryG never repaints. Once candle is closed signal is confirmed and arrow will never disappear.

Users of the indicator can setup alerts when new arrows are displayed in your chart.

Inputs of the indicator are followings:

  • MaxBars: bars to draw in you chart (600 is default value)
  • DistancePixels: distance between arrow of the indicator and bar in the chart
  • SoundAlert (True/False): to active sound alert
  • SoundFile: file to be used for sound alerts
  • TestSound (True/False): to test sound at init time of the indicator

Size and color of the arrows can be setup in the Color tab of the indicator.

This indicator never repaints. Once the candle of the alert is closed signal is confirmed and will never disappear from chart.

The indicator can be used with any time frame.

It can be used to trade binary options, currencies but also commodities, equities, futures, etc...

votija.63 2017.12.27 00:18 

Please !!! before buying this product, it is better to rent it !! that way you will lose only € 19, because this indicator is useless! It gives you a signal every 40m and above badly! Any indicator sixty seconds, ADX, is better than this !!

The_unhealthy 2017.12.18 19:32 

Анализировал пары за 2 дня. M5: AUDCHF: 26 сигналов 11+, 15-, AUDCAD: 23 сигнала 9+, 14-, GBPUSD: 22 сигнала 9+, 13-, USDJPY: 22 сигнала 9+, 13-, EURGBP: 27 сигналов 10+, 17-.

М15: AUDCHF 6 = 2+, 4-; AUDCAD 9 = 3+, 6-; AUDUSD 5 = 3+, 2-; GBPUSD 4 = 2+, 2-; NZDUSD 7 = 4+, 3-; EURUSD 7 = 4+, 3-; USDJPY 6 = 4+, 2-.

Отвратительные результаты и так практически по всем открытым парам. На М30 вообще сигналов не дождёшься по всей видимости, если на М15 их по 3, 4 шт на день. А на М5, такое чувство, что робот специально прёт против тренда.

Можно смело ставить наоборот советчику и будет профит.

Вывод: Такой советчик и даром не нужен.

Govorya7 2017.09.11 14:13 

not worth the money for the week 17+ / 17-

Babak Shahabi
Babak Shahabi 2017.04.18 10:24 

With 2 years experience in binary option,I found that 99% of indicators, brokers and anything related to binary option industry is scam, but these two indicators really work.

In worst condition if you want to trade every single signal, it gives you 56% constant winrate which I could not find in the last 2 years anything better than this winrate . Number of Signals are also more than enough!

But with a little experience and use of SR levels and a bit (Just a bit) Martingle , you can really make real money out of these two Indicators,

1. Binary G 2.Binary Magic

Renauld is really honest.

When he wants to sell his indicators, he will tell you that you can not get rich just by relying on these indicators

In other words, he is somehow recommending you not to buy them which attracted me!!!

And he is very responsive

Thanks Renaud :-)