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The MWC COX indicator shows the extreme zones of net short/long positions of the Commitments of Traders Report released by the CFTC once a week for four periods of time. Default settings are periods of 12, 26, 52 and 156 weeks.

Additional Features

  • Displays the sum of all 4 periods in one line
  • MA, MOM and RSI indicators are integrated (not in the MQL5 Version 1.0)

Please make sure that you download MWC_3L.dat file into [...]/MQL5/Files folder. A more detailed instruction can be downloaded here.

Main data folder: www.myweeklycot.com/cot/voll/[Actual Year]/...

Example: http://www.myweeklycot.com/cot/voll/2014/MWC_3L.dat

We will update the file once a week.

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Rodrigo da Silva Boa
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