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HLHB Trend Catcher System

If you trade or wish to trade the popular HLHB Trend-Catcher System, then this indicator is for you! It detects when the HLHB system entry rules are met and sends out an alert in the form of notifications to your mobile phone and to your pc. By automatically sending you notifications, this indicator lessens your trading work load as you don't have to sit in from of your pc all day checking all the chats for when the entry rules are met. This indicator does all the dirty work for you. When the signals are sent, simply enter at the market price and apply whatever trading management rules you wish to employ. More information about the HLHB trading system can be found from the original creator and other contributors at babypips. 


  • Integrated push notifications, Sound Alerts and Message Box on the chart
  • Can be used on all currency pairs. Though EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY are recommended.
  • Provides Entry Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit

The Entry Rules ( Applies to 1-Hour Chart only)

BUY when the 5 EMA crosses above the 10 EMA from underneath and the RSI crosses above the 50.0 mark from the bottom.

SELL when the 5 EMA crosses below the 10 EMA from the top and the RSI crosses below the 50.0 mark from the top.

As per the modified rules, the option of allowing users to enable the use of ADX>25 has been incorporated to  help weed out the fakeouts.

The Exit Rule

The stop level and take profit level varies. Suggestion for the Stop Loss is a trailing stop loss  between 50 to 150 pips and a take profit level between 100-300 pips.

  • In this indicator, the Stop Loss is set at 100 pips from the entry price. There are two take profit levels, the first is set at 50 pips from the entry price while the second level is set at 150 pips from the entry price.

Input Parameters

The input parameters used to control the type of notifications you prefer include:

  • Display Info On Chart  = If true, signals are displayed on the chat
  • Allow Alerts = if true, Audible Alerts are sent with the signals.
  • Allow Notifications = if true, push notifications are sent to the MT4 mobile app

Remember to enable push notifications from your mt4 desktop application if you wish to receive notifications on your mobile phone

Chinedum Ukabiala
Chinedum Ukabiala 2019.07.27 16:06 

I have used this indicator for about two weeks and most of the times, it really cut the trend. This means that it has always identified the trends on the currency pairs i used it on. The alert system is good. it is too good to be free. Thanks Williams for the tools because it has helped me greatly.Using the tool, I spend less time analyzing the market because it alerts me when it ripe to engage a trade.

Version 3.0 2019.03.19
Added the option to allow users to enable ADX or not
stopped continuous alerts.
Version 2.0 2019.03.18
Modified to allow RSI crossover to be detected more accurately.