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Gap EA

Gap EA is an automated trading system, which uses regularities of a price gap closing.

It is known that in about 90% of cases the gaps are likely to close, i.e. the price almost always approaches to the close price of the previous bar. The Expert Advisor utilizes this principle.

The robot tracks the gap and places an order with a take profit at the extreme of the gap, with a small stop loss.


  • MAGIC - magic number for the EA's orders
  • Lots - traded lot size
  • Stop - fixed stop loss in points
  • MM - using money management
  • MMRisk - coefficient of lot linear dependence on funds in money management
  • Spread - maximum allowable spread value
  • Reverse - using a reverse after stop loss triggering
  • RevStop - fixed stop loss in points for the reverse trade
  • RevTake - fixed take profit in points for the reverse trade
  • Profit Trailing - using the trailing stop function (true/false)
  • Trailing stop - fixed trailing stop value (in points)
  • Trailing step - step of trailing stop
  • Slippage - allowable slippage

Operation Instructions

The trading robot can be used on any accounts with any leverage.

Recommended timeframe - М1.

The robot should be used on accounts with the minimum possible spread. If possible, use a broker with a fixed spread.

In case of floating spread, set the Spread parameter to a value not smaller than minimum spread of a given account.

Important! Be sure to optimize the Expert Advisor before using it on a live account!

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Version 1.2 2018.07.25
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