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Long Term Expert

The Long Term EA is a fully automated EA that is designed to trade on the Long Term using various strategies like trend trading and hedge at different timeframes. It may take some time to take a trade. SL and TP are always present. The Expert's strategy depends on the trend, where it takes positions along a cycle of price movements, either upward or downward. The stop loss is set to buy or sell orders as a security measure in case the price moves below or above a certain predetermined levels. In case of price reversal, hedge strategy is used to consider the new reversal as a new possible trend so orders can cover the possible coming trend.

It works on both Classical and ECN accounts and optimized for EURUSD pair.

All you need is to set the risk percent and start trading.

The screenshots section shows the back-test results.

The minimum balance of $1000 is required for standard accounts or $10 for micro accounts.


  • Lots = 0.01.
  • Riskpercent = 1 (risk percent and its optimum at 1 for balance starting from $1000 and for micro accounts to be set 100).
  • Magic Number.

Symbol: EURUSD.

Timeframe - H1, but other timeframes can be used as well.

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