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Algorithmic Robot

Algorithmic Robot is a fully automated EA that works on USDCAD pair and uses built-in algorithms (flexibility algorithms plus loop and star algorithms) to trade on the medium-term period.

It has passed more than 5 years of backtest on real tick data with 99.9% accuracy (check screenshots section).

Also it has protection against severe market moves and spread fluctuations.

Minimum deposit: $1000 for standard accounts or $10 for micro accounts.


  • Algorithm_1_Flexibility - represent the first algorithm for measuring trend flexibility and to be set at 3 for the optimum performance.
  • Take_Profit - to be set at 58 for the optimum performance.
  • Algorithm_2_Flexibility - represent the second algorithm for measuring the trend flexibility and to be set at 2.5 for the optimum performance.
  • StopLoss - to be set at 36 for the optimum performance.
  • Star_Algorithm - represent the length of the trend correction and to be set at 46 for the optimum performance.
  • Loop_Algorithm - represent a correction factor for the trend and to be set at 0.52 for the optimum performance.
  • Lots = 0.01
  • Riskpercent = 1
  • Trend_Correction_1 - False
  • Price_Movement_1 - False
  • Trend_Correction_2 - False
  • Price_Movement_2 - False
  • Price_Speed_1 - False
  • Price_Speed_2 - False
  • Magic Number.

General Notes

  • Symbol: USDCAD.
  • Timeframe: H1 but other timeframes can be used for testing.
  • ‌Working drawdown of 1-16%.‌

Mohd Amzari Jimat
Mohd Amzari Jimat 2018.07.28 07:58 

good result on usdcad with setting from hatem..

EShaker 2018.07.25 10:36 

This is my 2nd bought EA from "Hatem" and it is showing very good results on USDCAD with high stability. it deserves rating of 5 stars. thanx man

Version 1.20 2018.08.01
improvement to the code
Version 1.10 2018.07.09
No change in the strategy or the input, and the modifications are just improvement to the code to make it perform faster.