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LevelUP is a fully automated Expert Advisor trading robot. It applies cutting edge "Key level Break Out" strategy.

Slippage and trade execution delay can’t be avoided for breakout trading system. However, LevelUP applies pending orders instead of market orders to improve those issues. Also, LevelUP implements algorithms for limiting its trading hours and you may specify the most effective trading hours based on your optimization. And there is trailing stop system to secure accumulated profits. With our most advanced algorithms and optimized indicators, it reduces CPU loading and provides fast & easy optimization.

Risk Control / Money Management / Spreads Filter

LevelUP does NOT use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitration, etc. All trades are protected by stop loss and user may apply money management by setting trading percentage.

LevelUP implements virtual stop loss and it will enlarge stop loss distance, at the same time, real stop loss still takes place. This will prevent trigger stop loss due to high spreads.

LevelUP applies spreads filter to avoid trading at high spreads period. All pending orders will be removed if spreads are higher than normal range.


  • The EA has been optimized for EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and XAUUSD (ALL TF=M15).
  • ECN account with low spreads broker are REQUIRED.
  • Use ONLY five-digit accounts.
  • Fast and reliable VPS are REQUIRED.
  • It is important to backtest LevelUP with the simulation coefficient of not less then 90%.

Please, do backtest with your broker's quotes before using the EA on a real account.


  • dayAnalyze - Analyze number of the past days to find key level.

Level settings

  • Level Calculation Methods - Choose method for level calculate, UseDistancePoint or UsePercentage.
  • levelDistance - Minimum valid level distance.
  • levelPercentage - Level Percentage of the D1 price.
  • enable_second_level - Enable second level distance while there are no levels found.
  • second_level_dist - Second level distance.
  • entryPip - Offset pip for calculated level.
  • retry_bars - Bars counts to attempt trading on the last level.
  • max_price_move - Maximum allowed price movement in point within single bar. (0 to disable.)
  • bar_break - Bars for checking level breaking.
  • valid_level_multiplier - Multiplier of valid level.
  • enable_market_entry - Enable/disable market entry mechanism.
  • market_entry_bar - The bars count for running market entry after a valid level trading.
  • market_entry_dist_limit - The distance limit of market entry testing.
  • market_entry_regress_dist - The regression distance from a valid level.
  • delete_order_spreads - Delete all pending orders if the spreads go above the value.

Stoploss settings

  • SL Calculation Methods - Choose method for stop loss calculate, UseSLPoint or UseSLPercentage.
  • slPoint - Stop loss pip.
  • slPercentage - Stop loss percentage of the D1 price.

Trade percetage settings

  • tradePercentage - Use percentage of account balance for a single trade.
  • lotSize - Fixed lot size, only valid when tradePercentage is zero.
  • enable_martingale_strategy - Enable/Disable martingale strategy for risk management.
  • martingale_factor - Multiplier for martingale strategy.
  • maximum_trade_percentage - Maximum risk percentage with a single trade.

Trailing settings

  • trailActive - Trailing is activated after specified pip.
  • trailDist - Trailing distance pip after trailing is activated.
  • trailStep - Points for the next trailing stop.
  • takeProfit - Take profit pip.
  • useDynamicTrailActive - Enable/Disable dynamic trail active.
  • atr_threshold - ATR threshold value for activate dynamic trail active.
  • increase_trail_active - Point for trailActive summation.

Trading hours settings

  • Don't trade in the end of month - Enable/Disable trades at the end of a month (True = disable the trade).
  • No trades after day of month - Define the end day of a month.
  • hr_trade_start - Hours to start trade (terminal time).
  • hr_trade_stop - Hours to end trade (included).
  • exclude_hrs - Specify excluded hours. The EA will be suspend in excluded hours.

Averaging order settings

  • use_averaging_order - Enable/disable averaging order mechanism.
  • averaging_trail_in_total - Enable/disable counts profit points in total calculation of all orders.
  • Risk % of the first order - Specify averaging order's risk percentage compared to the first order.
  • Averaging Distance Calculation Methods - Choose method for averaging order distance calculation, UseDistancePoint or UsePercentage.
  • Distance Point - The distance from the last opened price.
  • Distance Percentage - The distance percentage of the stop loss.
  • averaging_checking_min - The minutes interval to checking averaging order.

EA magic and comments

  • magic - Magic number.
  • comment - EA comment.
steven43275529 2018.09.15 11:18 


fXKent 2018.09.13 11:27 

Again 5 Star given to this Amazing EA.. Very Stable and Consistently Profit. Good job from this author! Keep Carry On...

Gerhard Beyer
Gerhard Beyer 2018.08.28 11:44 

Nothing else to say, let the EA run and have fun.

Good Job

Hellwian 2018.06.06 16:05 


Yen Hao Su
Yen Hao Su 2018.05.10 07:35 

This is really a profitable EA. It's very potential . Five stars.

Maksim Uzakov
Maksim Uzakov 2018.01.22 20:25 

bad trades

Version 3.0 2019.01.11
Improve algorithms of trailing points calculation.
Add an option to skip trades while NY open hour.
Add an option to set minimum pending order distance.
Version 2.41 2018.09.13
Add option to enable/disable notification of EA.

Optimize market entry function.
Version 2.40 2018.07.10
Added new parameters to adjust trading days of a month.
Re-arranged some parameters.
Version 2.30 2018.06.22
Add new methods to calculate level distance, stoploss, and averaging order distance.
This provides more flexibility for the strategy.
Version 2.20 2018.04.27
Added new feature "Martingale strategy": With this feature it can multiply the trading risk percentage with specified multiple factor if drawdown occurs.
Improved averaging order checking minute routine.
Version 2.10 2018.04.26
Add dynamic trail active feature. This feature can adjust the trail active point while the current ATR value is over the threshold.
Change the average checking minutes to relative minutes from the last opened trades.
Version 2.0 2018.04.11
Added market entry mechanism to retest the level price.
Added trail step setting to specify the step of trailing stop.
Added options to enable/disable averaging order mechanism.
Added options to specify exclude hours for more flexible trading session setup.
Improved trailing algorithm.
Version 1.10 2018.01.22
Add new parameter max_price_move to configure the maximum allowed price movement on a single bar.
Add new parameter retry_bars to configure the recent bar counts which will attempt to trade the last level.
Add new parameter enable_second_level to allow second level distance while there are no levels found.
Add new parameter second_level_dist to configure the second level distance.
Add new parameter open_order_if_closed to open new pending orders immediately while opened order is closed.
Dynamic adjust the trail start points depends on the slippage occurs while order opened.
Improve performance of optimization and testing.
Bug fixed in trading time determination while start hour is greater than stop hour.
Bug fixed in order modification while price gap occurs after order opened.