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SMA rtin

SMArtin is an adaptation of the classic SMA+WPR strategy, which enters the market at the overbought/oversold states of the WPR indicator, with the SMA indicator as a filter.

Trading is performed during the European and at the beginning of the American sessions. If there is a loss, the next entry will be made with an increased lot, and with an increased take profit in a trade series (which allows using a smaller order volume and, correspondingly, decrease the deposit load).

  • Symbol: EURUSD;
  • Timeframe: М30.


  • stop_loss - stop loss value in 4-digit quotes.
  • nOrdersSeries - the number of trades in a series.
  • Lot1-Lot20 - lot size of orders 1-20.
  • TP1-TP20 - value of the corresponding take profit in 4-digit quotes.
  • Start_Hour - hour to start trading.
  • Start_Min - minute to start trading.
  • End_Hour - hour to stop trading.
  • End_Min - minute to stop trading.
  • time frame - working timeframe (М30 recommended).
  • ma_period - period of МА.
  • ma_price - applied price of МА.
  • wpr_period - period of WPR.
  • wpr_sell_level - level for selling.
  • wpr_buy_level - level for buying.
  • open_bar - at the opening of the bar.
  • magic - magic number.
  • CommentSize - size of comments.
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