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Moving Average Angle 13 types

"MA Angle 13 types" is an indicator that informs of the inclination angle of the moving average curve that is displayed on the screen.

It allows selecting the MA method to use. You can also select the period, the price and the number of bars the angle is calculated for. In addition, "factorVisual" parameter adjusts the information about the MA curve angle displayed on this screen. The angle is calculated from your tangent (price change per minute).

You can select up to 13 types of MA, 9 standard ones in MT5 (SMA, EMA, SMMA, LWMA, DEMA, TEMA, Frama, VIDYA, AMA) and 4 non-standard ones (LRMA, HMA, JMA, SAYS), from which code is copyright NIKOLAY KOSITSIN - Godzilla and can be found on the web (e.g., LRMA).

General Parameters

  • Method MA - select the type of the Moving Average to show in the current graph.
  • Period MA - the number of bars to calculate the Moving Average.
  • Period signal - period of smoothing signal.
  • Applied Price - select price type (close, high, low ...).
  • TimeFrame - provides the vision of MA in different frames to the graph.
  • No candles for calculation - tangent angle calculated as change in price per minute.
  • Visual factor - approaching the visual numerical information to graphic when the user zooms in the graph.

Advantages of Use

  • Trend strength evaluation for risk management.
  • Anticipating change in trend.
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