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Bollinger Bands all MAs

"Bollinger Bands all MAs" is an indicator that allows drawing Bollinger Bands calculated according to the selected moving average.

You can select 9 standard MAs available in MetaTrader 5 - SMA, EMA, SMMA, LWMA, DEMA, TEMA, Frama, VIDYA, AMA, TRIX, and 4 non-standard ones - LRMA, HMA, JMA, AFIRMA.

General Parameters

  • Method MA - select the type of moving average to be displayed in the current graph.
  • Period MA - the number of bars to calculate the MA.
  • Width bands - the width of the bands expressed in multiples of standard deviation.
  • Applied Price - select price type (close, high, low ...).

Advantages of Use

Manual trading: It has a "multipurpose knife", more versatile than the standard indicator constructed from SMA, which facilitates the analysis of trends and breakouts from a single control box.

Automatic trading: Allows you to optimize the type of MA as another parameter of the EA by simply including "Method MA" as external parameter. A strategy cannot work well with EMA channel but can be profitable with BB VIDYA or AMA. Automatic trading: {SMA=0, EMA=1, SMMA=2, LWMA=3, DEMA=4, TEMA=5, FRAMA=6, VIDYA=7, AMA=8, LRMA=9, HMA=10, JMA=11, AFIRMA=12}.

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