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BearTradeEA - is a safe MetaТrader 4 trading robot working autonomously on a VPS server or on your computer. The good results are achieved on EURUSD and other pairs, but it can work with all pair.

Trading strategy

The Expert Advisor is designed for normal operation and for the reverse mode operation, does not use martingale, and can increase the deposit.

The EA trades only the market orders.

Trading according to the strategy is performed on H1 and H4 timeframes (as H1 and H4 timeframes are less volatile than short-term chart, and by the way H1 is more profitable), the perfect Forex currency pair for trades is EUR/USD.

So, for the operation according to the strategy, the following Forex indicators are needed (they are all present in any MetaTrader 4 trading terminal right after its installation):

  • Linear Weighted Moving Average,
  • PSAR – the Parabolic SAR indicator,
  • The Stochastic oscillator,
  • The MACD indicator

For ease of perception, the EA draws the template in the strategy tester during testing. The EA works non-stop.

For the correct operation different (Market Execution) accounts with different size of spread are required, 5(4) digit quotes and normal execution of orders, leverage above 1:200 (1:400 and higher recommended), H1 and H4 timeframes, preferably H1.

Below is the description of the settings, that provide the ability to choose the EA operation mode:

  • Lots – selection of lot size
  • StopLoss – stop loss, allowed level of deposit loss in points
  • TakeProfit – total profit from the deal in points
  • Slippage – the value of the slippage
  • Magic – the magic number for orders
  • Tralling – enable/disable trailing the last order of the series
  • Trailing Stop – parameter of order trailing stop
  • Trailing stеp – order trailing stop step
  • Rewers – thte opposite trading (against the signal) used on H1 and according to the currency pair (if it is volatile, then it is better to enable reverse)
  • Timeframe – the period of the chart the EA works on, if set to 0 - then on the current chart period, if = 1 then it works on M1, 5 - M5, etc. , the values are defined in info_timeframe

"Settings entry conditions" - Settings for trade entry

  • CloseBarToOpen – true - enter when the bar closes, if false - enter on the current bar
  • UseParabolic – the Parabolic indicator usage, two options can be set, 'true' is set for precise entry
  • BarsMASaveSignal – the number of bars, after which the deal is opened, once the fast MA crosses the slow MA from bottom to top

"Settings exit conditions" - Settings for trade exit

  • CloseBarToClose – true - exit when the bar closes, if false - exit on the current bar
  • UseMaToClose – usage of the condition of the fast MA crossing the slow MA from below. Two options can be set, depending on the volatility of the currency pair. For example, for EURUSD and other pairs it is set to 'false' to provide precise entry. For the volatile pairs like EURJPY set it to 'true'.
  • UseStochasticToClose – the Stochastic indicator usage, two options can be set, 'true' is set for precise entry

MAFast = "Settings fast MA" - Settings for the fast Moving Average indicator

MAFast = "Settings slow MA" - Settings for the slow Moving Average indicator

MACD = "Setting indicator MACD" - Settings for the MACD indicator

SAR = "Setting indicator PSAR (Parabolic Stop and Reverse system)" - Settings for the Parabolic indicator

Tips on Improving the Results

  • To improve the operation result you can select two parameters, that affect the profit

These are: time frame H1 or H4, lot size, the greater the lot, the higher the profit, but also the drawdown, optimally 0,1-0,5 lot.

Tips on Risk Mitigation

  • During the operation, the main value is lot. The less the lot, the less the risk, optimal
  • If the robot is set on multiple charts, then the Magic should be changed
  • The value of BarsMASaveSignal must be set less than or equal to 5.

You can contact me via email, I will send you the optimized settings for different pairs and timeframes, by default the one for H4 EURUSD without reverse. Each currency pair has separate settings.

Settings of version 1.0 are not optimized, the settings for different pairs can be seen in th first post of the Comments tab.

Version 1.0 differs in that its trailing settings are configured for 4-digit brokers, i.e. 40/5 means 400/50 points to a 5-digit broker. This is fixed in version 2.0, and the optimal parameters have been set for H4 EURUSD.

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Version 2.0 - 2016.02.16
In version 1.0 trailing was configured for 4-digit brokers, i.e. 40/5 means 400/50 to a 5-digit broker.
This is fixed in version 2.0, and the optimal parameters have been set for H4 EURUSD.