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30+ USD
Hi. I need an consistent trading bot with features and functionalities like automated support, zero risk, zero loss, stop loss. Markets: Indices, Currency Pairs (majors). Using Multi - Indicator Scanner to trade these Indicators RSI, MACD, STC. I will appreciate if you can show me previous similar jobs. Thank you
30 - 50 USD
Can you help me to merge 3 PineScript indicators to become into one MQL5 indicator with the addition of the feature of stopping either of them. convert 3 indicators from TradingView to MetaTrader 5 with the feature of stopping any indicator convert 3 indicators from TradingView to MetaTrader 5 with the feature of stopping any indicator, here you will find 3 pin script Tradeview I want to convert to MetaTrader 5
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MQL5 Experts
30+ USD
i need to create an EA to trade HH, HL, LH and LL.....open orders, trail stops and money management display HH, LH, HH and LL on the chart as in the example, for atleast the last two legs of the trade Input varialbes such as open multiple orders at each break of HH, or LL Different risk (say 1%) for the first order of the leg, and 0.5% for the additional orders Close all open trades as the market reverse the
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MQL4 Experts
30+ USD
I need someone who can code deriv bot...apply only if you can code,and we talk in the comments..the strategy is simple and lucrative so i cant very well just type it here
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MQL5 Experts Options
30+ USD
Hi I am looking for someone to develop a MT4 indicator that will give BUY and SELL signal via Candle based signal of S&R or Zones ,the indicator will give out the signal when the certain candle stick open then when then the candle close the signal can come out
70+ USD
Please find specification attached read carefully please. Want to make a mt5 trading bot based on cross macd and zigzag based max 3 trades at time,tp1 tp2 tp3 sl based
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MQL5 Experts
30+ USD
Open a trade when a candlestick cross EMA 21 at the 30Mins timeframe and the RSI(period 9) crosses the 40 and 60 levels. The Candlestick cross above EMA 21, and the RSI(period 9) crosses the 60 level to create a buy order. The Candlestick cross below EMA 21 and the RSI(period 9) crosses the 40 level to create a sell order. Do not open another trade until the ongoing trade is closed. Set a stop loss at 30PIPS(2% of
30+ USD
Hallo, I am looking for someone that can develop for me a trading bot, that can trade on Crash 500 and 1000, and also on Boom 500 and 1000. The bot must buy on Crash 500 and 1000 and sell on Boom 500 and 1000. The indicator we use is the AWESOME OSCILLATOR (AO). The CRASH 500/1000 we scalp it by buying. We only place our ENTRY that is to BUY when the Awesome Oscillator changes from VALUE DOWN to VALUE UP and by
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MQL5 Experts
50 - 70 USD
I want a EA that will copy signal from MT4 and MT5 to my Telegram channel. Signal format will be as below. GBPUSD BUY/SELL SL XXXX.XX TP XXXX.XX SL/TP format for already posted signal. "SET TP XXXX.XX" "SET SL XXXX.XX" Note that. Open price/close price, Sl/TP, half close/Break even and all other basic features supposed to be available. If EA can forward chart also then it's a plus point but not mandatory. SIGNAL
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MQL5 Experts
30 - 100 USD
Hi, I'm Looking for the EA creator or Modified my code. I'll Provide my Code to make your job easier. I need Only experienced and perfect makers only. It should be perfect and execute the order on price we set including TP and SL
30 - 200 USD
Want an EA that opens position at each candle open Bearish/Bullish depending on the direction of the candle at opening. Take TP at a specific amount of Pips or USD Dollars. Example i would like to open Bullish only orders when trend is bullish Use 2 Moving average for confirmation of a trend as well in case i want to use the crosses to open orders. The 2 moving averages should have all its feature ( price open, Close
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MQL5 Experts Forex
100+ USD
Hello developer. I want you to map the movement of the eight major currencies using cartesian coordinates. In the chat I will send you a video of what the graph looks like and the formula used to determine the coordinates of the 8 major currencies
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MQL5 Experts
30+ USD
This trading program is a component of a larger trading program that I need. This order only represents a part of it, so goes without saying I am looking for a partnership and a developer with reliable history. I'm breaking this program because of my past experience at this platform. While I met brilliant developers but when it comes to Mathematics and logic building, they eventually failed, resulting in my wasting
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MQL5 Experts Other
50+ USD
USD I want a bot that can buy/sell base on price trend. The EA should be able to buy/sell when price is trending upward or downward. I will provide all the necessary details needed to the selected candidate
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10600+ USD
Hello I am looking for a forex robot to work on MQL4 / MT4, my aim is to run this on a specific prop firm with the rules below. My aim is to buy a $200,000 prop account which is a 2 stage trial system with no time limit (increases chances substantially of passing). The account will stay active as long as there is more than one trade a month. This is a bit of an odd way of attaining a forex robot but I believe this
30 - 200 USD
Im seeking a profitable EA with a live track record. If I purchase, I will need the source code. I prefer MT5 please. Only EAs with live track records will be considered
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MQL5 Experts
50 - 150 USD
I want a bot that can buy/sell base on price trend. The EA should be able to buy/sell when price is trending upward or downward. Money Management: 1. Take Profit 2. Stop Loss 3. Break Even: 4. Break Even Pips Over: This means ho w many pips over break even point to move the stop loss, so it can cover the expenses and the spread. 5. Max Open Trades per Fx Pair: This will let me put a quantity of Maximum Open Trades i
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30 - 500 USD
The trading strategy is described in more detail in the following document: https://www.vtad.de/fa/fdax-trading-strategie/ The objective of this development is to develop an EA to generate the necessary lines on a daily basis. See page 12. Furthermore, the zones for trading based on the level of VDAX-NEW should be drawn. The current score can either be written manually into a Mysql database or obtained from a data
80 - 100 USD
I'm specifically looking for something to trade news events without requiring knowledge of the market’s direction after the news release. It utilizes buy stops and sell stops to enter trades in alignment with the market’s movement. Before the news release, the market may be either trending or consolidating. However, a strategy that does not focus on the market’s pre-news behavior. Approximately 60 seconds prior to
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MQL5 Experts
100 - 200 USD
I need a really experienced MT4 programmer who has many years of experience with MQL language, to make 2 modifications to my EA. Please see the attached requirment document which outlines whats required, and MQL source code