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Alle Forex Debugging eines Roboters/Indikators Optimierung von Strategien Statistik und Mathematik C++ Module von Strategien
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30+ USD
Hallo, I need you again, pls what will cost  an EA from a simple indicator that should only go buy if the Indicator shows the long direction (Dimgray color), and sell if short direction shows (Darkgodenrod color). The EA should open an Orden immediately if the indicator new color shows, and keep until the indicator changes color, and than takes  another in the other direction.  Thanks
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Experten Statistik und Mathematik Gestern
EA 13 - HFRC (persönlicher Auftrag)
375+ USD
Hello, please write EA as described in the specification sheet. Price and timing we will fix within plattform. Please send demo before I prodeed so that I can check roughly EA
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Experten 2017.12.13
30+ USD
EA based on an indicator EA should work on candle and renko bars based on one indicator with martingale option with an option of different types to open/close orders based on the indicator usual moneymanagement more details later..
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Experten 2017.12.11
50 - 300 USD
Der EA soll meine auf Bollinger Bändern basierende Handelsstrategie für Währungspaare ausführen und Handelssignale über eine Schnittstelle zu ausgewählten binären Optionen Brokern senden. Idealerweise sollte der EA Martingale anwenden können, d.h. entprechend dem Handelsergebnis einen oder mehrere weitere Signale absetzen können.
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Experten Panels und Dialoge 2017.11.30
30 - 400 USD
Who can programm for me an indicator and an expert advisor on falling an rising wedges? The indicator should be included in the ea see follwing instructions: 1.Indicator Rising wedge If at least 3 higher highs and 3 higher lows are in a line,and this lines goes in direction of a wedge, draw the 2 lines. 1:resistance point 1 2:resistance point 2                                        Point1 to 3 in a line...
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Indikatoren Experten 2017.11.30
Hidden Pending (Buy-stop/limit Sell-Stop/limit - order) with hidden SL hidden TP (persönlicher Auftrag)
30 - 40 USD
Dear Mr Puzanov, last day the broker has catched my Buy-stop-order. Now, I want you please to help me. I need an EA that helps me with following inputs: HiddenBuyStop-price HiddenBuyLimit-price HiddenSellStop-price HiddenSellLimit-price Volume Hidden SL Hidden TP HiddenTrailing (default 40 Points) HiddenBreakeven (default 50 Points) HiddenTrailing starts at BreakEven please. It should be shown on easy...
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Experten 2017.11.29
40+ USD
Basic MT5 EA to use customized trailing stop levels and customer indicator inputs for buy/sell signals (the EA handles only one position at a time). And adapting an existing customer indicator (mql4) concept to mql5
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Indikatoren Experten 2017.11.21