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Tümü Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Statistics and mathematics C++ Strategy modules
Tüm dillerde 519 yeni iş
30 - 80 USD
I'm searching for someone with expertise in ICT and market structure to transform this Pine Script code into a buy and sell indicator, or potentially a trading robot, delivered with source code and You can work on prop farm. 1) Market Structure with Inducements & Sweeps [LuxAlgo] 2) ICT Concepts [LuxAlgo]
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(1) MQL5 Göstergeler Uzman Danışmanlar Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Python JavaScript Java
50+ USD I need EA that focus trading on M1, M5 TF that use a moving averages cross with RSI and fractals confirmation. please see the link VDO 3 Moving averages 20, 50, 100 fractals confirmation to order +RSI Auto SL, TP Telling stop able to define the no. of open order e.g. 1 order or more as a same time able to define spread
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MQL4 Uzman Danışmanlar
30 - 100 USD
Hello, everyone. I am looking for someone who has a trade copier that can work from an MT5 Hedge account to an MT5 Netting account. Please apply for the job only if you have a ready trade copier that can perform Hedge to Netting transfers. Thank you
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MQL5 Uzman Danışmanlar
30+ USD
I need an ea made based on a Pinescript from trading view, I need auto lots, time filter, Tp and sl and trailing stop. I NOTE I GET PAID TOMORROW SO I CAN PAY TOMORROW
30+ USD
Please programm EA based on Fibonacci levels with and candlestick patterns like hammer, bullish engulfing. More details will be shared with candidates. Its a professional strategy. Only experience programmers please
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MQL5 Uzman Danışmanlar
Add a new button to current EA (kişisel iş)
30+ USD
I should explain a little better. I have 6 different charts. Each one is a different time frame but they are ALL the same pairs (XAUUSD) = Gold . At the moment I can use the Top button "User On and Auto ON" toggled all OK. But this is confined to each chart that I need to change this so I have to move to each individual time frame to ensure ALL are toggled correctly. I wish to keep this Top button to work as it is
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(41) MQL4 Göstergeler Uzman Danışmanlar
60+ USD
Bonsoir, Recherche un nouveau développeur pour la mise au point d'un nouvel EA basée sur les indicateurs "Sotochastic Oscillator" et "Moving Average", pour MT4. Les détails seront fournis au développeur qui sera sélectionné. Béri
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(2) MQL4 Uzman Danışmanlar
100 - 150 USD
I am looking for a skilled developer to create a trading strategy for NinjaTrader and TradingView. The strategy will be based on the following logic: Place a limit order if there is a price break of the premarket session (high and low of time session), specific wick liquidity (moves past a specific previous price/wick), or higher timeframe order block (specific two candles), or if a lower timeframe specific wick with
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(2) Other Uzman Danışmanlar Komut dosyaları
50 - 120 USD
Need a personal EA/indicator that controls trades that I open manually for hedging it is very basic but need to be fully optimized because it will need to be fast. 2 basic functions 1- have 2 buttons "sell on open" and "Buy on open" upon the first tick of negotiation it will execute the buy/sell order at market price 2- add TP/SL and a martingale system as a "stop loss" to ALL trades I open manually(including the
EA Update to v56 (by adding indi) (kişisel iş)
65+ USD
Dear Shukurjon, I hope you and family are good! This is the LAST "smaller" job before the BIG one. Updating the EA to v56 by adding one robust indicator (no repaint). The indicator is: Demon Scalper Spike indicator (see attached) -------------------------------------------- 1. As ENTRY 1 option: green line crosses first level (default 15): buy red line crosses first level (default 15): sell 2. As ENTRY 2 option
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(68) MQL4 Göstergeler Uzman Danışmanlar
30 - 200 USD
Desired Features: Simultaneous opening of buy and sell orders at market price Grid order placement with a user-defined distance in pips between orders Basic trailing stop loss to automatically close positions in loss Gain trailing stop loss to activate and trail stop loss as positions move into profit Customizable input parameters for configuring the strategy Advanced risk management features (optional) Technical
30+ USD
I need an expert to develop a Forex Expert Advisor (EA) for the MetaTrader 4 platform focusing on short-term scalping strategy. This EA should be able to open trades when a new candle opens and close trades when the same candle closes, taking into account the very smallest price variations. Key aspects of the project and requirements from the developer would include: They speak English. No exceptions They write in
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(3) MQL4 Göstergeler Uzman Danışmanlar
Adding a new risk management feature for attached EA (kişisel iş)
30+ USD
Adding new risk management Add risk based on amount. If choose 100$ in setting then ea calculates lot size so that when stoploss is hit trade loses only 100$. Add Fibonacci feature of risk management When this setting is turned on, then ea increases risk after every losing trade and return to level 1 after a wining trade. For levels Level 1 - 100$ ( number choosed on risk management based on amount) Level 2 - 100$
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(13) MQL5 Göstergeler Uzman Danışmanlar
50+ USD
Hi I need to create a Expert Advisor, that can pass prop firm Challenges (1 or 2 phases), like FTMO, MFF, TFF etc. NO martingale strategy. Need to have nice entries and exits. NO big lots and low risk. Need complied with this restrictions: -Profit 10% -Max Drawdown (DD) 10% -Max Daily Loss 4% -All trades with SL -NO trades during and after high impact news -Able to use it on Funded Accounts and Live Accounts -Proven
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30+ USD
Hi I need to change the existing indicator in an EA and to replace the same with a new one. Rest all remain the same. EA should work with all the same function, just to change the indicator for trade initialisation. Simple job
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(12) MQL4 Göstergeler Uzman Danışmanlar Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization
200+ USD
Bonjour à tous, Je recherche un **expert en développement informatique**, spécialisé en **trading algorithmique**. Le candidat idéal aura une solide expérience dans le développement de stratégies de trading automatisées et une connaissance approfondie des indicateurs **TradingView**. **Responsabilités:** - Développer et optimiser les algorithmes de trading - Utiliser les indicateurs TradingView comme base pour le
11 Başvuru
50 - 60 USD
Hello Ladies and Gents. I need a expert programer with solid coding skills to help me build a robot, this robot uses a combination of 3 indicators stch. rsi and CS indicators. It also uses a combination of 3 timeframes for each indicator. I have explained in detailed how i want this bot to work and i have also stated the needed settings and options, you can find it all in the attached zip file. Due to bad
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(4) MQL4 Uzman Danışmanlar
30+ USD
are you able to develop a alert system in NT8 based on 8 candlestick patterns? 1. hammer 2. shooting star 3. bullish engulfing 4. bearish engulfing ..if any body is available for this kind do well to bid and let talk more on it
30 - 75 USD
The purpose is when gold is trading against me also when I sleep, the equity will be saved so I can decide what to do as soon as I see this in my account. So if I have 12 orders buy with a total of 2.4 lotsize, There should be placed an order with same lotsize in opposite direction or all orders in my account placed in opposite direction. I think I prefer to have all the orders in my account copied and placed in
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(1) MQL4 Göstergeler Uzman Danışmanlar Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging
30+ USD
Hello, I have an existing Expert Adviseo for Metatrader 5 that still contains a few errors. (The MQL5 code is present.) I would like to have these errors fixed. If necessary I would add a few more features to the EA
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