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30 - 80 USD
ust include the following: 2 Moving Averages with simple and exponential settings allowed Stop Loss Lot Factor This will allow me to use the factor to allow the EA to automatically adjust the lot size. Example: Lot factor of .0001 could give me a lot size of .01 if using a $100 account ATR or Average True Range ATR must work with Metatrader 4 Forex pairs, as well as stocks, metals, futures, ect… that
50 - 150 USD
I need a system to manage license (8 indicators) of clients (account number) direct by a web panel. I prefer a ready system with new users automatic registration. Thank you very much
750 - 1200 USD
Hello everyone, I'm looking for programmer who: The most important things for me is find a programmer who is always on time, honest, faithful , loyal in his work and unselfish. Then.. He should be Professional programmer with a years of experience in a financial markets, he can dealing with a complex Project which has a lot of nuances, he can solving a complex algo problems which require wide skills and knowledge