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Trend trading strategy of 10 moving averages crossover Multiple pairs trading (optional) Platform MT4 Placing of orders and opening of positions: Buy stop/Sell stop only Time restricted entry but not for exit Based on MA convergence and/ or crossovers Eliminate false signals ("Has to be a "U" Shape at point of convergence/crossovers, confirmation bar must be trend following but candlebar cant be too big, avoid zig
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CREATE MQL5 EA mql5 file which trades arrow alerts of mt5 indicator Blue arrow when candle current closes 0.01micropips plus or any pips above than immediately open buy trade, same for sell trade at red arrow -0.01pips or below, Grey UP arrow candle closed than BUY, down closed than SELL
30+ USD
i want to make indicator correction SMA5_13. And need an EA for auto trading for my broker.olymptrade or iq option. indicator-SMA5_13 need some correction and improvment , I need ea also for trading on my broker
30 - 40 USD
Contact only Developer BOAZ CREATE MQL5 EA developer which trades arrow alerts of mt5 indicator the one he created file is attached as picture u will give me mt5 ea for indicator in mt5 in whatever time u can make it sir, job is for u thanks
30 - 40 USD
Hi dear developers I have .ex5 file for mt5 indicator which runs only at my pc, Previously developer who cancelled can reapply here as i wanted to give him either reply so i could give me more time, blue arrow + grey arrow pointing UP for BUY, grey arrow and red arrows pointing down for SELL, if u can catch PURELY arrows, than u can do it, plz Make EA out of arrow alerts mt5 indicator indicator is installed at my
30 - 100 USD
pls I want programmer that could add custom arrow indicator to boom and crash bot .I have the bot but I want to add custom indicator to the bot. pls chat me on telegram+2348141273905 pls dont. chat me here. if you cht me here I would not answer youvhat
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etaTrader 5 / Trading How to Order an Expert Advisor and Obtain the Desired Result 19 Andrey Khatimlianskii 72 638 Introduction Automated trading is gaining a new momentum - the release of MetaTrader 5 , with the new MQL5 , is complete. It has successfully passed the Automated Trading Championship 2010 , and the new version of the trading platform is being actively promoted by brokers. The predecessor of the
30 - 100 USD
pls I want programmer that could modify boom and crash bot and add some other option on the bot pls chat me on telegram+2348141273905 pls dont chat me here on this forum .pls chat me private on telegram
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I want a LOCAL copier trade pro that can function and execute so fast between master and slave accounts. Demo account will be the master account and others ( demo and real ) slave accounts. Master account has the option to assign Lot size separately for each single slave account and has the bool option (true false) to copy manual or EA or both together for each slave account master account also has the option to copy
30 - 100 USD
pls I want a programmer that know boom.and crash to modify EEA I have with source code and add some option
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I m looking for an excellent programmer to create an automatic trading robot using the template and indicators i have. The template draws trendlines and support and resistance zones. The robot should be able to open trades when those two conditions are met as shown follows. SELL SIGNAL verified resistance retests<3 blue trendline the trendline should be in the verified resistance zone if the trendline is below the
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Scalping bot for gold and volatility index. I don't care whatever mechanics the coder uses so far it's scalping well on any of the timeframe and does not use grid or martingale, and can make 50$ roi on a 50$ equity per day .He can use experience from any of the old eas he has
200+ USD
A quick basic startup trading robot to make profits to start my buisness. I need expertise. So I'm just getting any help I can get. I'm very into cryptocurrency and trading and mining and have been studying it since may 2020
300+ USD
Bonjour Je recherche un pigiste expérimenté qui créera un robot capable de reconnaître des bougies sur une carte afin de prendre position automatiquement. un robot capable de reconnaître des séquences de bougies et de les différencier, afin de prendre des positions par rapport à ma stratégie
500+ USD
In Need of a Blockchain Developer with full knowledge of NFT Marketplace Development! I need to develop a Marketplace Like Opensea.io with full frontend and Backend! Opensea has many other features so we want only the marketplace features for Now
75 - 150 USD
I need a professional and reliable Renko script that I can confidently use for live trading and back-testing. I then want to have my strategy written into a robot able to trade on the Renko bars. I have the strategy written in Easylanguage. I need to be able to use the Renko script to develop future strategies as well. For the Renko Script: * Adjustable Box Size * An ATR based box size option * Show/Hide wicks *
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