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30 - 70 USD
Hello, i have a trading E.A but would love to modify it to better specifications for better entries. I want to increase it's pip-step. Kindly let me know if you can do this job. Thank you
100 - 200 USD
I have a very specific needs for my Expert Advisor. 1. It must pass all checks and requirements for sale on MQL5 website. (Must pass all validation for upload) 2. News filter 3. NFP (Non Farm Payroll) Filter 4. Orders will be pending 5. Tail SL 6. Hard SL 7. Hard TP 8. Magic SL based on time 9. Slippage filter 10. Spread Filter 11. Trading Days Filter 12. Trading times Filter 13. Lot/Risk size based on % of balance
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50 - 200 USD
Hello coder, Do not apply if you are not familiar with chrome extension programming. Here update requirement : 1. Create a login form for bot user validation based on email list for broker binomo and olymptrade 2. Bots make transactions based on time settting binary(time interval/Fix Time) 3. Rule of entry, example : The bot will open BUY if a closed candle is found by a Hammer candle and will close after the timer
150 - 200 USD
I am looking for an experienced programmer to develop a new EA that is a modification of another EA. In summary, the EA works with an existing indicator, with martingale, DD Reduction and an option for Dynamic Distance of the martingale. More details will be shared to applicants. Price is negotiable with the developer. Kindly contact me if you have any further questions. Thank you
100+ USD
THIS IS EA for forex market for three pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD /JPY. It uses stochastic indicator and moving average. Thy system must be automatically designed to escape emotions people usually use. When I tested it by automatically entering and exiting positions, it showed great results. Especially in trending markets. In ranges it shows good results as long as they are 10 peeps width. It is scalping system on
30 - 55 USD
A simple EA based on Bollinger Bands and Price Action. that side needs to automatically move the trading position back to the starting point when 1/2 of the trading volume has met the requirements (TP), open new positions when the first requirement is not met ... PA used is the typical basic form
30+ USD
Hi, I need an help to solve 2 or 3 bugs in my EA. - The functions close sells (TPs & SLs) have a bug, but the function to close buys seems well (it decrease the TPs and SLs when closing the sells); - Conditions of Zigzag, verifying the two existent and a new condition; - The EA has general configurations for all 21 pairs and I need to individualize some of them per pair (arrays); Each pair have this configurations
30+ USD
An example of what I need. 1. 5 different EA'S are activated on the card. 2. IF 1 of the EA'S becomes active (open sell) All remaining 4 automatically shuts off 3.The card is left only with the EA that has become active. 4.After the EA close sell the 4 EA'S will become active again. Best regards
CCI based EA (personal job)
30 - 120 USD
I need you to create an expert robot based on CCi and a 10 Ema.I will require the following on after successful completion of the EA 1.Licensing System (Password and Account Number based Licensing ) 2. Trailing Stop ,take profit,maximum number of trades taken including the lot sizes etc and Break-Even Implementation 3.Visuals , Objects and my Logo on Charts 5. Semi Automatic Dashboards and Trading Panels that show
30+ USD
I'm looking for a developer who is an Expert in coding custom EAs. I have the formula drawn and explanation for the full strategy. This EA is required asap . If you are interested kindly come inbox I explain more a about it . my budget is open
30 - 50 USD
Hi, I need someone to code an EA based on 4hrtrader indicator. I have the indicator in .ex4 not in mq4. I need expert that take determined order when the arrow appears. Including 3 take profits which close part of order détermined by me in lot not in percentage. 1 stop loss 1 breakeven 1 breakeven step 1 trailing stop. If it's possible hidden from my broker like stealth pro EA. I attach the 4hrtrader.ex4
30+ USD
Hi All Looking for a person who can assist me with my mobile strategy to be an EA and function the way its function on my mobile. its a simple EA
80+ USD
Hello all, Please dont apply if you dont have the following skills: API (Rest, FIX, Websocket) Python or Node.js Help me to develop a crypto currency trading bot using the API from the crypto exchange. The will use simple strategies which is options, DCA and Grid strategy. I need developer who has experience with using APIs and can take the project with ease. Thank you
30 - 80 USD
مرحبًا ، لديّ مستشار خبير يعمل مع التحوط. أريد تعديله وإضافة بعض المزايا إليه. تعتمد الإستراتيجية على التحليل الفني ، ثم ترسم منطقة دفاع يدويًا يعمل عليها المستشار الخبير. يفضل أن يتكلم المطور اللغة العربية لي لسهولة التواصل
300 - 400 USD
Objective: Combine a series of five indictors from Pine Script to MT5. There are multiple inputs for these indictors they should be added to the input section of the EA, with the same variability of the indicators themselves. The inputs of EA as well be in a neat and concise order with clear labelling of indictors for optimization. All of the indictors are open source. Some the indictors have components which are
30 - 90 USD
I'm looking for someone who can program an EA on US stocks, on MT5. I have 2 basic strategies, based on VWAP, and on the price's last minute change. It shouldn't take very much time to code them. I'm offering a fast gain from 30 to 90 USD