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New forex multi-MA indicator (personal job)
75+ USD
I need you to build for me a new forex indicator. It will be totally changeable, and can be used on all time frames. It will have a few tracers, for highs and lows, and multiple moving averages.
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Indicators Design C++ C# JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL HTML Forex Product Design 2018.02.15
100 - 10000 USD
Japan has an open law in the bit coin market. But the market is still very cheap trading tools with babies. I am neither a mathematician nor a programmer, but I have experienced Japanese stocks for about 10 years. Moreover, I can not explain exactly what English knowledge necessary for designing this is in English. If you can listen to my idea and help us shape it, (of course, of course on the team) I think that...
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Experts Design 2018.02.14
Ea attached to one chart and trail all orders on your account (personal job)
40+ USD
See our chat-session Like we discussed before in our chat this ea should be attached to one chart and trail all orders on the account, like you said when it will reach 10 pips - it places a stoploss at 5 pips from that, and then trail by price every 1 pip Is it possible to make the stoploss at 5 pips (variable) from the 10 pips (also variable). It is important that I take the trade manually, I mean I usually use...
1 Application
Design 2018.02.07
3500 - 4000 USD
Looking for an experienced software developer who can design Trading Terminal with back-office on web-based, windows .exe, android as well as iOS app..  A complete Trading Solution Application with Complete Charting views. This can be developed from scratch or even some have the source code of other software which is build already can also be shared with us. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please...
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Libraries Design 2018.02.01
100 - 500 USD
I need a custom software for MT4, let me explain you. I waste a lot of time time writing hundreds names for each optimization during backtesting.  Could it be possible to develop a Software which could write the settings automatically the name of the files (report name like .html and optimization set as .set)??? Could it be possible to write name files with the backtest optimization results automatically? For...
5 Applications
Integration Design 2018.01.31
100 - 200 USD
please I need a developer that can develop what is in this link for me ASAP "" the article explains how to bring livetrading of cryptocurrencies from different crypto exchanges to MqL4/MqL5. I need the developer to help to develop this in such away that i can easily change the exchanges from bittrex, poloniex, cryptopia, yobit and other exchanges. please contact me on time....
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Design 2018.01.23
50 - 100 USD
Greetings, I am looking for help to program an automated order entry using an AntiMartingale strategy. I will identify (manually) a channel high and channel low and these are the initial entry to points to the long and short side respectively. I anticipate a breakout above or below these levels. I wish to place multiple trades layered above and below these entry points.  For example if the EUR-USD is in a trading...
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Design 2018.01.22
Meta Trade 4 Expert Advisor (Robot) for financial market. (personal job)
400+ USD
Introduction: Meta Trade 4 Expert Advisor (Robot) for financial market. MT4  EA Based on  MACD HISTOGRAM  PLUS DASHBOARD, MONEY MANEGEMENT, STATISTICS, MARKET SCANNER. EA with possible  manual intervention. Programmers which have experience with working on real accounts only. The idea of this strategy is mainly when MACD HISTOGRAM gets in synchrony on a specified Entry Signal bar(ENSB) at specific time frame...
1 Application
Experts Design 2017.12.12