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All Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Statistik und Mathematik C++ Panels and dialog boxes
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100 - 120 USD
Bug to be fixed: Mt4 plugin is not compatible with windows application (7, 8 and 10 versions) This bug doesn’t allow the application to properly send data to the Nest trader application on some computers. I think it is related to the system not being able to recognize the target application window in some instances Few of my computers have been it running on Windows 10 and 7 and it seems to find the application...
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Integration 10 hours ago
50 - 100 USD
Dear Developer, i have written a C++ MySQL DLL which works very well within C++ but i have problems exporting the result back to MT5 and passing a reference a string to a DLL ( ). Your task would be to write a method which will convert the mysql into MT5 data structure and offer a solution for my string passing problem. I can provide the header file and the DLL's. I am a...
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Integration C++ MySQL Yesterday
Pending order + txt or csv for backtest and optimization2 (personal job)
50+ USD
Hi!!! I would need an EA to put orders pending after the macro-news. possibility to enter date, time, minute, seconds OCO: true / false reverse: (buy on sell signal ; sell on buy signal) risk% or fixed lots TP SL Trailing stEp number of caldel before. If 0 = closing price this candle Distance from Highter candle before buystop Distance from lower candle before SellStop Max spread option of trading on cfd...
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Experts Integration Forex 2017.11.17
100 - 120 USD
Dear Developer, I would like to modify one of my exiting MT4 plugin and also there is strange bug in the application we need to fix that. Details would be discussed in private discussion. Thank you
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Integration 2017.11.16
50 - 150 USD
Dear, I need full code .mql that can intergate with slackchat. Need 3 main functions Send a chat to groupSend a fileGet response (read message on chat)Should be able to run on both mql4 and mql5. Thanks!
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Integration 2017.11.15
35+ USD
The job involves converting MT4 EA to be used on Jforex (directly) and Interactive Brokers (through their EAs) For Jforex direct US$35 . For Interactive Brokers US$100 Please forward some samples or demos of previous jobs done. Advise your experience. Thank you.
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Experts Integration Trading robot/indicator debugging Java Forex 2017.11.12
70 - 150 USD
Hi,  I would like to develop a copier from MT4  to etoro.  either using their alpha api  or as a web automation bridge whatever safer and stable Could you help me on that. details would be discussed upon contact Thanks
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Integration Trading robot/indicator debugging C# Python Forex 2017.11.11
30 - 100 USD
I need a software that transfrom EA orders in MT4 to trade on IQ Option. Currency, length and amount must be parameters. Latency is very important. Source code must be available for modifications.
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Libraries Integration JavaScript 2017.11.10
30 - 1000 USD
Conduct balance operation on a user account without checking the free margin and the current balance on the account to be  possible to credit out a sum which is bigger than balance or free margin from MetaTrader 5 Manager. But there is workaround using Manager API.
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Indicators Integration C++ Forex 2017.11.09
500+ USD
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Integration 2017.11.07
30 - 150 USD
We have large servers (Quad Xeon Octo Core with lots of memory), and we want to install the maximum number of MT4 on it  We use our own software wrote in C# to open and configure the  MetaTrader with our EA in each but we are facing a huge performance problem after 4 or 5 metatraders open, we tried to establish each on a separate CPU and CPU Core by a set affinity, but it didn't help  we are looking for someone...
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Integration 2017.10.27
150 - 250 USD
This (separate-window) panel have to be builded with using classes and libraries (articles written by Anatoli Kazharski) or with better modification based on this graphical interface OOP programing. Has to be compatible with both MT5/MT4 also.  Attribute enumeration : - Of course there should be an option to minimalize and close panel. Panel consists of several buttons (imaged icons), active color bar and one...
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Integration Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Uploading data to a website 2017.10.22
30+ USD
I want to find a Developer to perform this work and settle payments in this Application. I undertake not to communicate with Applicants anywhere else except this Application, including third-party messengers, personal correspondence or emails. I understand that violators will be banned from publishing Orders in the Freelance service.
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Integration Custom graphics 2017.10.21