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30+ USD
Nadaraya-Watson estimator - EA for MetaTrader 5 I want to convert the indicator into EA. It is available on mql5 site. Nadaraya-Watson estimator - indicator for MetaTrader 5 Mladen Rakic Views: 14868 Rating: (55) Published: 2021.10.20 17:37 Nadaraya-Watson estimator.mq5 (7.9 KB) view Download as ZIP , How to download code from MetaEditor
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Pullback Continuation EA Regular Candlestick Chart. (personal job)
189+ USD
The Basic Overview of the EA is on Starting the EA an initial Buy or sell trade is opened (Configurable on set up), the EA Opens an Opposite Trade in the event of a Stop Loss being Hit, the EA Trails an Opposite Direction Order behind the market Price in the event of a Profit Target Being hit. The steps are as follows A Buy Trade is Opened with a Profit target and Stop Loss If the Buy Position Hits its Profit Target
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Private Job (personal job)
40+ USD
I need to create an ea based on an indicator . It will shows the up and down arrow , take the buy on up arrow and sell on down arrow . and the stop loss 10 pips above or below the arrow . ( should be customisable , if I need to change the pips ) add all other options os my previews ea . also have to add the option , close the trade when the candle colour changes ( only close on next candle ) if candle colour changed
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Update To Moral Bot (personal job)
100+ USD
Attached Files of Parameters, I would like the robot to contain all 5 strategies and be individually coded with separate parameters and features as well as optimization. Thank you for the great job you have done so far i hope that your great work continues on to be accurate and correct
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(1) MQL4 Experts Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Statistics and mathematics Strategy optimization Strategy modules Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Product Design
Developement of an MT5 EA (personal job)
267+ USD
Hi, as we talked, I would like an MT5 EA, that will use that other indicator you did for me that does not have the panel, if you need anything let me know, thank you very much
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(26) MQL5 Experts
Include Stop Loss and Take Profit variables in the Bot Model (personal job)
33+ USD
Include two variables in the PRBOT to be optimized and backtested: Stop Loss & Take Profit. Both variables to be added in the existing BOT with exit points relative to the entrance level
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(1) MQL5 Indicators Experts
Adding new module and VPS fix (personal job)
80+ USD
I. New input Collect rezidual losses (true/false) II. EA fix so it will run both on PC or mql5 VPS All necessary details about the job are given in description
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(14) MQL5 Experts
Add SuperTrend indicator to the Logic Of Recovery EA (personal job)
30+ USD
I need the Super-trend indicator added to the list of options to trigger Averaging in the Recovery EA. such that one can add new orders to a trade only while the Price is Above the Super Trend indicator after x pips or ATR and also exit all Long orders once Price closes below the Super-trend indicator?, for short Orders the EA will open Recovery orders after x pips or ATR multiples but will exit all orders once
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(21) MQL4 Experts
Order block + EMA Indicator v2.0 (Orderblock re-test + EMA Alerts) (personal job)
30+ USD
This alert (warning or confirmation) for the M5 or M15 crossover between the 5EMA and 13EMA should only be generated under the following conditions when there is a recent re-test of ANY Order block on M5, M15 or M30 or H1, or H4: · For M5 order block, the retest should have occurred within the last eight (8) candlesticks leading up to the crossover on either M5 or M15. · For M15 order block, the retest
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(3) MQL5 Experts
Automated bot (personal job)
30 - 50 USD
Hello my friend I want to make an automated bot for the indicator I created. It creates pending orders at entry levels and setting targets. If any level is activated, the other level will be cancelled. Orders are suspended only once a day, and new trades are not entered until the next day One order per level
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(4) MQL5 Experts Forex
30 - 70 USD
I have a strategy that I trade it manually, after I place an order/position I need an EA that will manage the trades. I want the EA to do a few things: A) When a position is opened, I want all the other orders on my account to get deleted.(if I did a pending order, so only when it gets triggered, the ea will start working, but as long there is no position opened the ea will do nothing) B) let's call my initial
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(4) MQL5 Experts
30+ USD
This is a local copier for MT5, only copy lots for instances running on the same server/VPS/PC Options: Sender Symbol to send (possibility to select up to 10 symbols) Receiver Symbols to copy Options: Auto (all symbols from sender) Option to select specific symbols Lots to copy options: Copy same lots (will copy same copy as the sender) Copy fixed lots (Option to edit amout of fixed lots) Copy lots based on Y balance
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(2) MQL5 Experts
Modification of existing tradingbot on my own strategy (personal job)
80+ USD
Modification of existing tradingbot on my own strategy Dear Sir, I agree with below rules. 1. RSI will be used for first pending stop order only. Then trailing will be managed by price. Not by RSI. 2. volume calculations Kindly add one more profit book part "Cumulative", (suppose there are 5 positions generated with RSI, and positions are .01,.02,.03,.04 and .05, respectively, once all positions are in profit of
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RSI Hibin EA_So (personal job)
35+ USD
1. Open BUY when it touches RSI 30 2. TP = when RSI touches 70 3. Open SELL when RSI touches 70 4. TP for SELL = when RSI touches 30 5. RSI values should be editable in the input 6. Daily drawdown filter required to cut all the trade in loss if it exceeds the daily drawdown amount limit
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(48) MQL4 Experts
Modify ATR EA reverse buy to sell, and sell to buy (personal job)
30+ USD
Modify ATR EA reverse buy to sell, and sell to buy using EA no. 06 version sell on market if the current price is touch or highter then the previous Upper Band 1, if price is touch or lower then the previous Lower band 1 close this trade, and open a buy on market at the same time, when price is touch or higher then the previous Upper Band 1 close this trade and open a sell on market
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(2) MQL5 Indicators Experts
DMI ea (personal job)
150+ USD
This indicator will use DMI + and DMI - cross to trigger a trade. Dmi+ crossing dmi- will trigger a long position and DMI- crossing DMI+ will trigger short position. A proper DMI cross is confirmed only upon the CLOSING of the candle. So for a 5 minute timeframe, we would only recognize this signal at the end of the 5 minute candle. Once this cross occurs, EA will check for other confirmations: Price must move by a
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(2) MQL5 Experts
30 - 200 USD
I need a developer to create an EA for an indicator on MQL5. Please message me if you can do this. It involves hedging and taking profit with trailing stop
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MQL5 Experts
An expert advisor based on my startegy (personal job)
280+ USD
i want an expert advisor based on my own startegy whenever you accept the job i will provide you with all the required documents and i will be available for most of the time to answer any question the developer have
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(6) MQL5 Experts Forex Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization C++
Enhancement to 1 EA and a new EA based on mostly old codes from early projects (personal job)
130+ USD
Details as mentioned in attached. thank You there r 2 parts. Part 1: Updating and correcting the EA 1) i need you to fixed the count on the zone recovery EA. it showed 11 times for 6 positions when there are in fact 10 (6 positions) and 1 (7 positions). when the max allowed position is 7 2) I will also need you to add another filter, like the MACD filter u just added, this filter if true, only applies to the INITIAL
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30+ USD
I need MT4 EA to open buy and sell order on current price at once. There is no strategy used but EA should open trades once attached on chart. EA will have SL, TP and TSL points. Buy Example , if price reverses it will close on sl but if the price move up(10 pip distance) it will open new order multiple by x2(Visible is settings) then move the sl 10 pips to BE so if the price move back it will close first trade on
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