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I need a MQL guide for my MQL4 software developer with Commented code for this ODE  (y, y') is the solution of this equation y"(t) + ay'(t) + by(t) =0 Initial condition : y(t0) , y'(t0)  Where a=a(t) and b=b(t) are known variable functions of one parameter. math library : ODEsolver from AlgLib by  Runge-Kutta-Cash-Karp method Apply only if you have a strong knowledge on analytic / numerical solving Second...
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Libraries Consultation ALGLIB C++ 2019.01.06
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Need to convert my EA from MT4 to MT5 with dll file. Mean dll file also need to run EA on MT4.  Dll file name is Mempz.dll ( Need supply Test Copy ).
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Experts Libraries Forex 2018.12.24