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50+ USD
I need a developer to code a DLL that will communicate with a WordPress Plugin using the API of the Plugin to Authenticate the Licence Key of an EA. The WordPress plugin automatically generates the Licence keys for Client after Checkout. The function of the DLL is to confirm if the Licence Keys have Expired or not. The DLL will Stop the EA from functioning and display a message box describing the error with an Option
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Libraries Integration 2020.05.10
100+ USD
Hello Coders, Do you really want to code moving averages EAs and martingale strategies or having something fun and mentally challenging to code!!. Here is my idea to develop a universal Hub EA: EA will work as a hub to connect a group of EAs on the same MT4 plateform This EA is not trading but only to facilitate the communication between/among EAs. It will have its own API so I could connect easily any EA to this Hub
2 Applications
Experts Libraries 2020.05.08
800 - 2000 USD
I am looking for a skilled programmer who can re code, restructure and add additional functions to a previously developed multi terminal trading system. The system is based on two Experts (Master and Slave) and trades swaps against each other. Master EA and Slave EA exchange data and commands through WinApi. Advanced tasks: The exchange protocol to transfer data back and forth between MT4 Slave and Master EA (both
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Experts Libraries 2020.04.01