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Hello, THIS IS EA IS FOR STOCK MARKETING TRADING. We need to create the EA with below conditions 1. ON SET TIME , EA Selects the list of scripts with Less than DEFINED price. For Example, In below settings if Volume slot-1 : is ZERO, the scripts with price 1-100 are not selected. Else take the volume from settings and place order for the selected script which have price between 1-100 2. When the Selected...
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Experts Libraries 2018.12.10
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Hello I require integration of Binance symbols within metatrader. This includes the ability to view chart window, in addition to market depth. Whilst I don't currently require the ability to trader via MT, I may consider it in the future.  Ideally this job would be achieved via the Binance websocket although I'm open to suggestions on utilizing their standard API, provided data was updated each sec (not sure...
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Libraries Integration PHP SQL MySQL Collection of data on the internet Data mining 2018.12.07
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Hello I used indicator that init DLL ns2-32.dll and this dll needs to specify path to data file, and this data file used to be in c:\ (etc) MT4 versions was changed now this does not work, where to put data file and how to init it ?
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Libraries Consultation C++ 2018.11.28
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i, i am looking for someone who can help me to develop an ea to send alert messages to wechat it can send message by each trade, it can send to individual wechat account or wechat group. waiting online
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Experts Libraries 2018.11.16