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I want an CopyTrader bot "Sender" and "Receiver" Ea with source code. One EA what is sending the positions with modify too and another one what is Receiving. More details in the requirements later
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MQL5 Experts Libraries
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I have an Sender EA what is sending messages to a telegram channel , I would like to save this messages to a cloud and I would have an Reader EA what can read all of the messages from this cloud. Every new messages only one time, so I want without triggering
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MQL5 Experts Libraries
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Dears, I am looking for someone who already handled object creation and manipulation in both MQL5 and MQL4. I am searching to create a Risk to Reward panel to integrate with one of my EAs. The panel should look like the one below, and it should have some strict rules regarding dragging on the screen, changing levels, and so on. It is similar to what most trade manager tools in the market have. The panel will also
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Hello Respected Coders I have a utility file (indicator) which has the option to send telegram alerts as text/screenshot. This is currently managed in a "add-on" as a EA scanner system to enable telegram function to work. I wish to consolidate the full function into one file as an indicator. I need someone to code this - Per my understanding it is through the use of MQL Libraries // Windows API using DLL. Please
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MQL5 Indicators Libraries
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Class for „OnNewOutsideBar“; Atribute: OHLC, IsBullish, IsBearish, Timeframe. Should „hold“ an Array of Outsidebars 0 is current and then the Last 20 Outside Bars. If there are questions, please feel free to contact me
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