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Improvement of last EA or new EA (personal job)
250 - 300 USD
Hello Tahir, I would like to add an indicator and use another strategy, however still based on renko chart you have made initially. Then it would have a new EA, or an improvement of last EA if we can chose another option. I would like to keep both strategy. I would be able to choose to run 1 or 2 trades simultaneously. It would be great to have only one EA for both the EMA and Candelar Exit strategy, so I could
30 USD
i have an EA fully prepared but there is a small query in it i need to figure it out . my EA is super trend base prepared my query is my EA had prepared like in the super trend buy or sell signal works in one lot but if they dont take TP then the next trade should be double lot size until the TP achives for example 1lot,2lot,4lot ,8lot,16lot ,...until TP achives its target.after completing TP it should start from 1
30 - 120 USD
to be implemented is an order for the production of an EA, which will open 2 buy/sell limit order positions 1 minute before the opening of the next 15m candle before the announcement of news specified and parameterizable. In addition, it should be possible to manually set in the panel the time before which both orders should be opened. The parameterization panel should also include the setting of tp/sl and the
30 - 50 USD
i need an EA that based on 01. single, 2 or 3 crossover EMA indicator with setting 1.above EMA buy 2. below EMA sell 02. execute trailing pending order : 1. when market price is X pips distance away from the last order 03.three scenario to execute trailing take profit : 1.single entry: when entry is in profit : once profit been hit, close order 2. when counter show the overall are in profit. : once
30 - 50 USD
I want to create a bot to buy and sell short trades without any delay. The robot must be able to analyze the market before opening trades, it must first recognize the direction of the market and get the direction of the market maker if the market is going. up (buy) or down (sell). After knowing the direction and trend of the market ( https://youtube.com/shorts/_PYa2NPFzDM?feature=share
30+ USD
// Setting the initial parameters double capital = 1000; double risk = 0.015; // 1.5% stop loss double take_profit = 0.10; double lot_size = 0.10; int max_executions = 6; // Calculating the Ichimoku indicator int period1 = 9; int period2 = 26; int period3 = 52; int period4 = 26; double tenkan_sen[]; double kijun_sen[]; int init() { // Calculate the Ichimoku indicator ArrayResize(tenkan_sen, Bars);
50+ USD
USD I want a bot that can buy/sell base on price trend. The EA should be able to buy/sell when price is trending upward or downward. I will provide all the necessary details needed to the selected candidate
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30+ USD
Hi there, I need a bot that sends a webhook on the following triggers: 1. Position opening * Order type * Order symbol * Order open price * Order open time * Order stoploss * Order stoploss in pips * Order Takeprofit * Order Takeprofit in pips * Risk reward of order Example: ➡️ NEW TRADE OPEN 🟩 Buy US30 📍 Entry @ 33545.0 7:30 am 🎯 Take Profit: 33395.9 (150 pips) 💀 Stop Loss: 33575.9 (30 pips) ⚖️
40 - 60 USD
Hello my developers,good day to you all.I need a new scalper robot base on moving average crossover strategies.the scalper robot must be able to used moving average crossover to executes buy order or sell order,also the robot must be able to analyze and filters out bad signals to maximize good results in the market conditions using moving average crossover strategy,also the scalper robot must be able to use moving
50 - 100 USD
Hello, I’m am looking for the master programmer/developer who either already has a bot similar to this link below or can build one from scratch. https://youtu.be/T0ZqXEIDKBE Only apply for this job if you have experience having already created a HFT bot and please apply with a video sample of the bot working. I need to be software based and not website based, EA should be fairly simply to install and I would need
30+ USD
This trading program is a component of a larger trading program that I need. This order only represents a part of it, so goes without saying I am looking for a partnership and a developer with reliable history. I'm breaking this program because of my past experience at this platform. While I met brilliant developers but when it comes to Mathematics and logic building, they eventually failed, resulting in my wasting
2 Applications
2000+ USD
no matter what is the strategy just create a robot for me that give me 5 to 10 percent profit each month it is better that the code run on mql5 and trade on gold i will pay a good money for it
35 - 50 USD
Hello .I want to develop trading robot for Mt4 based on my trading strategy.I have all the project details with me including the details requirement of the strategy.kindly bid for it if it is what you can help me with .Thanks
400 - 600 USD
Specification Hello, looking for an EA working for all assets and timeframes, as its mentioned in the subject line the points to be included: Indicators: EA shall be able to plot the three indicators together, Super Trend, RSI with bands, and an ATR in the chart, with custom parameter (period, multiplier etc..) for all the indicators. An option to select the indicator ON or OFF(in settings) A Super Trend Indicator
30 - 100 USD
1. https://youtu.be/eprEnOpjw20 (This link shows how the EMAs and Parabolic SAR will serve as a guide) 2. https://youtu.be/GBlytxgoUNM (kindly loop the video to start from 41:38 to 50:49) Watch this video thoroughly while following the instructions. And get back to me if you can carry out this task so I can give you the full details of what I want
150+ USD
Hello programmers I need highly secured licensed server for my EX4 files and need some modifition on mql4 file if anyone good in command responsed me fast All details of modification I can describe you personally
30+ USD
Indicateurs : Ichimoku EMA 200 exponentielle Points pivots Traditionnel+Fibonacci (Journalier/Horaire/Daily..) Conditions d'entrée en position : - Achat 1. Si 1 trades déjà ouvert, ne pas continuer 2. Chikou supérieur a la Kijun à la clôture de la bougie 3. Prix supérieur à la Kijun à la clôture de la bougie 4. Point pivot le plus proche dans le sens du trade >= a +8pts 5. EMA 200 exponentielle dans le sens du trade
100+ USD
The job is to modify existing EA in https://www.mql5.com/ru/articles/12638 and make the EA fit to trade. I’m not looking for HFT EA or hyper performing EA, instead I’m looking forward to EA being able to gain 5% to 8% per month with less than 3% maximum daily equity drawdowns. For this project, I would like to incorporated the following component into the EA: trade and lot size management account balance management
2 Applications
50 - 500 USD
Mql4 mql5 creating any strategies with best method and very fast Expert optimization and creation with any indicator and price action ..: Notice: text of your strategy must be clear for best results. My email address is abdolmaleki4amir gmail com
100 - 500 USD
Hello all i am looking for someone to help me to build an EA with a bollinger band strategy for MT5. The strategy is a little more candle specific on open and position of open. If anyone is interested we will pay accordingly just looking for it to be built, then we can test and apply to private investment group strategy. Thankyou please get to me if you have any questions. Jordan