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35+ USD
I need a trading bot, My strategy works with the 1hour timeframe .My stop-loss should be put using Atr of the candle multiply by 1.5 then the value will be added or subtracted from my entry depending on if it's a buy or sell and my entry should be a candlestick pattern also in addition to when the 3 Ema corresponds .When the 8Ema is above the 20Ema and they are both above the 100Ema it is a buy and when the 20Ema is
30+ USD
see trade open on every tick seconde ok forex pair us us30 if is current running at 40170.00 so open 2 trade buy stop and sell stop both in every tick pending order of buy stop will 40171.00 and sell stop pending order will be 40169.00 buy stop will open at 40171.00 and tp will be 40173.00 and SL will be 40169.50 ok if buy stop hit sell stop order automatically will be close now if sell stop order open at 40169.00 so
30 - 40 USD
Need ea according to stochastic divergence (both hidden and regular) plus candlestick flip .. need for experinced developers to complete my order with 99percent accuracy. So bet for it the budged is fixed and other plugins will be added in the v2
30+ USD
hi hi there i have an strategy on tradingview and i want to automate it like metatrader EA so i want the strategy to open and close trade automaticlly on tradingview
50 - 150 USD
Hi, I need a robot, which wil get instructions to trade in 3 symbols at the same time based on few parameters and calculations. Example: There is 1 symbol called Gold-Near and the rate for it is 1000-1002 If i specify that when the rate reaches 1050, it should sell 1 lot Upon execution it will have to sell 1 lot of cme gold, buy 3 lots of mcx gold and buy currently (lots will be based on calculation). All the
50 - 1000 USD
are you aware of the Monday Range Strategy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B_yBBFx6z8 5pm EST time sunday - monday 5pm est and it has to be on the H1 chart , minimum 1:2 Risk to reward and break even function after 1:1
500+ USD
Starting from scratch, I need a solution to develop my own crypto trading and exchange platform. This platform should compare prices across various exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, and Unocoin, as well as different cryptocurrencies. The solution must identify opportunities to buy on one platform and sell on another for a profit, transferring funds to my personal wallet instantly for security. The bot should
30 - 60 USD
Need EA programmer to create an MT4 EA that will be able to leverage trades in favour of the market direction ,the EA should be able to operate to any broker. The EA must trade on a clear trend not when the Market is ranging. More will be explained once your application has been accepted for the job
30 - 35 USD
Hey greetings. I am in need of tradingview developer that can modify an open source PineScript indicator code to add additional features. Kindly bid for this project if it is what you handle and let proceed with the project
30 - 50 USD
hi. I hv a strategy on tradingview need to convert to MT4/MT5 expert advisor for algo trading. would like to add some tradingview strategy setting to the EA(not included in my tradingview code): recalculate after order is filled, order size: xx% of equity
30 - 40 USD
I need a AI signal generating and executing bot for forex trading. The bot should operate such that when i put it in a chart it will analyze the market, after several minutes it will display whether the trade is buying or selling and then execute a trade. It should display the one minute, five minute,15minute, 30 minute, one hour, 4 hours and daily time frame whether they are buying or selling. If it is buying the
30+ USD
looking for help to get my ibkr automated, i have strategies already built in composer and have JSON for them, i really just need to he setup and explanation on how to maintain it and add new strategies
30 - 100 USD
Hi there - Overview We are seeking an experienced developer to create a Forex Robot Expert Advisor (EA) tailored to specific trading strategies and conditions. The EA will focus on the London trading session and will automate trades based on pre-defined calculations and market movements. *Responsibilities:* 1. *London Session Analysis:* - Develop functionality to highlight the London trading session on the forex
30 - 35 USD
Hey greetings. Am in need of a programmer that can find the best configuration for best profit/ risk of mt4 EA . All I have is the ex4 file of the EA . Kindly bid for it if it is what you can do for me . Thanks
100+ USD
Specify your Requirements Specification here point by point. Try to describe your requirements briefly and clearly, so that your potential developer is able to correctly assess its complexity and cost, as well as the required execution time. A bad or too generic description will result in your order being ignored, or you will spend a lot of time negotiating the details with each applicant. Remember: It is better to
30 - 250 USD
// Define the properties input int ShortPeriod = 12; input int LongPeriod = 26; input double LotSize = 0.1; // OnTick function is called every time there is a price update void OnTick() { double shortMA = iMA(NULL, 0, ShortPeriod, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 0); double longMA = iMA(NULL, 0, LongPeriod, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 0); double prevShortMA = iMA(NULL, 0, ShortPeriod, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 1);
30 - 500 USD
hey friends, I am looking to build a smart trading robot, for the capital market. He knew how to trade in all the different types of trade. Example - in shares, currencies, index, indices, ETFs, funds, commodities, options, futures and so on. Suitable for trading on all stock exchanges in the world. It will be possible to install the trading robot in the MetaTrader 5 trading software. But it will also be possible to
30 - 80 USD
1. **Timeframe and Liquidity:** Focus on the 5-minute timeframe for liquidity analysis.(timeframe for liquidity should be editble) 2. **Candlestick MSS:** Monitor 1-minute candlestick patterns for entry signals.(should be editble) 3. **Swing Points:** Identify swing points using the high and low of the last three candles.(ict swimg high and low) 4. **Sell Setup:** - Wait for a 5-minute candle to take out the swing
30+ USD
I am looking for a developer who knows how to run EA on renko charts. I can backtest and optimize the EA on the renko charts, but I cannot run the EA on the chart. I have an EA which I like to modify to run on the renko chart. I am using this free EA to generate the renko chart: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/59665?source=External Thank you
30 - 33 USD
I need a AI signal generating bot for forex trading. The bot should operate such that when i put it in a chart it will analyse the market, after several minutes it will display whether the trade is buying or selling. It should display the one minute, five minute,15minute, 30 minute, one hour, 4 hours and daily time frame whether they are buying or selling. If it is buying the arrow should be green and if it is