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50+ USD
Developers, please read my simple requirements first. If you can give me 100% of what I have asked, contact me. I won't accept or pay if any one of my requirements not working in EA. Budget negotiable. Buy order scenario: 1. When price candle is below the EMA, price goes up and touches EMA from bottom, immediately open buy position with SL and TP. (If one big price candle crosses EMA from top and retraces to touch
85+ USD
trailling atr indicator that i have working on tradovate plataform to make work for ninja trader Converting the same indicator that works on Tradovate for ninja trader 8 plataform with tge same formula and colors
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30 - 50 USD
I need someone to add ORDER BLOCKS , BOS , SD, and FAIR VALUE GAP Rules to my existing EA. The rules must be able to work with previous indicators on the EA and must also use PENDING ORDER Rules for entries. Only serious developers must apply. If you cannot develop EAs based on ICT and SMC please dont waste my time. After work is done, I will have to test EA before finalizing the process or deal. If this doesnt work
30 USD
I want a professional developer with previous experience in programming on a minute frame A bot that buys and sells at the same time There is no delay ( https://www.mql5.com/go?link=https://wa.me/qr/3NKZL3SF2NTLI1
30+ USD
// Setting the initial parameters double capital = 1000; double risk = 0.015; // 1.5% stop loss double take_profit = 0.10; double lot_size = 0.10; int max_executions = 6; // Calculating the Ichimoku indicator int period1 = 9; int period2 = 26; int period3 = 52; int period4 = 26; double tenkan_sen[]; double kijun_sen[]; int init() { // Calculate the Ichimoku indicator ArrayResize(tenkan_sen, Bars);
30+ USD
Open a trade when a candlestick cross EMA 21 at the 30Mins timeframe and the RSI(period 9) crosses the 40 and 60 levels. The Candlestick cross above EMA 21, and the RSI(period 9) crosses the 60 level to create a buy order. The Candlestick cross below EMA 21 and the RSI(period 9) crosses the 40 level to create a sell order. Do not open another trade until the ongoing trade is closed. Set a stop loss at 30PIPS(2% of
30 - 100 USD
Hi, I'm Looking for the EA creator or Modified my code. I'll Provide my Code to make your job easier. I need Only experienced and perfect makers only. It should be perfect and execute the order on price we set including TP and SL
50+ USD
USD I want a bot that can buy/sell base on price trend. The EA should be able to buy/sell when price is trending upward or downward. I will provide all the necessary details needed to the selected candidate
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30+ USD
Hi there, I need a bot that sends a webhook on the following triggers: 1. Position opening * Order type * Order symbol * Order open price * Order open time * Order stoploss * Order stoploss in pips * Order Takeprofit * Order Takeprofit in pips * Risk reward of order Example: ➡️ NEW TRADE OPEN 🟩 Buy US30 📍 Entry @ 33545.0 7:30 am 🎯 Take Profit: 33395.9 (150 pips) 💀 Stop Loss: 33575.9 (30 pips) ⚖️
100 - 125 USD
Hello developer I need a good programmer which can developed a EA for mt4 which can Add OTC pairs from binary broker The good programmer only developed this program because mt4 only have real market pairs I need a EA in which we can also used a OTC pairs in a MT4
80 - 150 USD
I have an indicator that performs the following tasks on MT4: Scans all forex pairs and timeframes to find the highest probable setups based on a strategy. Gives trade entry, stop loss, and take profit in a dashboard. Generate Pop-up, Sound, Email, or Push Notifications when a pattern appears. Displays the signal on the chart. I need someone to develop an EA that will take the signal generated by the indicator and
40 - 60 USD
Hello my developers,good day to you all.I need a new scalper robot base on moving average crossover strategies.the scalper robot must be able to used moving average crossover to executes buy order or sell order,also the robot must be able to analyze and filters out bad signals to maximize good results in the market conditions using moving average crossover strategy,also the scalper robot must be able to use moving
75 - 300 USD
I need an expert that have and indicator and work as smart money concept strategy and i want it to have a copy trade so i can link other accounts to the expert i need it to be included with the server like the developer will include my expert in his server (vps)
50 - 100 USD
Hello, I’m am looking for the master programmer/developer who either already has a bot similar to this link below or can build one from scratch. https://youtu.be/T0ZqXEIDKBE Only apply for this job if you have experience having already created a HFT bot and please apply with a video sample of the bot working. I need to be software based and not website based, EA should be fairly simply to install and I would need
35 - 50 USD
Hello .I want to develop trading robot for Mt4 based on my trading strategy.I have all the project details with me including the details requirement of the strategy.kindly bid for it if it is what you can help me with .Thanks
30 - 50 USD
I need a programmer to modify and complete a chatgpt generated code for a strategy thats based on Supply and demand, using liquidity and COT Data as confluence. I will provide you with the chatgpt generated code that has errors and can't compile in mt4 and all you have to do is fix and complete the code so that it compiles and runs in mt4
EA copy online (personal job)
150+ USD
Make one EA can copy online 1. EA can copy with 2 vps. 2. Master in 1 VPS , Client in 1 VPS 3. Can make Key and account ID, key
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50 - 200 USD
Tôi cần một EA sử dụng - quy mô giao dịch là cố định. - Sử dụng SL và TP - Có trailing stop - Và một số tính năng cơ bản - Lợi nhuận 7% đến 10% hàng tháng - Rủi ro 10% với số vốn 2000$ Nếu ai làm được có thể nhắn tin cho mình, mình cần EA kiểm tra trước khi thanh toán Maybe any gmail tool or indicator you have worked with found it effective, if so please contact me telegram @danglong
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30 - 100 USD
1. https://youtu.be/eprEnOpjw20 (This link shows how the EMAs and Parabolic SAR will serve as a guide) 2. https://youtu.be/GBlytxgoUNM (kindly loop the video to start from 41:38 to 50:49) Watch this video thoroughly while following the instructions. And get back to me if you can carry out this task so I can give you the full details of what I want
50 - 120 USD
Hello programmer not satisfactory from anyone yet now I need a high protected security licensed on my indicators where I have set all thing remotely as where I have to see all details if I can gave my indicator to anyone so that i can get all details of it who can used that indicator I will set remotely expired or start again, on my inficator and blocked unwanted users without licensed those used