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30+ USD
I want my EA to work on Price Action. Price actions is all about previous low or previous high in a trend of a market. My EA if we're on a buying trend on a 5 or 15 minutes time frame. It have to open positions (2max) if the candle closed as a buy and opposite is the case on a sell trend it have to open positions if the candle is closed as sell candle. All the positions opened by my EA must have stop loss and take
50+ USD
I WANT A ROBOT WHICH CAN AUTOMATICALLY PLACE AN AORDER FOR FOLLOWING STRATEGY. (1) MACD indicator 15 min candle. (2) BUY 0.01 EURUSD if MACD cross zero line on upside at the closing candle (3) SELL 0.02 EURUSD IF MACD cross zero line on down side at the closing candle (Irrespective of profit or loss in previous order) (4) BUY 0.02 EURUSD if MACD cross zero line on upside at the closing canlle (Irrespective of profit
200+ USD
Hello I looking for a designer to help me build a working trading bot for crypto and stocks. I have no experience in coding so who ever I choose to do the work just know I’ll be working with you very closely every step of the way. I want to be taught how it’s done so in the future I can build my own bot without trouble. Please must be an expert coder and have extensive knowledge of the stock market and crypto
30 - 31 USD
I have a trading system made up of 4 indicators that I want to turn into EA. The arrow indicator for buy and sell repaints a little so needs to be fixed before EA is built. I don't have the source code. Developer can make the EA with similar logic if possible
30+ USD
I have an MT4 indicator that i want a developer to create an EA to automatically trade off the arrow up and arrow down signals. If the arrow points up EA must automatically enter buy signal and if the arrow points down, EA must create sell signal. Stop loss should be right above the arrow if the arrow is pointing down (which is for a sell signal).Stop loss should be directly under the arrow if the arrow is facing up
30+ USD
Hello there, Can you use an excel file as a guide to do exactly the same calculation in MT4? The advantage is that all of the DATA is already in MT4 whereas I have to export data from MT4 and import it into Excel. That wastes a lot of time if I want to analyze 20 currency pairs this way. So, if this can read the data into 11 arrays length 250. And then create 11 more arrays length 250. Do the math analysis and store
30+ USD
I need an indicator or an EA for bullsih/bearish engulfing candlestick pattern alert on the 15min, 1hr and 4hr timeframes. need popup notification and phone notification set time - time when i want the alerts source code required bug free
30+ USD
Hello, I would like to have a script, that sends any trades/orders updates to a specific API Can you handle this? I want it to work on the account itself not on specific charts
200 - 500 USD
Hi, I created an EA ages ago which backtested well, but my walk-forward tests were rubbish. It's very simple and probably needs a lot more complexity added. I will happily give a programmer full artistic integrity to do what they like to the algo... anything they want. I am not looking for a hyper leveraged, crazy returns, high drawdown EA... conservative and consistent returns will be greatly appreciated. Rules to
150 - 225 USD
I need an EA that will have low DD (less than 1.5% per month) and at least 5% profit per month, no risky strategies (e.g., no martingale), to trade US30, NAS100, Gold, Silver, and possibly FX majors. Need backtesting proof, and I will test as well, for last 12 years (going back to June 1 2010). EA should hit these performance requirements (less than 1.5% DD per month, and greater than 5% net profit per month, every
30+ USD
Hi, i have a strategy with two indicators in MetaTrader 4, I would like to convert it to pinescript in Tradingview. If you can do this please kindly bid me now to discuss more about this project. My two indicators are ex4 Thanks
30+ USD
hello , i have a strategy with 2 indicators in MT4 , i would like to convert it to pinescript in trading view you can do it ? my 2 indicators are ex4
30 - 50 USD
30+ USD
Hi, i would like to get a strategy with the help of this tradingview (pinescript indicator): If it cross / if it turned in to lime / green = buy and if it turn into red sell the position and short position should be opend. If it turned from red (short) into lime/green, close short and buy a position. This strategy should be ready to link with tradingview / vps / binance or ftx etc. In the attachment i tried it
30 - 100 USD
Hi This is Ravi from Bangalore, India and I am looking for well experienced and fast developer for MQL5. Developer must have knowledge and experience in Mql5 and Python as well. Bangalore based Developers will be highly appreciated as well as other continent's developers are also welcomed
100 - 500 USD
Want to code a strategy based on 2 or more existing indicators available on TRADING VIEW Suitable settings can be optimised as per market , commodity etc. If same indicators are available in mt4 or mt5 or in paid indicators on MQL5 , WE WILL PREFER THE STRATEGY TO BE MADE FOR USE ON MT4/ MT5. scope of work will include optimisation and also adding filters to avoid nosie of false trading. Shud have settings for day
60+ USD
Здравствуйте. Это мой первый опыт установки данного приложения. Мне не хочется начинать работу с ошибок. Надеюсь на вашу помощь и понимание. Спасибо. Моё обучение трейдингу состоит из просмотра видеоуроков в ютуб. Хочу начать практику с демо счёта. В дальнейшем планирую пополнить баланс и начать торговать вживую
50 - 150 USD
It uses conditions to signal, open, close and manage orders(Auto) conditionally based on RSI and Stochastic levels. The logical structure is already defined. Quality as a prime. Based on the Professional experience, we can keep recurrent contracts. The program Signals on the chart. Triggers an order and based on a TP/SL configuration, it will close it as well. Front Panel to interface with it. Some functions; alerts
45 - 150 USD
I am looking for a skilled programmer to develop a EA based on the following indication: 1) Fisher Transform 2) SSL ( the S emaphore S ignal L evel channel chart alert) 3) Money Flow Index I am not familiar with the technical terms to use in describing the skills that are required but I will be able to describe what I want this EA to do, how and when. I should be able to use the EA across all the markets but
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100 - 500 USD
Hi Freelancers, Project Overview : 1. Indicator Features: - plot bullish and bearish Orderblock on every time frame. - plot bullish and bearish imbalance on every time frame. - plot bullish and bearish BOS(break of structure) on every time frame. - plot the size of orderblocks in pips and its closing and opening price - plot the 50% of orderblocks so we can participate in trades on discount or premium areas. - Filter