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100+ USD
I believe in Robotics as a major artificial intellect to function of growth of business.Therefore if you script there is a likelihood of bringing economies of scale.The retrospective of the dynamics of indulgence of work can be economics of scale
30 - 40 USD
Need ea according to stochastic divergence (both hidden and regular) plus candlestick flip .. need for experinced developers to complete my order with 99percent accuracy. So bet for it the budged is fixed and other plugins will be added in the v2
30+ USD
I need a graphic designer that is good at voice overs and object animation. I have a dialogue project that I intend it to deliver a certain message for marketing purposes. The project is to be done by cartoons and they should be much humanized in terms of graphics. The project has to be in the form of video that lasts up to 3 minutes longest and not less than 2 minutes. Creativity is the most important requirement
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50 - 1000 USD
are you aware of the Monday Range Strategy? 5pm EST time sunday - monday 5pm est and it has to be on the H1 chart , minimum 1:2 Risk to reward and break even function after 1:1
500+ USD
Starting from scratch, I need a solution to develop my own crypto trading and exchange platform. This platform should compare prices across various exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, KuCoin, and Unocoin, as well as different cryptocurrencies. The solution must identify opportunities to buy on one platform and sell on another for a profit, transferring funds to my personal wallet instantly for security. The bot should
30+ USD
looking for help to get my ibkr automated, i have strategies already built in composer and have JSON for them, i really just need to he setup and explanation on how to maintain it and add new strategies
30 - 100 USD
I am looking for someone who has experience working with the ZigZag indicator. I want to create a multi timeframe dashboard scanner based on ZigZag. I will explain more in private messages. if you feel capable & interest with that,please pm me for more details. thanks
100+ USD
Specify your Requirements Specification here point by point. Try to describe your requirements briefly and clearly, so that your potential developer is able to correctly assess its complexity and cost, as well as the required execution time. A bad or too generic description will result in your order being ignored, or you will spend a lot of time negotiating the details with each applicant. Remember: It is better to
30 - 40 USD
I wish an indicator that can import data from the websites below: ;id=-1 After importing the data. I want the developer to create a simple text dashboard showing at least the major pairs in Forex with the correspondent sentiment from each website. The format of the dashboard or its visual aspects do not
Multi Account Terminal (personal job)
1000+ USD
For this job a programmer with experience in MQL4 and MQL5 is needed. Especially, skills in coding trade panels, trade copiers and account monitoring tools are mandatory. The final product consists of a central unit in MT5 and controller units for MT4 and MT5 to comfortably manage multi account trading operations and monitoring. The final product has to be clear and intuitive to use and running smoothly. The
250 - 500 USD
Hi I need a software like Mirror trade copier ( ) which directly connect to the Accounts over api with out MT4 terminal and copies trades from mater to client. I want the same and possible improvement like can be accessed over a url and dashboard for some basic metrics (optional)
150+ USD
Hey, I would like an indicator based on calculation with the last price, sort of fib. The lines will auto update based on actual price. I want you to create 3x this block(of line), lines positions will be diferent as the multiplier of the 3 blocks will not be the same. I want you to create a signal based on the price that will be at the same zone(inside 2 lines) in 3 blocks at same time. check the intruction.txt
30 - 33 USD
I need a AI signal generating bot for forex trading. The bot should operate such that when i put it in a chart it will analyse the market, after several minutes it will display whether the trade is buying or selling. It should display the one minute, five minute,15minute, 30 minute, one hour, 4 hours and daily time frame whether they are buying or selling. If it is buying the arrow should be green and if it is
30 - 40 USD
Hello! I want to develop an indicator for tradingview. Daily closure (and 12H closure) should be available to show on the chart with a vertical line but daybreak is the standard. Every 12H closure will show a box above/below that candle on all timeframes up to D1, clearly showing which canle is the close of 12H (make that candle glow or something on lower timeframes). The box will contain info about which timeframes
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(1) Other Indicators Integration Custom graphics
100 - 300 USD
I am in need of 2 EA based on Fibonacci re-tracement after a high or low is made,each EA will have a hedge trade on it.the hedge trade will be at the 38 percent of the Fibonacci..this will be present on the 2 EA, the 2 EA will have different levels of re-tracement, while the hedge trade will be a continuation (buy/sell stop), while the re-tracement trades will be (buy/sell limit)This EA must work on timeframe ranging
150+ USD
Hey, I would to create an indicator based on calculation with the last price, sort of fib. I give a pdf introducing the concept I have a source code in pinescript of the concept. Thanks
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(1) MQL4 Indicators Forex Custom graphics
30 - 1000 USD
I need smart, professional, and fast programmer for doing this project quickly, that have experience in EA with minimum 500 projects finish, and have good review and reputation from their client Share your link review, if you not qualified, dont apply! I will bidding the programmer from experience, review, reputation, price, and days working My EA using Moving Average, Average True Range, and using consecutives
30 - 180 USD
I want to find a Developer to perform this work and settle payments in this Application. I undertake not to communicate with Applicants anywhere else except this Application, including third-party messengers, personal correspondence or emails. I understand that violators will be banned from publishing Orders in the Freelance service. I have read the Rules of using the Freelance service and accept them. I agree