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75 - 300 USD
I need an expert that have and indicator and work as smart money concept strategy and i want it to have a copy trade so i can link other accounts to the expert i need it to be included with the server like the developer will include my expert in his server (vps)
30+ USD
-EA has a dashboard that shows the following parameters – including the following buttons and parameters: Time : Buy Profit : Sell Profit: The strategy is based on momentum (Parameter BUY : 100.1132 / Parameter sell : 99.6379 / Mom _Period : 14) Trade Buy/Trade Sell (manual) Closed Buy/Closed Sell (manual) Enter the starting Lotsize number – 0.01 - Options : - Open new series - on / off beginning of a
30+ USD
I need this to be replicated with addition of implementing the improvement suggested in the articles. code in MQL5 with OpenCL friendly code This indicator will be use as component of EA that I'm creating, so code must be clean and properly marked-up. Thanks
100+ USD
The job is to modify existing EA in and make the EA fit to trade. I’m not looking for HFT EA or hyper performing EA, instead I’m looking forward to EA being able to gain 5% to 8% per month with less than 3% maximum daily equity drawdowns. For this project, I would like to incorporated the following component into the EA: trade and lot size management account balance management
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Consultation on Design Spec for EA based on the Machine Learning Articles (personal job)
50+ USD
Greeting Mr Dmitry, Thank you for spending your time reading through my job request. Hope that you are safe and healthy despite the war in Ukraine. I’m a huge fan of your Neural Network is Easy series. The quality and presentation is inspiring to read for non-coder like me. It helps me to have a better view of AI than just a black box system. I hoping for your time for consultation & perhaps produce a design for
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100 - 200 USD
I would like to buy a trading robot that works on indices and pairs.The robot needs to be fully automated and profitable and connects to your mt4 and mt5 trading accounts. I will first like to try it on a demo account to see the legitimacy of the robot then I will purchase the robot with the source code if I am satisified
30 - 50 USD
boom and crashing EA using MAs. As equity grows EA should adjust lot size. EA should use 2 EMAs, 10 and 20 cross to scalp for one minute only(only buy crash and sell boom). EA should also indicate possible spikes but not trade them, just indicate a possible spike. it should be able to trade accounts as low as 10$ using 0.20 lot size, when account reaches 50$, the EA should increase lot size to 0.30, at 100$, lot size
100 - 250 USD
Hi developers, I'd like to hire an expert to help with creating a trading EA based for Synthetic Indices Specifically Volatility Indices traded on I have uploaded a YouTube video link and a screenshot of what I'd like the indicator/EA to do. I'd like the EA to generate an alarm once the conditions I've described in the video are met. The EA is based on a 5-Candlestic Pattern. The EA should be usable for