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48+ USD
Hello! I have a webpage that shows me live data from my MT4/MT5 accounts, such as margin level, profit, equity, etc. (screenshot attached) It works with an expert that sends the terminal data to a MySQL database and then it is showed in the web dashboard. You don't need to touch any of this stuff, I just need you to make the page look good. Website is coded in php and javascript. Send me your previous design jobs and
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50 - 120 USD
Hello programmer not satisfactory from anyone yet now I need a high protected security licensed on my indicators where I have set all thing remotely as where I have to see all details if I can gave my indicator to anyone so that i can get all details of it who can used that indicator I will set remotely expired or start again, on my inficator and blocked unwanted users without licensed those used
150+ USD
Hello programmers I need highly secured licensed server for my EX4 files and need some modifition on mql4 file if anyone good in command responsed me fast All details of modification I can describe you personally
3000+ USD
Trying to get funds to bank account in one piece having a hard time I have a lot of funds in my bank account crypto account the list gos on
30 - 50 USD
Requirement to modify existing mq4 source code by adding just the SR line to file1 MTF SAR .mq4 ----- I'll provide 3 file from forex-station, 2x mq4 and 1x .ex4, just need to modify file 1 which is already MTF in mq4 source code provided, just need to add SR line to file 1 will do. because presently I only manage to find file3 in .ex4 from forex-station, but I want file3 in mq4 format, I manage to find file 1+ file 2
30 - 50 USD
boom and crashing EA using MAs. As equity grows EA should adjust lot size. EA should use 2 EMAs, 10 and 20 cross to scalp for one minute only(only buy crash and sell boom). EA should also indicate possible spikes but not trade them, just indicate a possible spike. it should be able to trade accounts as low as 10$ using 0.20 lot size, when account reaches 50$, the EA should increase lot size to 0.30, at 100$, lot size
100 - 250 USD
Hi developers, I'd like to hire an expert to help with creating a trading EA based for Synthetic Indices Specifically Volatility Indices traded on I have uploaded a YouTube video link and a screenshot of what I'd like the indicator/EA to do. I'd like the EA to generate an alarm once the conditions I've described in the video are met. The EA is based on a 5-Candlestic Pattern. The EA should be usable for
30+ USD
I want renko chart indicator. The input settings in it should be customizable as per my preference. And it should load a little faster. This is what I need for mt5. If your work is as I thought, I will give you my 5stgy indicator and robots work again and again
100 - 500 USD
I want to establish a propfirm.for that i need a mass copier service,that can copy fast and accurately as i set it to do. Its not a sole copier software,it must has the ability to decide which and how to copy.Thats why advanced copier is the demand