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50 - 150 USD
Hi, I am looking for experienced EA programmer. Who can build optimize Scalping EA which can work with high speed to open and close trade at specific point with visualization of next possible action on the graph. with the custom indication on graph of mix-up of 2 Type indicators (EMA, Parabolic Sar). First step : - * Build a indication line code with EMA set value 8,13,21, and Parabolic sar 0.2. * In this when when
35+ USD
Greetings, I need your assistance in adding a new feature to my existing EA My current EA is designed in a way that it opens new positions in the event that the original position went into a Lose, the problem with this is that the EA will continue to open endless positions even when my margin level is on a dangerous zone, to eliminate my exposure I ask that I get a developer who'll assist me in adding a feature
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70 - 120 USD
Good Day Smart Programmers'! I need a good 100% automated trading robot that can trade the Forex/indices/metal market in the Metatrader4 with the following strategies: scanning for good Entry, Driving force, Scalping, Trailing Stop, Stop Loss, Take Profits, Better Risk management systems, Minimum Drawn Down and good profitability. The robot is focus on risk-reward ratio, identifying stop loss point, minimum profit
100 - 250 USD
Quisiera un robot que me de una rentabilidad de 100-500 usd mensuales ya que no tengo mucho dinero mi presupuesto es reducido asique estoy abierto a cualquiera lo que tengo son 250 dolares prestados jajaja pero creo que funcionara esto asique me arriesgo
70 - 150 USD
Good Day! Please I need a Very good 100% automated smart Robots that can trade the Forex market in the Metatrader4 with the following strategies: scanning for good Entry, Driving force, Scalping, Hedging, Auto-Recovery, Trailing Stop, Stop Loss, Take Profits, Better Risk management systems, Minimum Drawn Down and good profitability. Also, as a professional and someone with great experience in your job, business and
100 - 150 USD
I trade with auction market theory and use overlay demand curve for collecting my data but i enter trades daily so i interact with daily data,the only Wright way to trade intraday is with CISCO's run and pause alert and I'm trying to do it in mt4 but not only in one pair but to all pairs even to all markets i trade so i have a tpo profile indicator and a dashboard that have thw 28 pairs what i want is this in
30+ USD
Spécifiez ici votre cahier des charges point par point. Essayez de décrire brièvement et clairement vos besoins, afin que votre développeur potentiel soit en mesure d'évaluer correctement sa complexité et son coût, ainsi que le temps d'exécution requis. Une description mauvaise ou trop générique entraînera l'ignorance de votre commande, ou vous passerez beaucoup de temps à négocier les détails avec chaque demandeur
30+ USD
etaTrader 5 / Trading How to Order an Expert Advisor and Obtain the Desired Result 19 Andrey Khatimlianskii 72 638 Introduction Automated trading is gaining a new momentum - the release of MetaTrader 5 , with the new MQL5 , is complete. It has successfully passed the Automated Trading Championship 2010 , and the new version of the trading platform is being actively promoted by brokers. The predecessor of the
30 - 45 USD
I want a LOCAL copier trade pro that can function and execute so fast between master and slave accounts. Demo account will be the master account and others ( demo and real ) slave accounts. Master account has the option to assign Lot size separately for each single slave account and has the bool option (true false) to copy manual or EA or both together for each slave account master account also has the option to copy
Prolific Trade (personal job)
30 - 200 USD
Hello Bulykin, Need a website developed that trades on an arbitrage strategy. Possibly a website that will enable me to create accounts and enable trades for other individuals using the Market Making Bots. Looking forward to connecting with you. Thanks & Regards
80+ USD
Objective Develop, build and test a Renko scalping bot for M5 chart matching strategy and capabilities of this mql5 market bot: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/47373?source=Site +Market+MT4+Expert+Search+Rating004%3arenko This particular bot seems to have issues with execution which is why I won't entertain the purchase but the basic idea is sound. Tests are excellent!! Strategy The EA opens 1 trade per brick
34+ USD
As an FXTM cent trader, my inner mahanta is telling me that the ATR indicator written by J. Welles Wilder between 1978 of which I attached into my gbpjpy m1 chart is making a common up and down movement. And I am made to believe that, that up and down ATR movement is a process to read a high volatile and a low volatile market condition at the chart area. NOW! I need a programmer that will write a program that will
200 - 500 USD
I m looking for an excellent programmer to create an automatic trading robot using the template and indicators i have. The template draws trendlines and support and resistance zones. The robot should be able to open trades when those two conditions are met as shown follows. SELL SIGNAL verified resistance retests<3 blue trendline the trendline should be in the verified resistance zone if the trendline is below the
30 - 50 USD
Hello Dear Developpers, i need to import some modifications on an existing RENKO trader. ( if you think it would be easy for you to creat one from scratch i'm okey with that ). The EA opens trades after every candle open, based on it's direction. it has some other features that i want to delete. and then import HEDGE ( recovery zone ) to it. EA should start recovering the trade that did not go in the desired
200+ USD
A quick basic startup trading robot to make profits to start my buisness. I need expertise. So I'm just getting any help I can get. I'm very into cryptocurrency and trading and mining and have been studying it since may 2020
300+ USD
Bonjour Je recherche un pigiste expérimenté qui créera un robot capable de reconnaître des bougies sur une carte afin de prendre position automatiquement. un robot capable de reconnaître des séquences de bougies et de les différencier, afin de prendre des positions par rapport à ma stratégie
500+ USD
In Need of a Blockchain Developer with full knowledge of NFT Marketplace Development! I need to develop a Marketplace Like Opensea.io with full frontend and Backend! Opensea has many other features so we want only the marketplace features for Now
10000+ USD
Hola, mi nombre Ramón y actualmente soy trader con muchos años acumulados en trading discrecional con track record verificado. Actualmente me encuentro en un punto donde quiero empezar a programar todas las estrategias que tengo y para ello requiero de conocimientos de programación en MT5 (estoy aprendiendo) que por ahora son muy básicos. Busco a una persona competente que esté dispuesta a hacer un acuerdo de
150 - 275 USD
I need an exert advisor that trades by signals of Double Dojis, on a 70- tick chart, and an exponential moving average indicator . It must check and correctly process possible errors in trading operations. It must calculate lot sizes according to a percentage of the account balance. It must begin and end trading at specified times during the week. It must check the account balance prior to the beginning of trading
30 - 50 USD
Performing the task of giving trading signals with potentially highly profitable trading opportunities, also have the advanced capabilities of being able to place and manage trades on behalf of the trader. Able to actually trade their account. Can remove or eliminate their personal emotions from influencing their trading decisions