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30 - 100 USD
Like the title says, I need someone to create from scratch or convert Sierra Chart indicator Cumulative Delta Bars (Up/Down Tick Volume) which is in C++ to MQL4 for MT4. The person obviously needs to be very good in C++ if they choose to convert it. Here is the reference page: Source code is...
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Indicators Converting C++ Yesterday
30 - 100 USD
User will manually open a trade.User will then manually draw a trendline.User will link the trendline to the open trade (how is to be determined - your suggestion please).EA changes colour of trendline to indicate that it is now active and linked to the open trade.For a long position, the EA will close the open position at market on candle close below active trendline. Vice versa for short.EA will then change colour...
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Experts C++ 2018.04.18
30 - 150 USD
Hi, I am EA developer myself. So work with me will be easy. However dont have too much time and probably skills on indicators. There are full versions of renko indicators on the internet which works but does not support live ticks on offline renko charts. I am sure someone has a source code of Renko indicator(or can just pick up from the internet, have few of my own...), I just need to make it work with EA's. It...
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Indicators C++ C# Forex 2018.04.17
250+ USD
Helloprogrammers, I need help! A developerhas written both an EA and indicator that are littered with bugs. I needsomeone to examine this thoroughly, and to also write a NEW martingale strategyfor my existing EA. The strategy is based on renko wick reversal. Please seeattached photo "reversal EA strategy v3.01" to follow along. Inthis photo the renko gap is 40pips, with candle size of 2pips. There are fourexamples...
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Indicators Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization C++ C# Java JavaScript Forex Futures Stocks 2018.04.13
30 - 50 USD
I have a custom template but need an image removed from the indicator cockpit , i have no source code . This should e quite simple i hope but there is limitations as i think the image maybe hidden in the source code.
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Indicators Experts Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Trading robot/indicator debugging C++ C# Java JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL PostgreSQL R Python HTML 2018.04.09
30 - 100 USD
I am looking for a professional that can create this platform for me. It must be accurate and able to function in real market time.  It must be able to be used on all platforms such as Android, Apple, Tablet or Laptop. A integrated platform that allows the user to put multiple trades of the same pair, position, stop loss and take profit simultaneously.   It will allow you to put up to 10 positions per trade.
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Experts Design Statistics and mathematics Custom graphics C++ C# Java JavaScript Python Forex Product Design Photoshop 2018.04.05
80 - 100 USD
Hi I need a to change my current EA.  I currently have an arbitrage EA that is working by comapring MT4 to MT4 prices of brokers. I need my EA to connect to servers like or any server that can provide faster price updates. It seems that broker to broker comparison does not give enough gap in terms of time and prices between the brokers. I need my EA to connect straight to dta feed and ignore the whole MT4...
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Experts C++ C# Java JavaScript 2018.04.03
30 - 100 USD
Hi. I am using a trade signal but facing issue of lot size. I want to adjust the lot size without using any EA lot multiplier. I dont want having one original position along with a copy trade of that. I simply want to control my lot size from signal and the whole system should be compatible with VPS. Please contact me if anyone can do it.
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Scripts Consultation Statistics and mathematics OpenCL ALGLIB Panels and dialog boxes Trading robot/indicator debugging C++ C# PHP SQL MySQL Forex 2018.03.31