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New version of job done before (personal job)
33+ USD
hello I need to try different approach of the previous job. We will make it easier and more reliable.  some variable must be remove from ea box, some must be add
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Experts C++ 2018.02.21
100 - 500 USD
MQL4 easy backtesting  need.dll for speed, FIX|API restructing later I have half done slow code simple breakout ea with complex trailing stop, strategy modules segregated for optimization Be in touch and help to fix bit ambigious tech task Advanced features PA,Wavelets,Golden ratio filters, gap zones,Machine learning,Pivot Points,equity managment, comullative delta, mss scale, spy module, order flow analysis, HFT...
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Experts Strategy optimization Strategy modules C++ Text translation 2018.02.19
To improvement the performance and security of the EA developming by Shubham da HPFCSFERE.COM (personal job)
100 USD
Please, see attached file. In it I give outline a discription about the improvements to be made by the sistem developer in order to improve the performance and security in order to avoid high loss and to facilite the operational conditional of the EA.
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Indicators Experts Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Strategy optimization Strategy modules C++ Java JavaScript Forex Product Design 2018.02.16
30 - 80 USD
Hi, I need an EA that trade using existing indicator (supply demand indi MQ4 provided). By using this indi, EA will trade according to the signal, either buy or sell. Works to be done: 1. Modify existing indicator supply and demand mq4 source codes so indicator can draw multi time frame supply and demand zones in one chart  (i.e.: chart M15 window will have M15, H1, or H4 supply demand zones drawn...
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Experts Panels and dialog boxes Trading robot/indicator debugging C++ Forex Options 2018.02.15
New forex multi-MA indicator (personal job)
75+ USD
I need you to build for me a new forex indicator. It will be totally changeable, and can be used on all time frames. It will have a few tracers, for highs and lows, and multiple moving averages.
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Indicators Design C++ C# JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL HTML Forex Product Design 2018.02.15
500+ USD
Simple HFT algorithm, research on API-es and arbitrage soft got slow MQL code need to be restructed and completed with fast languages tier strategy wavelets, renkobars, trailing, SAR be connected
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Experts Consultation Strategy modules C++ Java Python Forex Data mining 2018.02.14
Modifying EA C (personal job)
30+ USD
1. •       Slide 2 is the old system that was made from the last job but not all the trades arebeing taken – please make sure all of them are taken 2. After the above is corrected, •       System1:Open a BUY and SELL order at the same time and have TP and SL parameter forthem •       System2:Open a BUY and SELL order at the same time and have TP and SL parameter forthem but only if order close above or below 5...
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging C++ 2018.02.12
30+ USD
i want to make a take profit utility based on the market price the utility should be closed a group of the existing order which is with the same magic number at a planned market price . most of the take profit utility is based on the pips or profit in the market but they are not suitable for me
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Experts C++ Java 2018.02.08
30+ USD
I already posses an indicator that export the values to exceI. I want modification of that indicator into 3 different indicator so that it could export values of those other indicator to excel.
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Indicators Experts Custom graphics Trading robot/indicator debugging C++ 2018.02.08
Upgrade EA (personal job)
80+ USD
Dear Fedor. I need a Upgrade for you previously EA what you did it for me (If you upgrading(Eaforharhaj1985) or made a new Ea is up to you). Single Mechanism is done(Eaforharhaj1985) I would like a EA which one non use any indicators just open and and close positions.. The EA is need to know same like (martingale strategy)..i would like to options 14 times differently options sl/tp and next lot sizes if the...
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Experts C++ 2018.02.03
50 - 500 USD
Seeking a developer to assist in getting an external price feed (not provided via mt4 broker) into mt4, hoping to use  Kraken, bittrex, binance etc API's for price feed into mt4 I can currently get a historical price feed, but unfortunately that doesn't work with my indicators. Not looking to be able to make trades, just looking for a live price feed to use MT4's charting. If someone can deliver my vision, happy to...
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Scripts Converting OpenCL ALGLIB Strategy optimization Collection of data on the internet C++ C# Java JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL R Python HTML Options Product Design Text translation 2018.01.30
30 - 100 USD
I need a programmer who can convert the parabolic SAR indicator to an expert advisor.1. Automatic entry and exits on reversal or take profit. 2. Money management: lit size adjustment. 3. Stop Loss and trailing stop.
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Experts Converting Trading robot/indicator debugging C++ Product Design 2018.01.29
30 - 60 USD
Hi dear developers, Could you please help me to create a EA (for MT4 or MT5) who opens automatically the same trade (BUY or SELL) as the previous trade was closed  by TP or SL ? For example, a buy-trade is closed at 1.3470 (by TP or SL) and I want that the EA opens again a new buy-trade to replace it at the same level 1.3470  simultaneously.
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Experts C++ 2018.01.29
30+ USD
Larry Connor's fully automated forex robot please I have not much money at the moment after huge invest in parity currency 8parieies saved from a recessive outcome thanks to my $107000.00
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Indicators Experts Statistics and mathematics OpenCL Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet C++ JavaScript MySQL Python HTML Forex Linux 2018.01.26
40+ USD
I  NEED  A   DEVELOPER  TO  MODIFY  MY  EA. the rules are simple and its listed in pdf file. The developer needs to be very smart in English and also need to have good experience.
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Indicators Experts Statistics and mathematics Strategy optimization C++ Forex 2018.01.26
50 - 500 USD
I want to simple strategy Robot but become a very POWERFUL who can trading the high impact News released and big viability market.                                     Added with  IQFEED supplier and use INDICATOR to the forex factory calender(FFCal).                                  Use high intelligent trailing because market So volatile. So trailing adjust it self to measure volatility....
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Experts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website C++ Java JavaScript Python HTML Forex Data mining 2018.01.25
Renko Red News EA 1.0 (personal job)
120+ USD
This EA will only trade when certain High impact news is announced at Sending textfile with the rules. You mentioned that you had an news indicator that you could use in this EA so I will not send you one. Write to me on skype if you have any questions. Talk to you soon again my friend. /Peter
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Indicators Experts C++ Java Forex 2018.01.25