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200 - 300 USD
Completed Copy Trade software communication with my website Feature Mt4 to Mt4 , mt5 to m5 adn vice versa Different broke Copy from one or several master accounts Copy to one or several slave accounts Copy from one or several master accounts
50 - 200 USD
Hello, my name is Olivia. I'm from Malaysia and my daily life as a student quite fun as I required to create an personal project for myself. I'm really interested in being a trader and use the money gain for my benefits
50 - 150 USD
I need a system to manage license (8 indicators) of clients (account number) direct by a web panel. I prefer a ready system with new users automatic registration. Thank you very much
5000+ USD
Hello, my name is Vitor Sousa. I am the owner of a prop firm and i want someone who can code a web trading platform. More information on the private chat
150+ USD
Hello, Remote Trade Copier Web integration using MetaAPI I am a signal provider and I need the event of my trading account tobe intergrated to my wordpress website so my web users can subscribe and copy my live trade automatically. The integration should be done using MetaApi cloud forex trading API such that my web sucbribers can copy any live trade. trade event and history such as Buy, Sell, Close, Modify, pips
250+ USD
Build back end of a website. the landing page is ready ( two areas to build: client Area and Admin Area. CLIENT AREA Pages: Log in, Register, Forget Password. -Personal Data -Account status -Withdrawals -Referrals -Support Ticket ADMIN AREA - Dashboard (analytical dashboard) - Clients -Withdrawal Requests -Registrations and Account Requests -Support ticket -Verify Documents there should be