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30 - 75 USD
Hello, I need you to develop a martingale EA 1- This EA does not have any indicator 2- Only works on money management roles 3- It has to be error free during testing, demo and live trading Please only the advanced programmers to bid
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Experts 2019.09.11
Expert Advisor to Take Profile Screenshot just prior to the close of the day for Multiple Currency Pairs (personal job)
100 - 130 USD
Hi Fabio! I would like the Expert Advisor to be able to take a windowscreenshot of each currency pair at the end of the trading day. The purpose of this EA is to be able to review and mark up the trading charts for each currency pair on each trading day. The currency pairs will be user inputs. The chart template would also be a user input. (preferable so there is an option to use a customized template for the 15M and
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Experts 2019.09.10
30+ USD
I have a mt4 indicator with signals on mt4, I would like when I receive these signals open automatically on iqoption, with the expiration time of 15 minutes. I have seen on the internet that there are API for iqoption i can be already made i want a trial to test it on my indicator
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Experts 2019.09.10
30 - 50 USD
https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/18475 SRB Grid SRB Grid is a grid trading Expert Advisor, which uses standard indicators Stochastic, Rsi, BBands for entries. Set_Name - the name of the set file TypeTrades - Expert Advisor operation mode MaxSpread - maximum allowable spread value MinLeverage - minimum leverage filter MagicNumber - unique ID for the EA's orders Slippage - slippage in points AutoMMBalance -
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Indicators Experts 2019.09.10
380+ USD
While there is no general method that could give you a 100% guarantee as to performance of the trading robot, there are simple methods that allow you to check the main parameters of any particular trading system in the Strategy Tester of the MetaTrader 5 terminal. The key methods available are as follows: Stress Testing in the random delay mode,Testing in a different trading environment,Testing on a different
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Experts 2019.09.10
Simple hedging MT4 EA (personal job)
50+ USD
I need an expert adviser that is based on the hedging principle where it opens long and short orders based on the hedge zone levels parameter, The EA should have the ability to close half the lot sizes of all positions on the chart when the price reach a certain level
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Experts Forex 2019.09.10
30+ USD
Hi, Don't waste our time! if you are not good at commitment. or break promise. then the job not for you! Make sure you are free don't do any job and you are new. later you will say I am busy etc. will not consider. If you want to do something new. only the job for them. To work with us there are lot of opportunity but not overnight ofcourse.expect my known developer Existing ea. But I need some solution. make sure no
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Experts 2019.09.10
30+ USD
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Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging 2019.09.09
Create a Double Top Double Bottom (Triple Top/Bottom, Head and Shoulders, Reverse Head and Shoulders) Trading System Expert. (personal job)
68 - 88 USD
Double Top Bottom Line Trader EA System · Have an input folder containing: 1. Take profit pending order____________ Points or Pips 2. Stop loss pending order ____________Points or Pips 3. Lot size ____________ % Equity 4. SL move to %10 of TP ____________ Yes or No 5. List of Currencies to scan ____________ · Scan the chosen Currencies and Detect
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Experts 2019.09.09
40 - 60 USD
I need a tool that blocks MT4 for a time that can be set once risk paramenters are reached: 1. % of the balance lost 2. and/or x number or losses in x amount of time i need it to have a PASSWORD that can be set in order to adjust these parameters and make MT4 run again after the blockage. Moreover the amount of time the blockage has to last has to be adjustable
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Experts Other 2019.09.09
30 - 60 USD
I would like to create a Trend Trading Bot based on the 50MA as the trend indicator, using 2 separate charts on two different time frames at the same time for correlation, a Short Term (ST) and Mid Term (MT) chart. E.g. a M1 chart and a M3 chart or M5 and M15 I Only want to trade in the direction of the 50MA. I will need the code as well. If you think you can help i will give you more info in chat
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Experts Strategy optimization Forex Product Design 2019.09.09
60 - 80 USD
I need an expert advisory with the logic of price action i will give full description at private chat order - stop loss -target - trail stop loss calculate risk and EA should close profit at 1:1 1:2 maintain trail stop loss
27 Applications
Experts 2019.09.09
30+ USD
Trading has always been my passion mainly because of the fact its an entrepreneurial job.The product I have ordered will help me trade automatically while I come up with a strategy that the robot will carry out
13 Applications
Experts 2019.09.09
1000 - 15000 USD
i want a profitable EA with good result every day and its be based on Price Action or some thing like that its must trade on time frame M1 or M5 or M15 i will pay 1 k to 15 k but i must test it on demo for a while like 1 or 2 month contact me on telegram : @Joli1995
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Experts Forex 2019.09.08
EA based on an indicator (personal job)
30+ USD
Hi, I need an EA based on this indicator https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/1912 Basic strategy is; Strategy 1 When price moves from -1sigma to +1 sigma EA is gonna sell (if there is an open long position it will be closed when opening the short) When price moves from +1sigma to -1 sigma EA is gonna buy (if there is an open short position it will be closed when opening the long) Strategy 2 When price moves from
1 Application
Experts 2019.09.08
30 - 200 USD
Greetings! I am seeking a robot trading system that will use a combination of bollinger bands, MACD, RSI, and stochastic to initiate trades. I would like for the trades to open and close automatically with an automated take profit and stop loss. Any help with this request would be greatly appreciated. Best
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Indicators Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex Product Design 2019.09.08
30+ USD
Hello, I would like a create a bot that will managed my current trade: It will Close half profit when reach 60pip Put SL at breakeven will re enter the same trade on certain condition... more detail to come.. I will be spending 30usd
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Experts Scripts 2019.09.08
30+ USD
Spécifiez votre spécification des exigences ici point par point. Essayez de décrire brièvement et clairement vos besoins afin que votre développeur potentiel puisse évaluer correctement sa complexité et son coût, ainsi que le temps d'exécution requis. Une description incorrecte ou trop générique aura pour effet d'ignorer votre commande ou de passer beaucoup de temps à négocier les détails avec chaque demandeur
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30 - 200 USD
Tentukan Spesifikasi Kebutuhan Anda di sini poin demi poin. Cobalah untuk mendeskripsikan persyaratan Anda secara singkat dan jelas, sehingga pengembang potensial Anda dapat menilai dengan benar kompleksitas dan biaya, serta waktu eksekusi yang diperlukan. Deskripsi yang buruk atau terlalu umum akan mengakibatkan pesanan Anda diabaikan, atau Anda akan menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk merundingkan detail dengan setiap
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Experts Panels and dialog boxes 2019.09.08
50 - 100 USD
I need to Build a Super-trend EA with an Volume Weighted RSI The EA should work according to this Blog Post : https://blog.market-pulse.in/money-flow-index-supertrend/ Also, The Ea Should have Following features in it : 1. It must have a variable to decide number of trades to be open on condition met 2. Have an Enable/Disable Button for Volume Weighted RSI Filter
11 Applications
Experts 2019.09.07