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800 - 1000 USD is our website. The TradingView chart that we now have is a Technical Analysis Chart , and it can be found at What actions do you need to take? As we updated our package to the Charting & Trading Platform ,we need to adjust it with all of the libraries we acquired from TradingView on Github, including the following features: Here is the Demo Version
100 - 150 USD
i need a complete readymade to use Website for my brokerage company including website design backend system and payment merchants. i need complete system like other brokers. IB management and client management should be included. contact if anyone have readymade project available. i need it on urgent basis
500 - 1000 USD
Hi I would like an I.T person to make an indicator that's shows a red and green level on chart then an indicator that turns the trend lines into a wave that travels between those two levels and must trade both levels
30 - 31 USD
I have a trading system made up of 4 indicators that I want to turn into EA. The arrow indicator for buy and sell repaints a little so needs to be fixed before EA is built. I don't have the source code. Developer can make the EA with similar logic if possible
30+ USD
I have an MT4 indicator that i want a developer to create an EA to automatically trade off the arrow up and arrow down signals. If the arrow points up EA must automatically enter buy signal and if the arrow points down, EA must create sell signal. Stop loss should be right above the arrow if the arrow is pointing down (which is for a sell signal).Stop loss should be directly under the arrow if the arrow is facing up
10+ USD
Abul Bashar I am from Bangladesh. Like to hard working. You know Bangladeshi any one have very much Energy and technical idea. So give me few work. I complete all of them. I am be serious. Thank you so much
30+ USD
hy im looking for someone who can convert my mt4 indicator to mt5 it is a tick data indicator, and add sound alert on the indicator with on and off that's it please any programmer help me
60+ USD
Здравствуйте. Это мой первый опыт установки данного приложения. Мне не хочется начинать работу с ошибок. Надеюсь на вашу помощь и понимание. Спасибо. Моё обучение трейдингу состоит из просмотра видеоуроков в ютуб. Хочу начать практику с демо счёта. В дальнейшем планирую пополнить баланс и начать торговать вживую
30 - 50 USD
Tem um indicador no tradview que gostaria de passar para o mt5, e também tenho ele no profit. Não tenho certeza quanto ao do tradview, mas o do profit eu tenho o código fonte
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30+ USD
Tentukan Spesifikasi Persyaratan Anda di sini poin demi poin. Cobalah untuk menjelaskan persyaratan Anda secara singkat dan jelas, sehingga calon pengembang Anda dapat dengan benar menilai kompleksitas dan biayanya, serta waktu eksekusi yang diperlukan. Deskripsi yang buruk atau terlalu umum akan mengakibatkan pesanan Anda diabaikan, atau Anda akan menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk menegosiasikan detail dengan setiap
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150 - 275 USD
I need an exert advisor that trades by signals of Double Dojis, on a 70- tick chart, and an exponential moving average indicator . It must check and correctly process possible errors in trading operations. It must calculate lot sizes according to a percentage of the account balance. It must begin and end trading at specified times during the week. It must check the account balance prior to the beginning of trading