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所有 外汇 自动交易/指标调试 统计和数学 策略优化 C++ 策略模块
30 - 2000 USD
一台电脑控制,一键下单和一键平仓多个MT4平台不同的服务器,不需要自动交易,只要一键下单和一键平仓。 例如我有Ic,福汇,嘉盛等等十多个平台十多家公司的交易账号 我需要一键下单一键平仓
2 申请
MQL4 专家 设计
50 - 100 USD
Please write an auxiliary EA to assist the main EA. When the main EA orders against the trend and the order quantity reaches a certain quantity, the auxiliary EA will immediately follow the main EA to place the order at the same price and equal number of hands. Later, when the indicators meet the conditions, there are 2-3 ways to sell. The above operations will be repeated according to the market conditions until all
4 申请
MQL5 专家 设计