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200 - 700 USD
I would like a real time stock scanner that will go through all stocks on NYSE and NASDAQ and post the ones that fit my criteria within 10 seconds. Is this possible on Metatrader
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Scripts Other C++ Python Strategy optimization Strategy modules Stocks 2020.05.31
500+ USD
Looking for an experienced python developer to utilize some open source libs to back and live-test strategy. Please message if you multiple years of backtesting with python and utilizing python backtesting libaries. Kind regards
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Scripts Other Statistics and mathematics SQL MySQL PostgreSQL Python 2020.05.28
30 - 50 USD
Hi, I would like that when I take a trade, it automatically open the corresponding chart in my MT4 and when the trade is closed, the chart auto-close. So that the only opened charts are the ones where a trade is currently running. And while this script is running, I would like an automatic switcher that switch, every 15 seconds, from one of the chart opened to the next, in a cycle
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Indicators Scripts Statistics and mathematics Custom graphics 2020.05.26
60 - 90 USD
I need a EA telegram bot to submit order to MT4, requirement as below: place new order / modify existing order / close current order / cancel pending order Auto lot calculation based on capital in account and percentage of risk defined by me if auto lot calculation is off, take from my manually keyed in lot size Rule 1 (Order with 3 TP) Based on entry price, open a position Then when profit take reach, close partial
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Experts Scripts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2020.05.21
40+ USD
Good Morning, I would like an EA to copy orders from one account to another that is not in the same location, it may be a system already ready, however only authorized computers can copy orders from the master computer. It can be MT4 to MT4 or MT5
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Experts Scripts Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Forex 2020.05.21
30 - 300 USD
I need a trading bot based on candle pattern, market consolidation range, and fib levels. 1 It has to execute an order after certain style candle sticks on specific time ftame, 2. Has to identify trend and swing low and high and throw fib to execute order 3 Identify consolidation range and execute order after break out etc Please message me if you can get it done for me
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Experts Scripts Trading robot/indicator debugging Forex 2020.05.20
30 - 60 USD
Hi, I would like a complete dummies guide to a robot/automated trading method/program. My trades are small, usually around 0.01 but have recently increased to 1. I would like to further increase this to 5, then 10, then 50 and eventually 200. I would like a buy & and a sell complete in one. So it recognises the market and executes the trade when i click it. I would like to manually adjust the parameters when
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Experts Scripts 2020.05.19
30+ USD
I want the two minutes. In short, I want the candle burning for about two minutes. However, no default menu is available at this time. (1 minute, 5, 15 ...). I want to make sure, you want to use
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Indicators Scripts Statistics and mathematics 2020.05.19
50 - 200 USD
Hello! I'm looking for someone who has the time to write a personal EA. Requirements: MQL4 & MQL5 Versions Basic functions: Entering a Position Placing SL Placing TP Moving SL to breakeven + more - Send your messages in
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Experts Scripts 2020.05.18
30 - 100 USD
Looking for someone develop a super straight-forward trading robot that executes trades using a custom CCI indicator that already gives me signals. I just simply need it automated for MT5
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Experts Scripts 2020.05.16
100 - 500 USD
Admin able to create a sub-admin account Admin able to delete, edit, suspend all account Admin and Sub-admin able to add MT4 & MT5 accounts Admin and Sub Admin able to set the total profit sharing based on percentage for each account. Admin and Sub-admin able to track how much the total profit for each account based on daily, weekly and monthly Admin and sub-admin able to see the total profit based on daily, weekly
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Scripts Consultation Statistics and mathematics Custom graphics PHP Strategy optimization Collection of data on the internet Product Design 2020.05.14
500+ USD
I need a Node.js trading bot created that allows me to trade price discrepancies between Refinitive pricing and Oanda pricing. https://www.refinitiv.com/en https://developer.oanda.com/rest-live-v20/introduction/ Options to include in robot: - Spread filter to prevent trading when spread if above average spread. - Price distance trade trigger when Refinitive pricing is a certain distance in points above or below the
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Scripts Other JavaScript 2020.05.13
100 - 250 USD
Hey, I have a MT5 account with an EA who work 24/24 for my money. I have some people who can pay me all month to copy all of my trades. BUT, I want to make a system with 30 day trial and after a 30 USD/month. To make this thing, I need to have an access to the data of people to stop there signal after 30 month if they don't pay. How can we make it ? If u have an idea, tell me. (I would like that the copy system is
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Experts Scripts 2020.05.09
30+ USD
I've created a simple strategy in Pine which is based on stochastic and MACD, in particular: buy if k>d and MACD line > signal line sell if k<d and MACD line < signal line The strategy does not use SL/TP but only trailing stop% and it recalculates after the order has been executed. I would like to know if someone can create a MT5 bot which possibly works like the pine strategy tester. Txt file with the pine code is
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Experts Scripts 2020.05.09
30 - 70 USD
Hi everyone, I'm searching someone that could code a MT5 Master that sends trades to other unlimited MT5 slaves. Really nothing complicated, no options more but maybe the slippage on the slave. It's a simple local copier on MT5, with fast execution
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Scripts Integration Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Collection of data on the internet Forex Options 2020.05.06
30+ USD
Good morning all, Sorry for my English, I am French. I would like to be able to place a stop buy or stop sell order on the next candlestick (in 1 minute and Heiken Ashi) with a stop loss placed directly below the lowest. It would have to be done automatically (perhaps using a purchase sale terminal). Is it possible ? ON MT5 or MT4 I will simplify: There should be 2 horizontal lines that can be moved on the graph, one
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Experts Scripts 2020.05.06
35+ USD
A script to save a chart template and profile when pressing a keyboard shortcut or radio button. Nothing much else to say really. A clear and simple specification will be provided
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Scripts Other 2020.05.05
111+ USD
Hello there, I want to create an utility for mt5 that does some data aggregation and saves data in csv file , indicators data , with price data in python. will need someone with good understanding in python and mql5 that knows how to build utitlites in mql5 and connect them to python 3.7.2 using socket. features: 1. send price data from mt5 , like orders data into csv. 2. Receive active and open orders from python py
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Experts Scripts Python 2020.05.05