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hi, I'm looking for a solution that my indicator/EA/script can read local SN numbers such as motherboard, cpu and hard disk. If mql language can not handle this issue, using C++ C# and php are also an alternative solution thanks
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Indicators Scripts C++ C# PHP 10 hours ago
30+ USD
A very easyEA to create, just place a pending orders and re-active who were activated (twoopposite orders with different lot size every some points) In beginningthe EA will open two random opposite positions at same time with same lot size insame price (just the spread between sell and buy), And everyDST points the market moved from the beginning orders, the EA will open twoopposite positions but by different lot...
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Experts Scripts Yesterday
50 - 200 USD
Looking for programmer to edit/modify all Candle Stick Bar Chart: ....where each Cande Stick Bar WIDTH = 0.5x of Its Height (see attached) ... apply to all different Time Frame .... (is similar to Candle Volume Bar Chart)
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Scripts Converting 2019.01.18
30+ USD
حدد مواصفات متطلباتك هنا نقطة تلو الأخرى. حاول وصف متطلباتك باختصار وبوضوح ، حتى أعداد مطور البرامج الأولى من تقييم مدى تعقيده وتكلفته بشكل صحيح ، بالإضافة إلى وقت التنفيذ المطلوب. سيؤدي الوصف السيئ أو العام المقترح إلى تجاهل طلبك ، وإلا ستقضي وقتًا في التفاوض على التفاصيل مع كل مقدم طلب. تذكر: منتذكر: من تذكر:Remember: من الأفضل أن تنفق ثلاثين دقيقة لإعداد نص جيد من لانقاص ساعات وأيام لحل سوء الفهم بعد إبرام...
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Experts Scripts 2019.01.15
10000+ USD
hello there , i have an password which shows the history of the trades which happens on a account ( its a mam account) but i cant see it on the terminal window, i want someone who can clear this by hacking or doing something which will enable the account to show the running trades on the terminal window  thank you.
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Scripts Consultation C++ C# Java JavaScript SQL HTML Linux Data mining 2019.01.12
100 - 1000 USD
Greetings freelancers, I have been trading the EURUSD low-volatility period for a while therefor I am convinced these are one of the best time to make profits. Unfortunately, I just have the results history (Approximately 1 year of data) so you will have to base yourself on that to create the EA. I am aware this might be a tough task, so consider replying if only you are  totally sure you can do the job. I will...
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Experts Scripts Statistics and mathematics Trading robot/indicator debugging Uploading data to a website Forex Text translation Text writing 2019.01.10
40 - 100 USD
description of my project Market Price Alert Tool is in attached TXT file. As title says, i am looking for unique tool that alerts me (type of alert: screen pop up) when market price reaches or exceeds defined wanted market price. There are several additional unique alerting features required to be developed. Everything is in attached TXT file. Please kindly read it carefully and entirely. for any questions, you are...
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Scripts 2019.01.10
30 - 35 USD
i would like to get a scrpt devleoped which will flip the opened charts  1 by 1 after selected time duration which i will preset in the script settings. the chart should be static if i place my mouse over it as i would be placing trade.
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Scripts 2019.01.04
30 - 35 USD
MT4 candle period convert to Eastern standard Time +0. Same as GCItrading demo MT4 time. I want candle stick of 4hr,1day,1wk. GCItrading is based on american depositary receipt ADR time. and I have a indicator called period convertor, with that I can't able to convert the candle stick time exactly as GCItrading time.
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Indicators Scripts 2019.01.03