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I would like an MT5 script that sends a telegram to my channel when a trade is 1. Opened 2. Closed 3.Modified(e.g. changing stop loss) Message format: Trade opened:2018-09-12 16:00:21 GMT Ticket:46877693 SELL GBPJPY @ 143.200  TP@142.806 SL@143.500 VL@1.00 Lots Trade Modified:2018-09-12 18:22:20 GMT Ticket:46877693 SELL GBPJPY @ 143.200 TP@143.806 SL@146.700 VL@1:00 Lots Trade Closed:2018-09-13 10:32:30...
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Indicators Scripts 2018.12.11
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Hello Developers, Attached is a more complete document of what I'm requesting. The work needed for this bot would be in two parts: 1. Create a HTML webscraper that would send data from a TradingView chart with indicators to the MT4 advisor/bot upon certain event triggers. This can be used for all types of trades or stop loss ONLY. If the bot is only using webhooks for stop loss value then the bot will need to be...
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Experts Scripts Python HTML RegExp Trading robot/indicator debugging Collection of data on the internet Forex 2018.12.08
Fjori (personal job)
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Experts Scripts Statistics and mathematics Panels and dialog boxes Custom graphics Futures OpenCL ALGLIB C++ C# Java JavaScript PHP SQL MySQL PostgreSQL R Python HTML Linux RegExp Photoshop Trading robot/indicator debugging Strategy optimization Strategy modules Collection of data on the internet Uploading data to a website Forex Options Data mining Product Design Text translation Text writing 2018.11.19
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DR_PipBreakout_DblStoch Below is my Script for you to program using 2 MQL5 Indicators. Both allow for signals of them.  Indicators:   1. Pipfinite Breakout with settings (Purchased via MQL5)  2. Double Stochastics  with settings (Purchased via MQL5) 3. EMA  Fast 4. EMA Slow Dbl Stochastics Settings:  10,15,8  (starting point) Variables:   - EMA_Fast [Variable]   - EMA_Slow [Variable] Filters: 1. EMA...
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Experts Scripts 2018.11.19