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Hello coder, Do not apply if you are not familiar with chrome extension programming. Here update requirement : 1. Create a login form for bot user validation based on email list for broker binomo and olymptrade 2. Bots make transactions based on time settting binary(time interval/Fix Time) 3. Rule of entry, example : The bot will open BUY if a closed candle is found by a Hammer candle and will close after the timer
Script that can export to excel file, fix flickering grid indicator (personal job)
30 - 60 USD
1) I currently have a modified donchian indicator that gives high/ low information. setting is set to past 365 days . These values can be seen in the data window. I want a script that can be applied to any chart and will it give me the donchian daily high low information for every chart that is opened and export to excel. High Low for Columns and the symbols for rows in excel. 2) a . My custom donchian channel
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I recently migrated form NinjaTrader 8 to MT5, and I truly miss the Global Crosshair feature in MT5. The following webpage illustrates the Global Crosshair Feature as is implement by the following vendor for the MT4 Platform https://mt4professional.com/ As you can see from this webpage the Crosshairs between both charts (JPY H1, JPY H4) are synchronized, that is why it is being called “Global” Crosshair. You can
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I want to trade on bitget using TradingView alerts. I would like to be able to trade from TradingView alerts through the API. The API is outlined below. https://bitgetlimited.github.io/apidoc/en/swap/#changelog I want it to work only with certain accounts. 1.Allow trading from TradingView alerts to bitget. 2.To be able to switch between leveraged trading, inverse and simulation in the settings. 3.To be able to set
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To amend Grid in my existing EA. (personal job)
30 - 40 USD
Hello, EA using Hedging strategy as attached photo, the idea is to create grid after 5 Hedging Entry to make sure EA close with profit. To add Functions Maximum Hedge Order = 5 (5 can be adjusted) Use Grid- True / False Grid Distance- 300
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Hi Developer, refer to attachment of details require. Functions; 1- Password = 2- Timeframe = Current,M1 to 1Month 3- Reversal = True / False 4- Close at Lower Low = True / False 5- Close at Higher High = True / False 6- Use Money Management = True / False 7- Auto Lot Free margin for each 0.01 lot = 1000 8- Start Lot = 0.01 9- Grid = True / False 10- Lot
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I need to add custom backtesting dates script from FRAMA strategy to the FTSMA strategy (both are public strategies found on tradingview). I copy pasted the following script from FRAMA and pasted it at the end of FTSMA strategy. // === Backtesting Dates === thanks to Trost testPeriodSwitch = input(false, "Custom Backtesting Dates") testStartYear = input(2020, "Backtest Start Year") testStartMonth = input(1, "Backtest
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Please note that this is not EA, I want to eliminate false signals when the market will move sideways I do not want any buy or sell signals when it is in a range on M1 frame only. the ema is 5, 7 and 13 You use distance between the ema also, for example for each symbol 'pips value’, for examples the lines must move away from each other for a certain distance, so signal can be activated when lines crossed. You can use
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Hello Ivan (personal job)
30+ USD
Job 2: Modify script that create pending orders. This is basically the script that create pending order except this one will create buy stop, sell stop, sell limit and buy limit, all together at once. So, this should be my input: Input 1: distance from current price in pip Input 2: number of orders Input 3: difference in pips between orders Input 4: TP in pip Example: Current price is 1.1000 Input 1: 10 Input 2: 30
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2500+ USD
Hello, We're looking for a developer who can develop a desktop software for btc trans action, this software should generate btcs & these btcs should be tradable to any wallet in the world (Binance) We don't pay any advance or upfront, so kindly don't ask for it. Apply only if you can do it
30+ USD
Is there anyone who can build this utility? Utility can monitoring terminal of MT4. When there is no opening lot or pending orders on terminal, it activate mouse script to click certain button
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30 - 80 USD
I have an indicator I had "created" last year to save and plot the spread (Ask price). The indicator is suppose to record the highest/lowest point of the Ask price every bar (5 minutes) and plot a symbol on the chart with the appropriate price point as a popup scroll over text box. The indicator has not been working proper for extended use and seems to glitch. I am not sure what the reason is but I have found two
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MT4 to MT5 data feed. (mt4 to mt5 connection bridge) i need mt4 to mt5 data feed connection bridge, and mt5 to mt4 trade copier. Wanted to Connect other Broker MT5/MT4 Datafeed to another Full license MT5 Broker
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300 - 400 USD
Objective: Combine a series of five indictors from Pine Script to MT5. There are multiple inputs for these indictors they should be added to the input section of the EA, with the same variability of the indicators themselves. The inputs of EA as well be in a neat and concise order with clear labelling of indictors for optimization. All of the indictors are open source. Some the indictors have components which are