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Highly complex Forex robot bot EA expert advisor based on a Bollinger Bands breakout for MT5 (MQL5) (personal job)
500 - 1000 USD
Здравей Цветане :) I have to tell you, you surprised me when you canceled the job :) I was just on about to select you for the project and I realised I was not able to do it. I have read all your reviews and I saw people saying that you are very patient so this come as a surprise. Anyway, I don't have experience ordering from this website, but on the other website, we have Zoom meetings and long chats we discuss the
30 - 40 USD
I have an indicator with source code that i will wish to convert into an EA. The EA will basically use MOVING AVERAGE CROSSES and the TDI indicator. The source code and the EX4 file of the EA will be needed
30+ USD
Hello there, are you able to convert thinkorswim indicators to tradovate? (tradovate is in javascript). If yes please do hesitate to bid me now to discuss more about this project.Thanks
100 - 1000 USD
I need a trading application accessing directly the Metatrader, using APIs, without using the MT4 or MT5 terminal. Just by using the trading account credentials and the server address. This project will start with a POC to demonstrate the usage of APIs. The first application scope will be copy/trading. We need: First MT4, then MT5. If there is any limitations on one of these platforms, please inform. Works with any
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Python Other Python
50+ USD
I am testing out an API to see if it works. Simple task to test IQ Option API with a script that will send binary trades and print out results. The API is already documented so I just need to see if it works so I can write a program for it. 1. Simple API here: 2. Send 100 random trades and expiration times. ie EURUSD, PUT, 1 min from 4.40
2 Applications
Python Scripts Python
50 - 100 USD
Please i will need a highly experience programmer with ability to program arbitrage cryptos to transact selected crypto pairs from low quoting exchanger and sell to the high price quoting exchanger. For example, the Bot will scan between 2 to 3 exchangers and execute price trade with profit spread and recycle the process. Detailed information will be shared. Please ensure you have the qualities to start the job and
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Python Scripts Design Python
30 - 40 USD
Looking for someone with experience in TOS scripting , someone who already wrote successfully few algorithms in thinkscript editor, for automated entry bracket with few conditions/ triggers for entry and exit trading positions
30 - 150 USD
Hello. I have custom indicators on my mt4 platform. 1. I like to have automated trading, expert advisor. 2. If possible, to rewrite custom indicators to lighter form, up to date. Because platform freezes when all charts loaded. How much the price for first job, second, both? Thank you
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Python Experts Other Python
30+ USD
I’m looking to see if a request can be done. Below is an indicator that I like but want a bit of an adjustment if it’s possible. Is it possible to make the line extend to the right as soon as a swing high or swing low is detected instead of waiting candle by candle for the line to form? Please let me know thank you
30+ USD
I am searching 4-5 Indicators who can programm that in tradingview and add as well a invite only to it :) i use 3 of them already nearly in Tradingview EMA Cloud indikator from - Yo_adriiiiaan MA Cloud from - Powerful_Trading FX Market Session from - boitoki Cloud EMA its the combination of the two ema indikators i send you with a little change on the MA Cloud indikator see the picture i send you. Then a little
30+ USD
Hi. I would like to do a statistical analysis. Namely from the biggest markets of the past 10 or 20 years. I don't have the data. You would have to get them - unfortunately I don't know where from. In the first step, various market situations are defined. E.g. what is the probability that a price will rise (or fall) in the next hour if the price has risen or fallen in the last hour (or last two hours ...) (there can
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150+ USD
Hi, I would like to order the script/program for the Metatrader 4 that would allow me to transfer the trades signals from the MetaTrader 4 to the eToro trader panel The bridge should open and close trades performed by the EA at MetaTrader 4 platform in the eToro trader account For example, when the EA in the MetaTrader 4 is opening buy 0.01 at EURUSD, the signal is transferred to the eToro trader account, then when
30 - 200 USD
If you want to create or develop your own cryptocurrency app that pays you for each download by other users directly to your wallet without stress. It is upgradable, fast, secure and reliable with maximum security codes. There is also a free coding tutorial session and web developer options. Contact me now for your development lessons
30+ USD
Hi ! I need someone to help me create a trading robot. I want to trade once a day on binance. By helping me, you will be able to use the bot for free Thanks in advance
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100 - 150 USD
Hello there, We need A trading bot that can follow our trading view indicators 5min signals (Buy / Sell) on only the New York session with pre set parameters. Tell me if you are able to do this, if yes do not hesitate to bid me now to discuss more about this project.Thanks
30+ USD
Hello there, I need to do this: setup a Python bot to read any Tradingview alerts and open your positions automatically with less than 2ms delay. Tell me if you are able to do this, if yes do not hesitate to bid me now to discuss more about this project.Thanks
300 - 1000 USD
Hello, I am after a complex Forex EA expert advisor for MT5 based on a Bollinger Bands breakout. Full details, documentation and files I will provide in a private message. Please note this project is not for everyone, in fact probably only a few programmers will be able to do it on their own or in tandem with someone else, it is most likely for teamwork, but I will try first to see if one person can do it. Just to
30 - 50 USD
Needing a bot with artificial intelligence trading price action on Gold/ indices (Volatility 25,50, 100, 75). Conditions are defined from the higher timeframe downward. Respecting market structure while trading breakouts. Our trading strategies are mainly naked trading. Only a professional developer with a start to finish attitude is required for this work. When selected a well defined attachment with images included
30+ USD
Hi, I wanted to get a tradingview indicator to mt4 it is I noticed that solution=43000589195 is basically the same indicator which gives back the same values and has an open source code. Could you please convert the swing indicator to mt4? If yes please bid me now to discuss more about this project
50+ USD
Hi, im looking for programmer which will be able to understand me and help me. I will attach some files so you can tell me if it is possib I will attach some files so you can tell me if it is possible