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30+ USD
Hello developers, I want a robot volatility 10 I want the robot to have 9 winning trades and 1 losing trade guaranteed I have a picture that shows what I want. Anyone who can do this and has experience in this can contact me so we can work together no mt5 or mt4
30 - 40 USD
Hello i need an expert who can help me modify an open source PineScript indicator code to add additional features. ONLY EXPERT WITH PROVE OF WORK SHOULD CONTACT FOR FURTHER DISCUSSION ON THE PROJECT
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Python Indicators Scripts Python
30 - 50 USD
hi. I hv a strategy on tradingview need to convert to MT4/MT5 expert advisor for algo trading. would like to add some tradingview strategy setting to the EA(not included in my tradingview code): recalculate after order is filled, order size: xx% of equity
150 - 300 USD
The Bot will use 2 Indicators and should follow these rules: Trade Entry: You must always enter the trade EXACTLY at the close of the current candle, with the expiry time set to the end of the next candle. It will only work if you click BUY or SELL EXACTLY in the last second of the current candle. I don't need to mention that you need a good internet connection and obviously should use the trading platform app. DO
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30+ USD
looking for help to get my ibkr automated, i have strategies already built in composer and have JSON for them, i really just need to he setup and explanation on how to maintain it and add new strategies
150+ USD
1. Combination of Market Profiles on daily basis a) this should be combined if the bell curve is similar to the previous day. Rotational day (volume - standard deviation). b) If breakout, new range should be drawn Conclusion: Market profile should be combined on daily after the market is closed 2. Use Vwap indicator, with 0.5 - slow trend, 1.0 - normal trend, 1.5 fast trend. The stop loss should be under the trend
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30 - 40 USD
I have two not very sophisticated bots that need to be converted from python to MQL5. The bots are very similar, they use 99% of the same methodology, the only difference being that one is a trend-following bot, and the other is a mean reversion bot. I need the parameters to be at the top of the script so that they can be easily changed and optimised. The entire codebase is already done in python (sl,tp, trailing
100+ USD
Specify your Requirements Specification here point by point. Try to describe your requirements briefly and clearly, so that your potential developer is able to correctly assess its complexity and cost, as well as the required execution time. A bad or too generic description will result in your order being ignored, or you will spend a lot of time negotiating the details with each applicant. Remember: It is better to
30 - 50 USD
I need an expert robot developer that will create a robot using 4 indicators to generate signal for the robot to execute,it should be solely based on candle stick period analysis and the robot will be made to allow indicators parameters adjustment and user input example "parameters optimization" or "hyperparameter optimization as the terminology might be, please I need it urgently, the interested developer should
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MQL5 Experts Forex C++ Python Java
30+ USD
I am looking for a proficient Python developer to make changes in a pine script we use for data analysis. Specifically, I need: I am using the script in trading view only for 1 day period in my stock/script. Need some modifications in this script. 1. The script has to generate a minimum 4 pivot and a maximum of 6 pivots in any 30 days period. 2. After a pivot low it should be only a pivot high and vice versa. 3. Draw
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Python Other Python
250+ USD
hi, I must do changes to a dashboard with manual input of trader and active expert. Budget 250$ Can do? the budget is correct based on job to do. If you want me to increase the budget you can message me
30 - 500 USD
hey friends, I am looking to build a smart trading robot, for the capital market. He knew how to trade in all the different types of trade. Example - in shares, currencies, index, indices, ETFs, funds, commodities, options, futures and so on. Suitable for trading on all stock exchanges in the world. It will be possible to install the trading robot in the MetaTrader 5 trading software. But it will also be possible to
40 - 50 USD
Hello Greetings. I have a custom tradingview strategy I would like to convert to Metatrader 5 ( mt5 ) . I have the source code a and with me. Kindly bid if it is what you can do for me and let discuss about the project. Thanks
50 - 70 USD
HELLO, I have an EA based on two indicators . I need one of them to be modify and the changes should be also apply in the EA file for it to continue working properly . If you can please add the possibility of numbering the different types of support and resistance which is given by the indicator from 1 to 3 depending on where the price is : I should see : 1st upper Untested support 2nd upper Untested support 3rd
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(2) MQL5 Indicators Experts Forex C# Python PHP
30 - 33 USD
I need a AI signal generating bot for forex trading. The bot should operate such that when i put it in a chart it will analyse the market, after several minutes it will display whether the trade is buying or selling. It should display the one minute, five minute,15minute, 30 minute, one hour, 4 hours and daily time frame whether they are buying or selling. If it is buying the arrow should be green and if it is
30+ USD
Using Bollinger Band only. When price closes above upper BB, open Buy. If the length of the candle body that closed above the upper BB is more than Y pips, then do not Buy and remove the EA. Otherwise, continue to open Buy if crosses and close above upper BB and the number of positions is not more than Max No of Positions. The user will choose either Buy or Sell only. When price closes below the lower BB, close all
30+ USD
Modify an existing Python bot to trade bollinger bands, with iqoption api Currently the bot strategy is wrong, I am limited in my knowledge here and hope to fix this Hope to work with more experience people out there in relation to iqoption api and python
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(13) Python Scripts Other Python
30 - 70 USD
I want to have my existing EA adjusted by adding the following risk parameters: - hedge order when closed in loss - hedge order when loss is reached (immediately)- loss in money - loss in % - Grid trade when closed in loss - grid trade when loss is reached (immediately) - max number of grids - distance of grids - grids TP money - grids TP % - hedge after money loss (when grids) - hedge after % loss (when grids)
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(7) MQL4 Experts C# Python
30+ USD
Hello freelancers here, I need an expert to help me with coding my script which is already working in pinescript, Moreover, i want a system whereby i can sell my trading bot and can give access with a license, I need an expert that can help me with this
30+ USD
Hello freelancers here, I need an expert to help me with coding my script which is already working in pinescript, Moreover, i want a system whereby i can sell my trading bot and can give access with a license, I need an expert that can help me with this, and my budget is $20, Thank you