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200 - 300 USD
Completed Copy Trade software communication with my website Feature Mt4 to Mt4 , mt5 to m5 adn vice versa Different broke Copy from one or several master accounts Copy to one or several slave accounts Copy from one or several master accounts
30 - 70 USD
Hello, i have a trading E.A but would love to modify it to better specifications for better entries. I want to increase it's pip-step. Kindly let me know if you can do this job. Thank you
80 - 120 USD
hi i have MQ5 service code with include file total three files i want to convert to c# language desktop application the code content (socket server Unifeeder ) Please do anyone programmer
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Integration Python
30 - 100 USD
I like to implement Deep learning classification script in Python to MetaTrader 5. But it is not really clear for me what is possible and what is not. Is it possible to develop a python script and run on MetaTrader 5? I have found two article which is about MT5 with python integration. Please have a look:
100+ USD
THIS IS EA for forex market for three pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD /JPY. It uses stochastic indicator and moving average. Thy system must be automatically designed to escape emotions people usually use. When I tested it by automatically entering and exiting positions, it showed great results. Especially in trending markets. In ranges it shows good results as long as they are 10 peeps width. It is scalping system on
30 - 100 USD
I like to run Robust linear regression on EURUSD and USDCHF tick data on MT5 terminal as a python scripts. I like to plot the regression residuals and the slopve value of the regression. I like to execute market buy and sell orders based on the regression residuals
30 - 100 USD
I am currently studying algotrading and would like to hire a mentor to guide me through the learning process. So far these are the things i can do. Essential Python for algotrading (data struct, panda, numpy) Setting up for strategy back testing Setting up a basic SMA backtet strategy using Setting up a basic SMA strategy using Forward testing a basic SMA strat using fxcmpy I am
30 - 150 USD
Hello, I am looking for a specialist in php, javascript. If you are a professional, this job is for you. This project is based on replicating fxdreema I will only answer people who send their comment giving me details of what you read here, I will not answer templates :)
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30 - 50 USD
hello need to read message from channel Public and Private to read message from users and groups send message to users and groups and my own channel get all member of group add any member to group please if you use PHP MTProto it is not speed i have some code i dont know the problem
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Experts Other C++ PHP Python
200 - 500 USD
Hi, I am looking for someone to convert this strategy in Python to MQL5: - Embedded Backtest Results The idea behind it is that, if you get two pairs of instruments that move in a similar direction (such as Gold and Silver), they will tend to revert to a mean that can be estimated using the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process. It is then used to maximize a log function. There is a tutorial for it here
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2500+ USD
Hello, We're looking for a developer who can develop a desktop software for btc trans action, this software should generate btcs & these btcs should be tradable to any wallet in the world (Binance) We don't pay any advance or upfront, so kindly don't ask for it. Apply only if you can do it
1500 - 3500 USD
Hello, We're looking for a developer who can develop a desktop software for btc fake trans action, this software should generate btcs & these btcs should be tradable to any wallet in the world (Binance) We don't pay any advance or upfront, so kindly don't ask for it. Apply only if you can do it
80+ USD
Hello all, Please dont apply if you dont have the following skills: API (Rest, FIX, Websocket) Python or Node.js Help me to develop a crypto currency trading bot using the API from the crypto exchange. The will use simple strategies which is options, DCA and Grid strategy. I need developer who has experience with using APIs and can take the project with ease. Thank you
750 - 1200 USD
Hello everyone, I'm looking for programmer who: The most important things for me is find a programmer who is always on time, honest, faithful , loyal in his work and unselfish. Then.. He should be Professional programmer with a years of experience in a financial markets, he can dealing with a complex Project which has a lot of nuances, he can solving a complex algo problems which require wide skills and knowledge
30 - 100 USD
I am looking for a developer how can connect MT5 with python and run a python regression model inside MT5 on EURUSD and USDCHF tick data. Here are some example:
30 - 50 USD
I am looking for a developer how can run linear regression on two price series on tick chart. X = EURUSD Y = USDCHF I like to visualize the residuals on tick chart. Here is an example:
150+ USD
Hello, Remote Trade Copier Web integration using MetaAPI I am a signal provider and I need the event of my trading account tobe intergrated to my wordpress website so my web users can subscribe and copy my live trade automatically. The integration should be done using MetaApi cloud forex trading API such that my web sucbribers can copy any live trade. trade event and history such as Buy, Sell, Close, Modify, pips
250+ USD
Build back end of a website. the landing page is ready ( two areas to build: client Area and Admin Area. CLIENT AREA Pages: Log in, Register, Forget Password. -Personal Data -Account status -Withdrawals -Referrals -Support Ticket ADMIN AREA - Dashboard (analytical dashboard) - Clients -Withdrawal Requests -Registrations and Account Requests -Support ticket -Verify Documents there should be
30 - 90 USD
I'm looking for someone who can program an EA on US stocks, on MT5. I have 2 basic strategies, based on VWAP, and on the price's last minute change. It shouldn't take very much time to code them. I'm offering a fast gain from 30 to 90 USD