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30 - 50 USD
My trust wallet was hacked and I have tokens to claim which unlock almost daily but the person who hacked the wallet drains the tokens as soon as I claim them in the hacked wallet. I have contacted the support for that crypto but they were not helpful. There is no way to claim this crypto to another wallet. I need a bot or another solution that can transfer the crypto out of the hacked wallet into my other wallet as
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30 - 50 USD
I want a program that will help calculate and enter the market on full margin for me. I just need to put in the price for entry, Stop loss and TP then it will calculate the lot sizes for entering the trade on full margin on Mt5
30+ USD
looking for help to get my ibkr automated, i have strategies already built in composer and have JSON for them, i really just need to he setup and explanation on how to maintain it and add new strategies
30 - 150 USD
Hello, do you have a service that can send messages directly to individual channel members rather than to the entire group? If so, please contact me via direct message immediately. This is urgent
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MQL4 Experts Other Product Design
30 - 35 USD
Hello friends, I need to find someone with successful experience TradingView Publish indicator. I would like to reiterate that you must have experience successfully authorizing many indicators on tradingview. (because I knew how to do it but 1 day later my TradingView account was still locked). Because I need it urgently! Thank you very much
30 - 70 USD
Mô tả cài đặt trình đơn: Tôi chọn cài đặt trên EA một mức giá bất kỳ, khi cây nến cắt lên đóng cửa trên mức giá đó thì EA sẽ tự động đặt một lệnh mua với khối lượng tôi cài đặt trên EA, khi cây nến cắt xuống đóng cửa dưới mức giá đó thì EA sẽ tự động bán với khối lượng tôi cài đặt trên EA. Lưu ý EA này có thể sử dụng được tất cả các khung thời gian. Ví dụ: Tôi chọn cài đặt mức giá 2000 trên đồ thị vàng và chọn khung
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(1) MQL5 Experts Product Design
30 - 100 USD
Hi dear all i have easy simple strategy i need to make it on trading View for explain and test it.after conform change it to mql5 to use it in MT4&5 with same copy of trading View and same data.e-maie(
100+ USD
Specify your Requirements Specification here point by point. Try to describe your requirements briefly and clearly, so that your potential developer is able to correctly assess its complexity and cost, as well as the required execution time. A bad or too generic description will result in your order being ignored, or you will spend a lot of time negotiating the details with each applicant. Remember: It is better to
Multi Account Terminal (personal job)
1000+ USD
For this job a programmer with experience in MQL4 and MQL5 is needed. Especially, skills in coding trade panels, trade copiers and account monitoring tools are mandatory. The final product consists of a central unit in MT5 and controller units for MT4 and MT5 to comfortably manage multi account trading operations and monitoring. The final product has to be clear and intuitive to use and running smoothly. The
250 - 500 USD
Hi I need a software like Mirror trade copier ( ) which directly connect to the Accounts over api with out MT4 terminal and copies trades from mater to client. I want the same and possible improvement like can be accessed over a url and dashboard for some basic metrics (optional)
30 - 33 USD
I need a AI signal generating bot for forex trading. The bot should operate such that when i put it in a chart it will analyse the market, after several minutes it will display whether the trade is buying or selling. It should display the one minute, five minute,15minute, 30 minute, one hour, 4 hours and daily time frame whether they are buying or selling. If it is buying the arrow should be green and if it is
30+ USD
Using Bollinger Band only. When price closes above upper BB, open Buy. If the length of the candle body that closed above the upper BB is more than Y pips, then do not Buy and remove the EA. Otherwise, continue to open Buy if crosses and close above upper BB and the number of positions is not more than Max No of Positions. The user will choose either Buy or Sell only. When price closes below the lower BB, close all
30+ USD
Hello freelancers here, I need an expert to help me with coding my script which is already working in pinescript, Moreover, i want a system whereby i can sell my trading bot and can give access with a license, I need an expert that can help me with this
50 - 100 USD
I need an EA which only trades the news data. The EA has to analyze the news-data and needs to classify them into categories. The Strategy includes the following points and this features needs to be included : 1. Filter for news Data : Pairs : USD ● EUR ● AUD ● GBP News Events : GDP Unemployment rate (initial claims) CB Consumer Confidence (US) Retail sales Consumer Price Index (CPI) Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI)
30+ USD
Hello freelancers here, I need an expert to help me with coding my script which is already working in pinescript, Moreover, i want a system whereby i can sell my trading bot and can give access with a license, I need an expert that can help me with this, and my budget is $20, Thank you
30+ USD
Hello freelancers here, I need an expert freelancer to help me convert an expert advisor from MT4 to MT5. I have the MT4 source code, As for now i only got $15 for this project i don't have much on me at the moment, So i need someone who can work long terms cause i still have other projects i need him to work on for me
Create an Expert Advisor and indicator base on time (personal job)
30+ USD
I got your contact from Scott, he recommended to me. Please give me a quote. 1. On Ea automatic take a trade, off Ea as indicator 2. News on/off 3. when to when, once break up/down happened Ea will take a trade, spread on/off 4. Auto lot on/off, auto lot should be based on balance percentage. 5. Five of EMA for the trend direction 6. Tp & SL, ratio 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, After hit first TP, Trailing stop trigger, TP move to
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MQL4 Design Product Design
50 - 1000 USD
I don't have specifications. If you're good at building an EA with good coding, accuracy, 85% money management, good trading decision. Please apply let's discuss Bussiness. Price below is not specific we can discuss new price depending on your professionalism
30+ USD
I want to lock my indicators and my EAs in the data folder with a password because i am going to give my pc to a trader , and i do not want him to just go to my data folder and copy my indicators and EAs , i will not send my indicators to the developer, i want to use a password protection in the windows system or if mt4 has this protection feature then its ok, the real names of the indicators also should be changed
1000 - 1200 USD
I need a good developer. The project is urgent, and the completion time is important. I need a dedicated developer who responds quickly. Please don't waste my time. This work is not highly complicated. I am also a programmer, but currently, I am busy with other businesses. I understand that UI arrangement and certain aspects can take time, but I want someone who is serious about developing their career and will give
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MQL5 Experts Product Design