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70 - 100 USD
Convert an existing mt5ea to mt4 based on two indicators, auto executions sl, and trail stops. RSI combined with MA. Scalping mode and swinging .be able to optimize wining. Necessary features that are missing can be added
30 - 100 USD
1. (This link shows how the EMAs and Parabolic SAR will serve as a guide) 2. (kindly loop the video to start from 41:38 to 50:49) Watch this video thoroughly while following the instructions. And get back to me if you can carry out this task so I can give you the full details of what I want
150+ USD
Hello programmers I need highly secured licensed server for my EX4 files and need some modifition on mql4 file if anyone good in command responsed me fast All details of modification I can describe you personally
100 - 230 USD
Create new MT4 EA project, then convert it to MT5, Details: 1,open postions based on candlestick, 2,martingale, 3, RSI, 4, stock market crash filter 5, Money management 1. 1. Trading on Christmas and new year(Ture or False) 2. All positions closed if Max Floating Drawdown exceed__ % ETC
100 - 500 USD
Hello all i am looking for someone to help me to build an EA with a bollinger band strategy for MT5. The strategy is a little more candle specific on open and position of open. If anyone is interested we will pay accordingly just looking for it to be built, then we can test and apply to private investment group strategy. Thankyou please get to me if you have any questions. Jordan
100 - 200 USD
I would like to buy a trading robot that works on indices and pairs.The robot needs to be fully automated and profitable and connects to your mt4 and mt5 trading accounts. I will first like to try it on a demo account to see the legitimacy of the robot then I will purchase the robot with the source code if I am satisified
300+ USD
I want to learn mql5 faster and faster, we can communicate to I have middle level understanding about mql5 language: English, chat background me: 4 year+ experience programming, have understand about C++ and forex (mql4) (more than 1 year), now fulltime with mql5 I want to understand: the behavior of experts when receive tick, what do I have when new tick is arrived, flow execute (behide the scene, not only onTick)
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MQL5 Design Forex C++ Product Design
50+ USD
Binary options master and slave (clients) copy trade. Trades placed on the master account will be automatically copied on all connected clients accounts. See the attached document for sample design. You can get the iq options API on GitHub. I can send it to you as well Files
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30+ USD
I want an EA that can show signals for multiple EA. Basically it is to display the trend scanner based on moving average, RSI, MACD. Sample outcome and logic please refer to this link:
300+ USD
30 - 50 USD
boom and crashing EA using MAs. As equity grows EA should adjust lot size. EA should use 2 EMAs, 10 and 20 cross to scalp for one minute only(only buy crash and sell boom). EA should also indicate possible spikes but not trade them, just indicate a possible spike. it should be able to trade accounts as low as 10$ using 0.20 lot size, when account reaches 50$, the EA should increase lot size to 0.30, at 100$, lot size
30 - 50 USD
I need the EA to draw Swing High or Swing Low lines on the current chart time frame and take trades at the bottom or top of the drawn lines respectively, in combination with the filters of the built-in indicators described below. The user should be able to select 1 or all the indicators. (each indicator should have a True or False option to turn the indicator on or off as shown below). The EA should should be
30 - 60 USD
OK so the EA should follow the following instructions. OK first it collect data from the Deriv broker on the volatility 75 index.. This is what it will be trading. It will implement 2 indicators the 200 SMA and the 20 sma... Once the 20 SMA crosses below the 200 The EA will look for selling opportunities... Price should first move below the 20 sma with an impulse move and then come back to the 20 sma for a retest
90 - 100 USD
This is my first request, and depending on the final result, I would like to close a partnership for future work (if possible)! I want a robot that works on buy and sell operations, with an AI implementation, where it learns with the operations, mistakes, hits, and always evolves. I want the operations to be based on pivot, having the RSI(9) to confirm the entries, I think the indicator zigzag could complement giving