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50 - 200 USD
Hello, my name is Olivia. I'm from Malaysia and my daily life as a student quite fun as I required to create an personal project for myself. I'm really interested in being a trader and use the money gain for my benefits
30 - 70 USD
Hello, i have a trading E.A but would love to modify it to better specifications for better entries. I want to increase it's pip-step. Kindly let me know if you can do this job. Thank you
30 - 50 USD
I want a programmer to make an EA for me out of as indictor I have. the indicator must be able to perform duties such as, open and close trade based on arrows, With each arrow, stop loss appears, so i want that stop loss to be set as basic stop loss and take profit will be the next opposite arrow. Be able to perform on different time frames, Ea can be used with different MT4 accounts as in it shouldnt be restricted
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30 - 50 USD
I want someone to make an Ea for me which can copy signals from telegram channels and open and close trades in mt4. Ea have to perform all opening and closing as per the tps but most important for me is i have few pre defined terms for close which have to be set like close early or take out profits or i'm out and when such predefined terms are met it should close all the trades open without delay. it is something i
CCI based EA (personal job)
30 - 120 USD
I need you to create an expert robot based on CCi and a 10 Ema.I will require the following on after successful completion of the EA 1.Licensing System (Password and Account Number based Licensing ) 2. Trailing Stop ,take profit,maximum number of trades taken including the lot sizes etc and Break-Even Implementation 3.Visuals , Objects and my Logo on Charts 5. Semi Automatic Dashboards and Trading Panels that show
40 - 60 USD
I am looking for a developer who can send my telegram signals to mt4. The EA should be able to , 1. Copy signals on real time while automatically setting take profit/take profits as well as stop loss. 2. Stop loss should move to break even when tp1 reaches and so on. 3. Be able to close trades with different dialogues such as " take profit, close at break even, close early, closing profits etc" ( i should be able to
50+ USD
MT4 to MT5 data feed. (mt4 to mt5 connection bridge) i need mt4 to mt5 data feed connection bridge, and mt5 to mt4 trade copier. Wanted to Connect other Broker MT5/MT4 Datafeed to another Full license MT5 Broker
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Experts Scripts Product Design
300 - 400 USD
Objective: Combine a series of five indictors from Pine Script to MT5. There are multiple inputs for these indictors they should be added to the input section of the EA, with the same variability of the indicators themselves. The inputs of EA as well be in a neat and concise order with clear labelling of indictors for optimization. All of the indictors are open source. Some the indictors have components which are
30 - 40 USD
Hello, I have a MT4 EA and I need: 1) With only the .EX4 file to change the name that appears on the description of the order executed “comment” 2) add a Hedge Defender based on X% Drawdown with SL, BE, TS or a gradual Defender Grid. Thanks for your attention