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i need to update an old indicator that i have from a older version from tradovate plataform to a new version ninjatrader 8 plataform i just need to fix and update to the new version
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45+ USD
Hello, I trust that you're well. I have a new project that I would like us a to work on. if you are interested please get back to me as soon as possible. I NEED A AUTOMATED EA FOR MY INDICATOR. Hi, looking for an Expert Developer to create an automated robot to trade my current strategy on the meta trader. I need a highly experienced robot builder who had experience in trading assets like Indices, Forex, Crypto
30+ USD
Good day. Please do not hesitate to bid right away if you are a skilled Tradingview PineScript developer and can assist me with the needed Tradingview buy and sell indicator
30+ USD
Hi, how are you doing? I need expert Tradingview PineScript coders who can help with Tradingview PineScript project, kindly bid now to discuss my aims and what I want to achieve on this task. Looking forward to have a nice deal with you
30+ USD
Hello there, I need an expert Tradingview PineScript developer who can help me with Tradingview buy and sell indicator as requested, don't not hesitate to bid now if this is what you can perfectly help with. NOTE NOT BID THEN CANCEL YOUR APPLICATION LATER, Thanks
30+ USD
Hi, I have a template with an hedging concept which I want to get coded to an EA. The concept of the template is to identify 2 market positions at the beginning of the period. This will be inputed manually. Afterwards, it considers BUYING if market goes above/ upwards or SELLING if market goes below/ downwards. The EA will consider taking multiple trades towards a direction and closing bids when market reverts
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50 - 120 USD
Hello programmer not satisfactory from anyone yet now I need a high protected security licensed on my indicators where I have set all thing remotely as where I have to see all details if I can gave my indicator to anyone so that i can get all details of it who can used that indicator I will set remotely expired or start again, on my inficator and blocked unwanted users without licensed those used
35 - 250 USD
Specification to pocket complain EN I need a robot for IqOption that reads the current price of three currencies and has the following logic: Obtaining currency values, updated on every tick: Current price of currency 1 Current price of currency 2 Current price of currency 3 Deviation = 100 pips (this is a constant) Calculations: Div = Current price of currency 3 / Current price of currency 2 Dif = Div - Current
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100 - 500 USD
Hello all i am looking for someone to help me to build an EA with a bollinger band strategy for MT5. The strategy is a little more candle specific on open and position of open. If anyone is interested we will pay accordingly just looking for it to be built, then we can test and apply to private investment group strategy. Thankyou please get to me if you have any questions. Jordan
30+ USD
Hello there, I need an expert Ctrader developer who as a good and profitable ready made Ctrader cbot that is ready for purchase, please do not hesitate to bid now with a trial version of the program and so that we can discuss more on the project. Thanks
100 - 200 USD
I would like to buy a trading robot that works on indices and pairs.The robot needs to be fully automated and profitable and connects to your mt4 and mt5 trading accounts. I will first like to try it on a demo account to see the legitimacy of the robot then I will purchase the robot with the source code if I am satisified
50 - 300 USD
Hi guys, Im looking for someone to convert my E.As from MT4 to Mt5 I have 2 martingale bots and another with 3 indicators added in (M.A, RSI, MACD) Please let me know if its achievable. Price would be per robot. Thank you
39+ USD
Good day, I want you to modify and convert My existing Blank diamond Indictor into a New meta trader 4 indicator, The indicator is a moving average trend indicator and you are to us the following description for creating the indicator. The original Indicator has a trend line that changes colour based on the trend of the market. it changes from RED ( Sell signal) to Green ( Buy signal. You are to add the black diamond
30 - 50 USD
Requirement to modify existing mq4 source code by adding just the SR line to file1 MTF SAR .mq4 ----- I'll provide 3 file from forex-station, 2x mq4 and 1x .ex4, just need to modify file 1 which is already MTF in mq4 source code provided, just need to add SR line to file 1 will do. because presently I only manage to find file3 in .ex4 from forex-station, but I want file3 in mq4 format, I manage to find file 1+ file 2
30 - 50 USD
boom and crashing EA using MAs. As equity grows EA should adjust lot size. EA should use 2 EMAs, 10 and 20 cross to scalp for one minute only(only buy crash and sell boom). EA should also indicate possible spikes but not trade them, just indicate a possible spike. it should be able to trade accounts as low as 10$ using 0.20 lot size, when account reaches 50$, the EA should increase lot size to 0.30, at 100$, lot size
100 - 250 USD
Hi developers, I'd like to hire an expert to help with creating a trading EA based for Synthetic Indices Specifically Volatility Indices traded on I have uploaded a YouTube video link and a screenshot of what I'd like the indicator/EA to do. I'd like the EA to generate an alarm once the conditions I've described in the video are met. The EA is based on a 5-Candlestic Pattern. The EA should be usable for
30 - 40 USD
Hello, i'm looking for someone who can provide 99% backtest result with mt4, from year 2000 till date / 2010 till date / 2018 till date. can you help him ? Kindly bid for it and let get started thanks