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30 - 80 USD
I have an indicator I had "created" last year to save and plot the spread (Ask price). The indicator is suppose to record the highest/lowest point of the Ask price every bar (5 minutes) and plot a symbol on the chart with the appropriate price point as a popup scroll over text box. The indicator has not been working proper for extended use and seems to glitch. I am not sure what the reason is but I have found two
250+ USD
Build back end of a website. the landing page is ready ( two areas to build: client Area and Admin Area. CLIENT AREA Pages: Log in, Register, Forget Password. -Personal Data -Account status -Withdrawals -Referrals -Support Ticket ADMIN AREA - Dashboard (analytical dashboard) - Clients -Withdrawal Requests -Registrations and Account Requests -Support ticket -Verify Documents there should be
30 - 40 USD
Hello, I have a MT4 EA and I need: 1) With only the .EX4 file to change the name that appears on the description of the order executed “comment” 2) add a Hedge Defender based on X% Drawdown with SL, BE, TS or a gradual Defender Grid. Thanks for your attention