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Adjusting way of opening trades in a certain mode for an existing EA (personal job)
30 - 50 USD
Hello, i hope you are doing great. I need few adjustments on this EA. - can we lower the buttons size and put them together, and add two buttons close profit/close loss, which will be closing profitable traders or losing trades only. - is it possible to add on the chart the profit/loss in dollar value, and net exposure on instrument? - option to close all trades on chosen amount of money whether loss or profit -
30+ USD
Hi, I have created an indicator that draws simple arrows on the chart and implemented a KNN calculation. However, I'm facing 2 issues and looking for someone who could help with it. Errors should be easy to resolve, but at this point I'm blocked and don't have much time right now: Errors: 'data' - invalid array access '[' - parameter passed as reference, variable expected 2 errors, 0 warnings Please, only reach out
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(24) MQL5 Indicators Experts
Modification of the EXPERT ((( ENGINEER THE FOREX MT4-03 ))) TO ((( ENGINEER THE FOREX MT4-01 ))) (personal job)
50+ USD
بناءا على الكود الموجود لدينا على الاكسبرت نريد تعديل على الاكسبرت ENGINEER THE FOREX MT4-03 و اعادة تسميته الى ENGINEER THE FOREX MT4-01 حيث ان المطلوب تعديله حسب النقاط التالية اولا : ازالة اشارة الدخول للاكسبرت من الفوليوم سبريد الى اشارة التقاطع بين الخطين الازرق و الاحمر في مؤشر الاستوكاستيك اوسيلاتور و ذلك كما ي عندما يتقاطع خط الاشارة الاحمر مع خط الاساس الازرق فوق مستوي الاستوكاستيك 80 يفتح صفقة بيع و يقوم
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(3) MQL4 Indicators Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging
30 - 100 USD
Convert TradingView strategy (1500 lines) into MQL5. Looking for a reliable developer! recreate my pine script strategy into mql5 robot. My code contains only variables and arrays and basic maths. currently i am using alerts so i need to convert that alert into trading position in mt5 directly, and i need historical results in table like my trading view chart. refer my screenshot
30+ USD
Hello Devs! I need the an MT4 EA to open buy and sell order on current at once. There is no strategy used but EA should open trades once attached on chart. EA will have SL, TP and TSL points. Buy Example , if price reverses it will close on sl but if the price move up it will open new order multiple by x2(Visible is settings) then move the sl 10 pips to BE so if the price move back it will close first trade on entry
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(8) MQL4 Experts
30+ USD
I cannot create a demo account because I do not receive the confirmation code in my email and when i trying to make an account on my iphonr and sign with it on the laptop it gives me aan invalid account
6 Applications
MQL5 Experts
3 adjustments on display of "Employee robot", and transfer trading method into FX Honey EA (personal job)
130+ USD
Trading method is perfect, apologies for the previous confusion. Adjustments on Display for "Employee Robot": 1-Remove " % " sign from display (view image) 2-Add "USD" wording to panel (view image) 3-Add "USD" wording to panel (view image) Add Exact same trading method into "Fx_Honey" robot: -Same trading method from the "Employee 2.1"
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(9) MQL4 Experts
30+ USD
Hello there devs, Looking for a dev that can help with coding a couple of functions for elgato streamdeck nothing really fancy, a sort of position sizer, which most of you already did, but i want to be able to use it via my elgato stream deck. will be looking for applicants, send the documentation within 24h and select someone by the end of the weekend. Cheers
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(8) MQL4 Experts Integration
150+ USD
Are you an experienced programmer with expertise in MQL4, the platform tailored for algorithmic trading on MetaTrader? We are searching for a proficient MQL4 developer to collaborate on a compelling project aimed at automating a manual gold trading strategy. This endeavor promises to blend your programming skills with financial insights, potentially leading to substantial financial gains. Project Goals: The primary
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(9) MQL5 Experts Trading robot/indicator debugging
30 - 100 USD
Esse robô possui 2 estratégias. E possui uma versão ativa trabalhando em conta real, que você poderá acompanhar em tempo real sua execução, assim você poderá entender melhor o descritivo abaixo e validar o desenvolvimento de sua versão, comparando-a com a versão original em funcionamento. O Objetivo é fazer uma cópia da versão original, então mesmo que a versão original tenha uma divergência com o descritivo, o
2 Applications
MQL4 Experts Forex
30+ USD
Transition an MQL4 expert to MQL5 to make it compatible with MT5. Additionally, incorporate a feature that allows selecting specific trading days (Monday through Friday) for the bot to operate. Include an option to automatically close trades by the day's end, using hour and minute settings for customization
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(1) MQL5 Indicators Experts
30+ USD
Hi I am hoping to create a robot that can open a trade at 12:59 am EST every trading day. 1. I should be able to choose if I want it to buy, sell or just stop. 2. It should open with 15 pips stoploss and 30 pips take profit. 3. I should be able to choose my lot size
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30+ USD
Dear Developer. I need you to convert my mql4 EA (copy trading EA) to mql5, WITH ADDITIONAL RULE : I need you to be able to add a rule that this copy EA will copy TP/SL of whatever the “primary chart” trade has been set to. Attached source code of mql4 EA. I will need source code of mql5 from you then. Thank you
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MQL5 Experts Converting Forex C++
30+ USD
I need to create an MT4 indicator. It is based off the template of another indicator. Here are the parameter settings for the indicator that I want to create. It must create buy and sell signals using arrows. It must repaint if conditions change. Settings : 1.Signal depth, Signal backstep, Signal deviation, Stochastic len, Stochastic Filter, Stochastic overbought, Stochastic oversold. 2. MA cross - two moving
9 Applications
(6) MQL5 Experts
30+ USD
I have a telegram reader expert from here MetaQuotes. I would have a piece of code what can read all of the messages. I have now a part what can read a messages from the members but It can't read the messages from the bots. I am gonna attach here the link where is the full codes. https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/2355 . I want a programmer to ad a piece of code what can read a message from the bots too and it will
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MQL5 Indicators Experts
30+ USD
SPECIFICATION : I want an experienced developer that create a mobile trading robot using the mt4&5 mobile version that will be based on candle sticks patterns. It will be called "DPrince Automobile bot". I want a situation where once i put the robot on the chart and chose buy or sell and the number of trades to open than it will only buy or sell in that particular direction only. That is if I put the robot on the
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MQL5 Experts
I want a Robot in MQL 4 and MQL 5 that will be based on candle sticks patterns (personal job)
30 - 50 USD
SPECIFICATION : I want a trading robot in mt4&5 that will be based on candle sticks patterns. I want a situation where once i put the robot on the chart and chose buy or sell and the number of trades to open than it will only buy or sell in that particular direction only. That is if I put the robot on the chart and chose buy, number of trades to open 2 and chose the 30M time frame then if at the end of the candle it
1 Application
MQL5 Experts
40 - 50 USD
Am in need of a developer with experience in trading view that can help me to backtest my trading view indicators on I min and 5 mins . Kindly bid if it what you can do for me
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Looking for help to code an expert advisor for mt4 (personal job)
30 - 40 USD
i would like coder to code my indictor to ea according to my need s,i want to open buy trades on every bullish candle when green line rsi crosses yellow line of bb moving up and sell trades on every bearish candle when green line which is rsi cross the yellow line bb going down as shown on indictor the ea should work on mt4. tp should be after each trade reaches certain amount then it close and wait for another
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(1) MQL5 Experts
30 - 60 USD
I would like to develop an EA that facilitating seamless hedging between two distinct trading accounts. The primary objective of this EA is to detect, map, and maintain synchronization between the two accounts. The EA will ensure that trading positions across both accounts are consistently hedged. I will open the positions on both accounts and EA will map the positions between those two accounts. EA WILL NEVER OPEN
4 Applications
(18) MQL4 Experts